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  1. Rocket in the 2nd picture looks to be in a playable area!
  2. I wonder if those launch pads and surrounding areas are open to players to explore. If so, I think a deep snow mechanic might be used like mud on origins. Or they could just be part of the backdrop.
  3. Thanks for sharing! There is some joke music in those videos :) On the other hand i can visualize the map now i think its going to be pretty tight? I am hyped and happy to be going back to Europe, back to WW2 and all with the O4 i presume. Those ice caves look eerie and have a zombies vibe to them as it is. I bet treyarch booked both places out to take photos/mapping ect.
  4. Hmm all i'm seeing right now is MPD! What is this facility and what purpose does it serve! The trailer will reveal all I assume.
  5. Is that a pyramid or a mountain? Left of the castle XD
  6. Nice work, can't wait to read scripts.
  7. The atmosphere is great, after i turned off the music of course :) The map is so detailed, there's so much to look at you can tell thy've had plenty of time ot polish. The map is quite difficult to get past round 11/12 with my non pro zombies playing friends, they need to learn to save points hah and not hit the box!
  8. I was just browsing through some stuff on youtube that was released in the run up to Origins and I remembered this write up, it's taken from callofduty.com: I think it doesn't have much relevance but what are they getting at by stating that Origins is an alternate reality zombie experience?
  9. Nice work. Are there any threads on part locations for the Maxis drone up yet?
  10. Hello I am Westy or you can just call me West, someone had already taken that username when I signed up so I had to make do, with Origins coming out soon i decided to get Strwrsbob to reactivate my account and join in with the conversation, I migrated from CoD24/7 after i fell out of love with Black Ops II multiplayer I feel much more at home here reading intellectual threads that the community provide, when I first read the zombies trilogy thread it blew my mind and I've learned a great deal from it. Anyway I've been playing zombies since Black Ops and I consider myself to be an average zombies player but improving all the time, I usually hit the mid 30's during good games with randoms online, I find playing solo a bit lonely! I'm yet to complete any easter eggs, I just cant scrape a good enough team together out of my friends. Hopefully I can play with a few with you on here and get past round 40 and get some achievements, I own all the map packs apart from Rezurrection (Do you think I should download it?) Well thanks for reading, regards West.
  11. I find that even walkers seem to die off when you leave them to their own devices. Usually I will leave about four of them strolling around so I can head off and make the trample steam or whatever, I hop over to the spawn building, a zombie dies. I head down the AN-94 elevator shaft, another zombie dies by the time I get to the bottom and so on. By the time I get back to the roof I'm left with one very annoying running zombie, its pretty much my pet hate with zombies currently.
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