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  1. There is a lot of speculation over whether we will get remakes of some maps eventually, but it seems very unlikely we'd get ALL of them. In my opinion, the ones most tied to the story make the most sense... If you had to pick 4 or 5 maps that aren't necessarily the best but represent the key points of the story the best for a package release, what would you choose?
  2. WCRobinson

    Hardest BO3 Easter Egg?

    Me and a friend have been trying Easter Eggs of late, we just finished Der Eisendrache's one - that boss was super tough. Actually would be interested to know what people think: now we've done DE with two players, how hard are the others comparably?
  3. I'd actually love to see the Thompson back in some form. I think of that gun fondly in the older maps, so perhaps a slightly updated version of that would be awesome.
  4. Hi all! Thought i would check back with the new map out. I've done one run so far (to Round 16, I didn't time my run through the Gate Trap well haha), and here is some opinions: Already got a strategy laid out, with all the stuff to do and a running route for the spacious central area. Backing in on yourself for you running circle really helps here :) I do slightly worry it is too easy for players with a lot of Zombies experience (as I feel I have, not trying to brag). Clearly there is plenty of secrets to find. I really like the scope of the map, and kinda think a way to get down to that awesome scenery would be awesome. Maybe there is, but the gondola was a bit of a letdown for me when I couldn't go down in it. I'll have to play a bit more to see details, but yeah - what do you guys think after you first run(s)?
  5. WCRobinson

    Shadows of Evil highest round

    Just did a run to Round 40 on Twitch, pretty much as good as you can get until it seems a Moggie downed me in one hit (with Perkaholic!). Killed myself at Round 40, as that was my target and I was tired, haha! I want to get to at least Round 40 on each map. If you would like I can share the video, it has some funny moments XD Don't know what the policy on sharing stuff here is though. Don't wanna spam you guys. :)

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