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Shadows of Evil: Tips, tricks and Points of Interest

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Shadows of evil! Tips, Tricks and Points of Interest





Tips and Tricks ( Note, more tips and tricks will be added as I find the best ways to deal with them. Do you have a tip and trick? Feel free to comment with anything that works for you.


RITUALS Tips and Tricks




Nero’s Ritual

Neros Ritual is the Simplest and can be completed immediately on round 1. Before entering beast mode open the first gate which costs you 500 points. On your way out Turn on the Quick Revive, smack open the box containing the Key, drop the Box containing the pen then quickly use the grapple to enter Nero’s estate. Run to the power box and open the electric gate. It should still be round 1 by the time you complete this. To complete this successfully you will need run quickly and ignore the Staminup Power Box which overall is not essential until later. You will be able to master this after a few tries. Once you know the map then you will be able to do this quickly.

The Box and the Quick Revive

Embedded image permalink

Nero's Ritual item, Fountain pen 

Embedded image permalink

The access to Nero's Workshop Grapple up

Embedded image permalink

The final switch just past nero's Workshop

Embedded image permalink

Place the Pen on the Table and Place the Summoning Key to start the ritual

Embedded image permalink


Fem Fatalle’s Ritual

This ritual can be set up with only one beast mode. Make sure you know your surroundings in order to choose the best path. Grapple to the gate and turn it on. On the way to the Box turn on the Perk machine and run up a nearby ramp made of wood. Smack the box down and drop to the ground. At this point the Beast mode should be half over. Quickly run up the stairs and follow the path. You will eventually make it to a balcony overlooking the street. There is a grapple hook which you may miss at first glance but rest assured it is above the ritual site. By the time you grapple it you will be running on fumes. Quickly light the fuse before it runs out

Cembells Ritual:

Go to the waterfront district and open the gate leading to the docks. Look up and survey until you find a Box. Go into beast Mode and Quickly Grapple up onto a catwalk. Then grapple Again across to get to the Box. Smack it down. With your remaining Beast mode time Run down the path until you reach the docks and Smack open the Door to the Gym. Now all you need to do is collect the item from the broken box which has fallen to the ground and take it to the ritual site inside the gym. Then just perform the ritual while training the Keepers. Keep in mind to try to do all this before round 5 because it will be much easier. 

Vincents Ritual:

As of Now I do not know of a way to do this ritual with only one Beast mode activation. However If you activate beast mode on the first beacon instead of the one by the hotel you can run through the Canals, Smack the Box open in the canal grate, it glows fire. Break open the door to the rift, and power up the Power box making the Badge Accessible. Now, if you still have beast mode time left try to grapple to the hotel room and try to turn on the electric box to make the Hotel accessible. I have not tried this but it is worth an attempt. Otherwise you will need to use beast mode again in the next round or use beast mode immediately on the Beacon next to the Hotel. When doing the ritual I would reccoment luring all the Keepers into the ritual floor. Then when you got a nice train going on move up to the floor above forcing them to all go up the stairs. Keep your distance and if they get too close drop down. The ritual will end and you should get another Worm



Monsters and Beasts Tips and Tricks




The Keepers:

When doing a ritual many keepers will spawn. Do not let this scare you, keepers are slow and can be easily trained. Don’t shoot them either during the rituals unless they block your path. Remember to keep a crawler and don’t get careless. You do not need to worry about the keepers once you open the pack a punch. 

Embedded image permalink

The Demonic Wasps:

The wasps can be a pain in the ass at first. Constantly hitting you with their poison. However when you run away don’t run in a straight line. Run sideways and use slides. The wasps shoot directly at the player so moving a few steps to the left will cause them to miss. Recently I have discovered that Hip firing is MUCH more effective in dealing with wasps. Aiming down the sights will slow you down. 



So, having problems with the Mawgras? Well, consider leaving a zombie alive during the encounters with this creature. If it is the start of a new round keep your distance from the Mawgra and focus on eliminating the Undead first so you don’t have a fast running beast coming after you. Then leave one and shoot the heads when the mouth is open. The Mawgra can only be damaged when the mouth is open so don’t waste bullets just firing at it’s head constantly. Surprisingly the Drakon sniper rifle is very effective against the Mawgra and has the power to take out an entire head in one shot. Keep in mind that each time a head is destroyed a wasp will spawn. I would personally recommend you immediately take care of the wasps each time they spawn. You do not want to face a fast mawgra and be chased by wasps at the same time. Aside from the the Drakon, you can also use shotguns to instantly destroy a head.

Embedded image permalink


Meatballs are terribly weak on their own. However together they have the potential to down you. They are Quick but can be easily spotted and taken down. Keep your distance and try to keep them from exploding near you. 

Beast Round:

If you are reading this then you have been able to survive at least to round 10. Around this time you will start seeing monsters and beasts appear in a single round. During this round you will have to fight Wasps, Meatballs, and Mawgras all at the same time. Here is a Tip. Kill the Meatballs first. After all the meatballs are gone kill most of the Wasps but do NOT kill the last wasp. The Mawgra does not count as one of the Beasts needed to end the round. Killing the last wasp will end the round and bring the hoards. Try to at least destroy one Head before killing the last wasp. Then during the round transition try to eliminate the last heads. If you wish to take another safe route, Leave the mawgra alive but do not Destroy any heads. Take care of the rest of the oncoming dead during the next round and THEN start plugging the heads.

Embedded image permalink



Training Guide Tips and Tricks





The Canals:


The Canals are a pretty good training area. Since you can go both up and down areas when you need to as well as have access to 2 Beast mode Beacons. It is also a very open space perfect in case a mawgra spawns. There is also a Civil protector and Crafting table here so you can have a shield on standby whenever you need it. 

The Rift:

This is one of the More Ideal locations to Train. You have enough area to safely move around as well as rifts to quickly escape to the Juggernog Area once you are able to locate it. If you do happen to go down you a have multiple options. Go into beast mode and settle things for a bit. Jump through a rift for a quick escape, go up the stairs and exit to the main hub. Or kill yourself by jumping down the chasm in the grand Ritual Room



Gadgets and Weaponry Tips and Tricks






The Swords

: In order to get the swords all you need is to take the trams and spot the glowing symbols. Save yourself some money and try to take the tram only twice. Survey each and every area. Follow the Tram route and look at the side  of the buildings for Holes. You will find the Symbols in the Holes. Take the tram and look into those holes to see the symbol. Remember these and go to the rift to activate beast mode. There you will find an arch with symbols. Use lightning to light up the symbols you found in order from left to right. You will be able to obtain the Egg from here. There are 4 Cathulu Statues on the map. There is One in each district and one in the Rift. Place the Egg on the Statues and kill zombies in each one. It should not take too many kills to complete each statue. It should take you maybe 4 rounds Max to do this. I suggest you have the 10 second invisibility Gobblegum in your inventory because some of these areas can be cramped. Also consider planning ahead and knowing where all the beast mode beacons are in case you need to suddenly use it when you are near death. Once The stone is glowing place it back on the swords in the rift and you will obtain an electric sword that charges up

The Rift

Embedded image permalink

The Footlight District Alleys

Embedded image permalink

The Waterfront Apartments near the Perk Machine

Embedded image permalink

The Canal District Next to the Ruby Rabbit

Embedded image permalink

Upgrading the Swords:

Upgrading is very similar to obtaining the swords. Go to your character specific Ritual Zone and you will see a Keeper. He will give you a stone which you need to place on the circle pentagram like drawings on the ground. Once you do this Mawgras will spawn. Luckily the first ritual will only spawn in ONE Mawgra. From my experience I find that the Theatre District is the place best suited to do the first ritual. This is because when 2 Mawgras spawn they spawn on both ways out forcing you into the theatre. In my opinion I suggest destroying one mawgra’s head and then when it becomes enraged, lure it away from the other mawgra and take care of it. Then go back for the second mawgra. You can only do one of these circles per round so keep a zombie around and don’t kill it or you will be in for a world of hurt and be unable to do another ritual for yet ANOTHER ROUND.  Once all the circles have been completed take the Egg back to your ritual zone and trade it in to receive the Upgraded sword.



The Civil Protector:

The civil protector will protect your ass in later rounds. A complete badass. However to turn him on you will need to find the 3 Fuses located around the map. This is actually easier than it sounds. They will always spawn in the area beyond the gate next to each tram. The fuses are easy to spot since they spark quite brightly. Then all you need to do is put them in the fuse box found in the Rift. Near the Beast Mode Beacon. Now you will be able to call upon the Civil protector

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink



The Shield:

The Shield parts are very much like the fuses. From what I can tell All Shield parts are also located past the Gates next to the trams that cost 1250. You will need to look carefully because these parts do NOT glow. You may Need to open more doors but you can find these along the path between the tram gate and the entrance to the regular path. Then Build it on a crafting table. There is a crafting table in the Canal District by the side to the entrance of the tram station Stairs. Follow these steps and you will be able to build the shield Quicker than the EYEEEEEEEEE.



Pack a Punch:

To pack a Punch you need all 4 Worms from the Rituals. Then just go to the rift and place them on the pedestals. Wall run across sides to reach the last 2 pedestals. Then do one Last Ritual. Train the Keepers again preferably near the ritual table. This ritual takes a bit longer than the normal rituals but once it is over you can Pack a Punch your weapons. For tips and tricks on doing the rituals See the ritual Section.

Elemental Pack a Punch


Turned: Turned takes control of an zombie every now and then that fights for you. The controlled zombie will fight for you. A very useful set of ammunition if you plan on camping in a corner. ( My personal Favorite.) As of the new Update Turned is much rarer than before so if you plan on camping consider spamming the PAP until you get it before the high rounds start piling up. Turned is best Used on Assault Riffles, preferably a weapon you can grab easy ammo for from the wall


Blast Furnace: This ammunition will Cause a wall of flames to burn undead to a crisp as they walk over the flames. Really useful for when you want to train zombies. 


Fireworks: Fireworks act similar to the Blast furnace. Fireworks shoot out from the ground and snap crackle and pop harming the undead that get near. It will also clear the entire are of Zombies. If you plan on staying Alive I would Highly recommend using Fireworks. If you are camping Fireworks will determine whether or not you make it to the next round. If you plan on using an LMG then this is will give you 2 or 3 seconds to breath and reload. 


Thunder Wall: Thunder Wall will cause a short range electric explosion that tosses the undead around. If you plan on quickly dispatching trains then I highly recommend Thunder Wall. Luckily Thunder wall is still common in the PAP so your chances of getting it are Good. 


Dead Wire: Dead Wire is by far the weakest of the Special ammo types. Use it in lower rounds but ditch it once you get to the later rounds. Dead Wire causes a wunderwaffe effect that goes through other zombies shocking them. However it's much smaller in radius and does less damage. 


The Wonder Weapon:

The wonder weapon needs to be crafted. There are 3 Parts to find. The first part needs to obtained by killing a Mawgra. This is the easiest Part to find because it has a 100% chance drop rate when a Mawgra Dies. The second Part can be obtained by breaking open Purple Pods. Let the Pods Cook until they have a purplish glow to them. Then you can harvest them and hopefully you will be able to find a Tentacle. The hardest part to obtain has a very low spawn rate and will be dropped by the various monsters such as the wasps and the meatballs. I personally have not been able to craft this for myself however a teammate was able to craft it on the table. Be patient because the last part is rare. Once you build it, it will go in the box just like the sliquifier. It is my recommendation that you check every monster corpse before too much time expires. However to not get careless.


Little Arnie:


Little Arnie is a personal favorite of Mine. You get this weapon from the Mystery Box and it’s a jar containing a creature. It acts similar to a monkey bomb since it attracts zombies. It also kills the undead before exploding so more zombies will spawn and also be lured into the trap. Little arnie is somewhat rare so You might need to spam the box a bit.  Using little arnie is a bit different that using the monkey bombs and it takes more time to set it up. So in case you plan on using Little Arnie to escape getting cornered it might get you killed. I suggest you use the shield boost instead. My personal suggestion for using Arnie is to wait for the round to begin before throwing it them. Either that or get some breathing space between zombies and throw it. Lil Arnie can be very useful when Building the Sword. One little Arnie should be enough to complete one Apothican Statue. It is also Noted that little arnie also attracts the attention of the Mawgra but the Mawgra will destroy Little Arnie. 

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink




Moving around the Map Tips and Tricks


The Tram:


The Tram costs 500 points to use and can be used to travel safely through all the areas 


The Rifts


There are 3 rifts one in the Canals which can be easily spotted through Beast Mode. The other 2 are a bit harder to spot because they are in alley ways. Each area has an alley way between areas. The Spotlight districs Alley can be found on the way to the second gate to the left. Zombies also spawn from this area so just follow the zombies. The Waterfront Alley is close to the Mystery Box location. Look around in beast mode for the Glow. Once all these are open you will be able to easily access each area through the Rift.


Using GobbleGum (Coming Soon)


Misc Tips and Tricks





Perk Locations


Perks can be easily determined by searching for broken perk bottles in the area with staminup. Right next to the Gates that act as an entrance to each area there is a Glowing perk bottle. These things change every time you play the game so always check for the quickest route to get Juggernog. Luckily, Staminup, Widows Wine, and Mule Kick, and Quick revive are in fixed locations. You can find the Broken perk bottles in the following locations.

Embedded image permalink


Embedded image permalink


Embedded image permalink



Don’t break Open the Pods immediately. Let them Cook for a bit until they at least turn Red. Red will have the chance to give you weapons and powerups while Purple Pods will sometimes give you powerful weaponry such as the Ray Gun and other necessary goodies. To farm these pods you merely have to let them sit around for a while. Keep completing rounds until you see that some of them have turned red. Just don't harvest them and they will eventually grow

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Liquid Divinium: 

It is recommended you do not immediately use divinium when you receive it. Save it until you at least have 3. Doing so will give you the best chances at getting Rare and Powerful GobbleGum Flavors as well as scoring you some extra divinium vats. Acquire Divinium by opening doors, buying wall weapons, using the box, reviving players, pack a punching and overall doing anything that costs money or helps other players

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Farming Divinium

Once you start earning a boatload of points every round Consider Spending it all on the Box. Doing so will allow you to get divinium faster due to you spending all your excess points. Always leave enough points though, About 10,000 on you in case you go down and need to get your perks back. You don't want to be cause with no jug and no points on a high round. 

Free Money

:Hard on cash? Couching near perk Machines will give you a free 100 points. You can also use Blast furnace to Collect little 10 points as the zombies burn. 


Sliding > Flopping 

Sliding is a good way to get out of a sticky situation on lower rounds. A Sliding player will be able to slip past enemies without getting hit. However once they start running use the slide with caution.


Surviving Glitches Tips and Tricks



Sliding Glitch

Sometimes when you Slide and you get hit you will remain locked unable to Get up or attack zombies which will most of the time get you downed. This will never fail to down you once you reach the higher rounds. So here are a few suggestions to Beat the Glitch and continue surviving. Have one of the 2 gobblegums equipped. In plain sight, or Anywhere but here. These 2 GobbleGums are not only great for quick escapes during the game but also when Used during the Glitch will help give you more time to get yourself Un-Locked from prone and back to killing the undead. I also suggest you keep the shield on your back at all times so they cant get you 




Points of Interest



The Wall Run-

The wall used to run to the pack a punch is not just a bunch of rocks. It actually shows an image of Templar Knights fighting a Mawgra. What this means is unknown as of now. Perhaps it may have something to do with the Templar Zombies in the Tomb. It is now known that that this mural shows us the Keepers and The Origins 4 fighting side by side against the forces of Evil 


Embedded image permalink

Musical Easter Egg Locations

The Ruby Rabbit First floor by the entrance

Embedded image permalink

The Training Gym in the Office

Embedded image permalink

The Spotlight District Tram Station

Embedded image permalink

The Dead Corpse

This normally would not be anything of interest however this is the only dead body within Morg City that has not reanimated. On his lap an envelope with the letter...W. It also appears he was stabbed prior to death. The Envelope being in his lap gives us the knowledge that this person did not reanimate and was killed in his chair. Thus this man was murdered by another living being. Why was he murdered? It is impossible to tell. Perhaps this man was waiting for someone and the W envelope was going to be delivered to Mr. W. 

Embedded image permalink  

Civil protector Badge. Number 115

The badge says 115. Probably another little easter Egg. Or perhaps he is powered by 115.

Embedded image permalink




Mastering Shadows of Evil Tips and Tricks



Now that you know your way around the entire map take your time to Master the Map with the following Mastery Steps


SOE101 Solo Runs List 

The following is a List of things to Master before moving up to SOE102: surviving harsh conditions


1. Reach Round 5 Bloodhound Only

2. Complete all rituals 

3. Achieve Pack-A-Punch

4. Activate all Rifts and Power Boxes

5. Collect all Shield Parts and Build the Shield

6. Activate the Civil protector by collecting all fuses


SOE102 Surviving Harsh Conditions 


1. Survive till round 6 Using Only the Bloodhound

2. Take down a Mawgra using Bloodhound Only

3. Kill the Keepers using Bloodhound Only

4. Survive the wasps using Bloodhound only

5. Use wall weapons only, No Box

6. Survive till round 12 without perks.

7. Survive the Rituals by killing Keepers instead of training them


SOE201 Playing with Randoms


If you are now doing these steps then you have mastered the Ability to get to at least round 20 on Solo and also been able to survive till at least round 15 in Harsh Conditions. Now you are ready for the most difficult but most rewarding lessons to Mastering Shadows of Evil. Playing with Randoms. If you can master playing with a bunch of random people killing zombies and screwing up the rituals then you have completed your training. These steps are much harder because of the following points


Things randoms do

1. They Kill the last zombie forcing you into the next round

2. Zombie spawns are not controlled since they are constantly being killed. 

3. They will get in the way and use Beast Beacons to kill zombies instead of powering up stuff.


Here are the steps you need to master before being able to stand a fighting chance in Shadows of Evil. Once you master the handicap of having 3 teammates who have no idea what they are doing then you are good to go.


Step 1. Complete all rituals and open the pack a Punch

Step 2. Power everything up by round 10

Step 3: Survive a mawgra attack during an active round

Step 4: Create and Upgrade your Sword

Step 5: Survive till round 20 ( You still pass even if all your teammates die. YOU are the one who is going to master SOE not them)

Step 6: Build the wonder weapon









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8 hours ago, PINNAZ said:

Really good basic tips there @Black Hand Smith

Good thread. Hope you keep updating it. 

New update coming today.


Gadgets and Weaponry Tips and Tricks. Swords, upgraded swords, civil protector, the shield and the wonder weapon. As well as vincent and Cambells rituals. Also gonna try to put in pictures for more visuals .  Gonna take screen shots from my game.

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Looks like I don't need to do one of these... My suggestion is to change eggs to pods so that it doesn't cause confusion, and put a table of contents at the beginning so people don't have to search through the whole post to find what their looking for. Something like [ctrl F /swords to find swords section] and do that for each section you have. Other than that great job, keep it up.


Also, if you could have pictures of each location of pieces for the shield, as well as pictures of the Cthulhu statues for the swords (and the upgrade areas) stuff like that, visuals help a ton. If it seems like it's going to take up too much space, use the spoiler insert so that the thread doesn't grow monstrously. Just a few suggestions


another edit sorry :/ ask @JakeDuck if you can incorporate his tips into this thread as well so we can have them all in the same place

Edited by shirtlesservice
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Good overall guide for most things. +1 to you sir. Perhaps it could be stickied on the forum homepage for visibility.


We can also add some of the basic tips as we learn : How to easily find Juggernog room location: Look for broken bottles outside the gates. Red means Jug, Green means Speed cola, Yellow means Double tap and so on. 


Another thing to note: In solo, you can carry all pieces for rituals. But in co-op you can only carry one piece. Only that person can place that piece at ritual place. I know its nothing new but it is a good refresher for those that haven't played this Mob of the dead much. Also to note that if there are 3 people in the lobby, we only need 3 pieces and 3 rituals to do the Easter egg. Can someone confirm this? I was in lobby with three players and it did not even spawn one of the pieces. But still we were able to pack a punch with three worms. I could be wrong.





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Just don't harvest them @Rissole25 & over time (rounds) they will change colour. The more that you don't harvest, the better chance there is at getting the Margwa part on an earlier round.


It would be good to note in the OP, at what rounds they change to Red & then to Purple. (if there is consistency or is something else a factor?)

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22 minutes ago, The Clay Bird said:

can you elaborate what you are talking about? i've never seen the knife turn green or do any such effect as you stated

I don't have pictures, but at the start of the game you have that normal black knife. As you progress through the game into the higher rounds and you continue to knife zombies (I assume) you come across some sort of like "perma-perk" that gives your knife a green tinge, and it does DOT that seems to act like a poison. I witnessed this particularly when I had an insta kill in the higher rounds, and I was knifing zombies but it wasn't killing them, it was just doing +10 points over time, and then killing them, rather than doing it immediately. No one else has had this effect?

Edited by shirtlesservice
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49 minutes ago, shirtlesservice said:

I don't have pictures, but at the start of the game you have that normal black knife. As you progress through the game into the higher rounds and you continue to knife zombies (I assume) you come across some sort of like "perma-perk" that gives your knife a green tinge, and it does DOT that seems to act like a poison. I witnessed this particularly when I had an insta kill in the higher rounds, and I was knifing zombies but it wasn't killing them, it was just doing +10 points over time, and then killing them, rather than doing it immediately. No one else has had this effect?

And how different is this to the green camo? Dude you need to get a picture. A return of permanent perks is something I thought they would of dropped. But maybe, I can't think what else it could be.

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I found a little tip for when you are looking for the symbols in the windows to get your sword. The Canal symbol can be seen on foot. After unlocking the first door to the canals, go left up the stairs, and continue to the top of the second set of stairs. Now turn to the right and face the Silence is Golden sign. Look above the sign and you can see the circular window with the symbol. Jump to get a better look.

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16 hours ago, DeadMike said:

I found a little tip for when you are looking for the symbols in the windows to get your sword. The Canal symbol can be seen on foot. After unlocking the first door to the canals, go left up the stairs, and continue to the top of the second set of stairs. Now turn to the right and face the Silence is Golden sign. Look above the sign and you can see the circular window with the symbol. Jump to get a better look.

This is an awesome tip because it means you can get all of the symbols in one trip and they should be easier to look for, if it's not included in the guide yet, it should be.

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