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  1. On the same note as the spires @WCRobinson mentions, there appears to be a lighthouse(?) in top left background of image. I'm getting a Call of the Dead vibe as well. Large mountain in the back, so with the snowy theme perhaps this links to the hidden messages found in TG.
  2. There is a lot of content to be had in BO3, for sure. I'm not contesting that at all. I was just expecting a bit more for Zombies in the first DLC considering how much of Treyarch's marketing has been focused on it. I mean, they built a COD Zombies themed roller coaster for Christ's sake.
  3. @Stop Mocking Me0 Mod tools for PC, yeah. I'm on PS so I won't ever see custom maps unless I want to buy another copy of the game for PC and pray that I can run it efficiently. Also, the name calling is a bit unwarranted. I payed $60 for the base game as well as another $50 for the season pass so honestly with paying over $110 for a full game I would hope for content. Perhaps it's from growing up in a time when you bought a game it was a complete game out of the box(NO DLC needed) that I sound "spoiled" to you but I promise you that's not the case. I also realise that we could get more then one map in each DLC so perhaps that will be the case.
  4. I just saw this on reddit right before you posted this and.... tbh a little dissapointed. Was hoping for at least 2 maps in the first DLC. With four DLC packs announced, if they only release one map per pack that's only six total maps for BO3. I know a few people had been really excited for the prospect of a castle map and this does sound really cool but still...
  5. Has anyone noticed the crates of bananas within the Shadows of Evil map? There is at least one location near the Footlight district in between the GG machine and the Rift doorway. Brazil, as well as other tropical countries, are notable producers of bananas... This video was recorded on a potato, but it seems to indicate that perhaps the Summoning Key has been traveling around to various locations. Most notably, San Francisco(MOTD), Paris(Origins), and Brazil(!). This may just be confirmation bias coming into play, but I really think there may be something to it. I haven't confirmed the indications on the box myself as I haven't had much time to play recently, but it is an interesting connection if it actually reads as the video says.
  6. I thought it was hilarious. Zombies has always contained some element of humor, whether it was Nikolai's constant references to vodka, Marlton ragging on the other N4, or various other instances. I see where you are coming from, but this is just something the developer put in for fun.
  7. That's what I'm saying! :-) There is a ton of more content to be found in SoE, no doubt about it. With The Giant, I don't think there is much else left to find. I hope I'm wrong. Treyarch worked on the SoE map for three years so its's not all that suprising, really. Happy hunting!
  8. There is a lot of shared culture between Southern and Central America, so Dempsey's Brazil quote just kind of clicked as notable with the Day of the Dead theme. I'm curious if it means anything, or could just be trying to find order where there is none, haha. The other tier, Survivalist though... There doesn't seem to be any theme.I get a slight Mad Max vibe from some of the calling cards but that's it. Don't know if they have any significance.
  9. That's what a lot of the folks over on reddit are theorizing.
  10. Actually, it looks look I got this a bit backwards. It's actually the Gum Gobbler tier that has the day of the dead theme. Okay, so maybe the Dempsey quote doesn't have anything to do with the next map in this case. We still may very well see a Day of the Dead themed map, though. I for one, think this would be a pretty cool trajectory for the future. Perhaps something involving voodoo, which I think another forum member had mentioned on another thread.
  11. Something brand new, don't believe it has been seen before. Looks like just a fun easter egg to me, not necessarily any more to it in my opinion. If nothing else, it is exciting to see things still being found. Full credit goes to Glitching Queen for this find. Couldn't get the embed to work, so here's a direct link.
  12. So I was looking at the challenges within the game(i.e Zombie Hunter and the like) and noticed a sort of running theme between the three different sets. For instance, all of the achievables within the "Zombie Hunter" tier of challenges have calling cards which seem to reference the Shadows of Evil noir style. The other two tiers(one of them is "Gum Gobbler" and the other is "Survivalist" if I remember right) have general themes. The one I found interesting was the second tier, Survivalist. There seems to be somewhat of a Dia de Los Muertos theme ongoing, or the "Day of the Dead" for the non familiar. This ties in with something that Dempsey says in one of his TG quotes about visiting South America. "Dia de los Muertos" is a celebration that originates in Mexico. If the calling cards may be linked to map themes, could we be looking at a Map somewhere in Mexico, or perhaps slightly more south in South America? Just speculating of course, but would like to hear what others thought.
  13. Maybe the "Shadow Man" video hints that the new characters are somehow what spawned the Shadow Man through their sins, thus the recap in the fifth chapter..? Could be just grasping at straws here.
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