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Thoughts on multiplayer

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Nobody here seems to talk about multiplayer, do you guys not like it much then? I think it's really fun and I've had such a good time playing it recently. I love the specialists especially the outrider, she's really awesome. My issues with it are the maps are kind of boring and theres only 3 of them that I love. Another issue is that they decided to remove all the party games except Gun game which sucks because party games were the funnest part of multiplayer but at least we have one instead of none. Also matchmaking is broken for multiplayer  but it's also broken for zombies which is extreamly annoying. I've been playing a lot more multiplayer than zombies which is weird because I bought this game for the zombies.

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Yeah, despite its issues for some reason I can't stop playing it. I was planning on playing so much zombies and I've only done a couple of matches. Still, this issue with it constantly saying I can't join over half of my friends' parties is ridiculous and I know I'm not the only one either.


That being said I am enjoying the mp and am especially having fun with Reaper using his Scythe. First time I pulled it out, it was on Safeguard and I immediately got 8 rapid kills with it. Can't wait to try out Arena soon.

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I'm struggling with match making and connection. Funnily enough 3arc games I've always had trouble in multiplayer hence me turning to zombies.


AW was good to me. Had a relentless killer player card, had brutal killer emblem and high 36 kill streak.

 3arc I'm lucky to get a UAV. Over all titles it's never changed. In a way I'm kinda glad as it makes me play zombies.


i can't comment on MP too much as it's a total failure, looks ok I guess but not playable for me.

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10 hours ago, superstudmuffin said:

i can't comment on MP too much as it's a total failure, looks ok I guess but not playable for me.

It's a shame you're not enjoying MP. It's a lot of fun once you get into it and play the right mode for you, I personally enjoy playing Kill confirmed and Gun game. Maybe you should give it another try later on and if you still don't like it then that's fine but I would say it's really worth another shot.

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I'm so torn on the MP.  I definitely think some of the snipers are under-powered, on top of how difficult Treyarch seems to make sniping in general.  Curse the Black Ops I quick-scopers that got the whole system changed :p Maps are fun, though they aren't as open as I'd want.  I want another version of Wasteland or something.  However, that would require better sniping, so that'll never happen.  I also wish they'd add back the rest of the original Wager Matches.  Gun Game is by far my favorite, but my friends wished for other ones.  I feel like I get more hitmarkers than I should, though that's probably a common feeling associated with the player, not the game.  But still, it seems excessive.  The launchers are pretty fun, I've enjoyed them thus far.  Overall I think Advanced Warfare was loads better, but I still enjoy playing.  I'll jut have to forego any respectable K/D if I want to play.

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I bought the game because of zombies, but I must say that in my opinion Black Ops 3 has the best multiplayer of all Call Of Duties. I like most of the maps, the specialist weapons/abilities are a great addition and scorestreaks make other objectives more worth completing than the old killstreak system... I think scorestreaks were a thing on some other newer COD too but haven't played much of those. BO3 is probably my all time favorite COD and I've been playing these since COD 4 Modern Warfare so... :D Great job Treyarch!

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It's definitely fun sometimes especially split-screening with your mates, but it's quite telling that the first time I played Call of Duty I played multiplayer round my mate's house and wasn't really into it, but then we played Zombies and I became hooked. I literally only buy CoD games just for the zombies and might occasionally play multiplayer.

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I want to say I am in LOVE with BO3's mp. It's crisp, it flows, it's not too hecktic, it's not too slow. It's just right. 

The weapon's I'm OK with (although I think some smgs should kill slower then the assault rifles). 

The specialists are the greatest addition to the game ever, now, even if I suck, I'm still earning killstreaks. I can't wait for them to add more to the game. 

There is only one real issue that I have with MP and I'm pretty sure we all know what it is: Loot crates are insanely flawed. That's all I'm going to say about that. 

This will be the first COD I prestige on in MP. Mark my words. Hell, when it comes to PC, I'd love to play in some modded lobbies.

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