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So What's Most Important?

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With the impending release I'm sure many of you, like me, will skip the campaign and the multiplayer mode (at least initially) to jump straight into the warm and cozy world of zombies.  So my question is this: What is most important on Day 1 to you?  Some people will spend the formative hours learning the map, surfing for partners, and exploring the ever-evolving storyline we all know and love.  Some will attempt to plow ahead and jump to an early leaderboard advantage, counting on discovering the intricacies of each map as they go.  So what's your style?  Slow and steady, and fast and furious?

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I'm doing The Giant first, not for nolstagia purposes, but it's basically Der Riese, so it'll be easier to scour and find things. After that, it'll be Shadows of Evil, where I'll spend most of my time because it's completely new and I want to get lost in it (with story and actually get lost in the city!). Those two will most likely be the first day or two, than I'll give a few tries at DOA 2. After that, a shot at MP. I'll either spend a lot of time on that or not much, depending on how it feels (never played the beta). Than finally the Campaign. I always like CoD Campaigns, hoping for another Reznov appearance and hopefully a Wonder Weapon hidden in the level.

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