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  1. That would seriously (sadly) not surprise me, although I truly hope that there is something more to this that we haven't discovered yet, and that this is not the case.
  2. I like the general fact that the clock in that room shows 1:15.
  3. Actually, The Temptations has nothing to do with this song. It's by The Penguins.. Just felt like pointing that out! :)
  4. I modified it some more. Seems like a Perk machine up in the right corner in my opinion.
  5. Other than his grave in Call of Duty: Zombies..? Nope.
  6. Well, MrRoflWaffles seems very certain it's fake, and since he's been talking to Syndicate I guess we'll have to trust him.
  7. Seems like the Black Ops 2 website is live! http://callofduty.com/uk/en/blackops2/
  8. You're right, that's extremely similar! Do you think there is any connection?
  9. I kind of agree with this. It looks like a gun with an underslung Grenade Launcher, possibly hung up on some sort of stand. It's also possible that it is some sort of Artillery, I'm not quite sure at this point.
  10. Added some blur to get rid of the black lines, making it slightly clearer what's in the picture. Less saturated version.
  11. Well, he's not actually russian. His real name is Kyle Myers, and he's american. FPSRussia (or Dmitri) is his alter ego, where he fakes the Russian accent.

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