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  1. to be honest, I didn't know where this map was I kinda just went on the snow thing, haha
  2. I noticed at Round 15 or something, you get a Dogs round then didn't seem to be a round in itself - rather something between rounds, and it starts with a countdown by someone with a blue hue around the map. Maybe it is something to do with the launch of the rocket - it could happen at that point? Also, the lightning strikes around the map remind me of Call of the Dead. I feel like that map is gonna be in the distance somewhere (maybe visible in Theatre Mode?). Clearly there is some massive link to Moon, with the background talk in different rounds. Probably gonna be fun to see wha
  3. Hi all! Thought i would check back with the new map out. I've done one run so far (to Round 16, I didn't time my run through the Gate Trap well haha), and here is some opinions: Already got a strategy laid out, with all the stuff to do and a running route for the spacious central area. Backing in on yourself for you running circle really helps here :) I do slightly worry it is too easy for players with a lot of Zombies experience (as I feel I have, not trying to brag). Clearly there is plenty of secrets to find. I really like the scope of the map, and kinda think a way to get
  4. Wait a second... this looks it could be near Call of the Dead, no? In the background (right), those spires could be from a boat or something... On the bottom right there is a path, too, which could well lead to that area. This map could well be pretty large... (also, a castle? Yes.)
  5. I hope we can all stick together and just work on searching for the EE. While it looks like there isn't much more, there are so many little odd things on this map that give the feeling that there is more to find. Finishing with a pretty unexplained weapon prize doesn't seem right. It is the first time we can use the gun, right, so surely it is there for something. That point about THE GIANT HEAD is interesting, too... Ah, there has to be more, even if it needs future maps to activate.
  6. All this stacks up to something with the lights, though. I have a theory that it may be related to four DLC maps we get. Like, you do an EE that activates a light in each one, so after all the maps come out you go back to The Giant with all the lights on and the teleporter takes you somewhere new. The spires or whatever they were were sort of like this in BOII, so... Could be?
  7. Just did a run to Round 40 on Twitch, pretty much as good as you can get until it seems a Moggie downed me in one hit (with Perkaholic!). Killed myself at Round 40, as that was my target and I was tired, haha! I want to get to at least Round 40 on each map. If you would like I can share the video, it has some funny moments XD Don't know what the policy on sharing stuff here is though. Don't wanna spam you guys. :)
  8. Well I am part of a YouTube channel that has just started and is growing, and I am gonna be doing livestreams every Sat. If you have any ideas for experiments or collabs or anything, who knows! We are called The Brotherhood (www.youtube.com/thebrotherhoodtrio)
  9. Oh, yeah, you're right, my apologies. Guess I am too used to four players being needed (lemme do Easter Eggs solo, please!)
  10. You could get to where you see Samantha, I think, but you couldn't finish the whole thing without 4 people.
  11. Yeah I saw that too. Can't remember it being in the old version of the maps, so it seems like something that could be important... I also seem to recall in a Syndicate video, he was looking at the moon when a round started and the whole screen flashed like something had happened. There are so many little things popping up, like the teddy bear, the strange sounds, the four lights, the four clocks (notice four, when four players are often needed for the big Easter Eggs)... With the audio after the special weapon step hinting at something much bigger a
  12. Great video. This just makes me more convinced that there is something big we haven't found yet!
  13. I really like what they have done with the gun effects. Means all guns can be Wonder Weapons in a way :)
  14. This is from memory, but I think it is a similar sound. I think it happened past round 10/15 or something (with teleporters linked). I always seem to not have the time to play, but tonight I am gonna try and have a good playthrough (40+) and play around with some of the stuff mentioned here. Everything points to more of an Easter Egg here!
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