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  1. High round now 48, top 7k for 2 players. Pretty much just holding the catwalk, not even really using great gobble gums either.
  2. High round is now 37, ranked top 5k in the world. Will be trying to push 40+ this weekend.
  3. First and only opening night run netted 26. Went down a little more than I wanted but ranked up to level 5, whatever that means.
  4. 25th in line, less than 10 minutes away!

  5. Guess who's back.  Back again.  RZA's back.  Tell a friend.

  6. I think my favorite weapon is the DG-2. God I love it. Just a fun gun to play with.

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    2. DeathBringerZen


      I don't know why, but I never really liked the Wunderwaffe. It was pretty cool when it first showed up in Shi No Numa, but by the time Der Riese dropped I hated it.

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Probably because of the lose-your-jug thing…

    4. Tattoo247


      Winters howl!!!....no one? Well more for me I guess :P

  7. Still searching for 3 willing Xbox Codz players to get down on some WaW, BlOps1 or 2 zombies. Lets slay!

  8. Any recommendations of the best capture card to purchase for 360? Best meaning combined quality and affordability.

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    2. Flammenwerfer


      I personally use the HDPVR 2 by Hauppauge. It's a great device, has no lag, records in full 1080p HD. The only thing is that the software that it comes with is terrible to you'll want to get a different program.

    3. GRILL


      if you want something really affordable you can go for the "AverMedia game capture device". There is no way to live stream, but everything connects via usb - so you can use external HD's very easily when recording.

    4. RZArazorSHARP20


      Thanks to you both for the info, looking forward to recording and posting some rounds. Of course, if they'd just port the game to One or PS4 we could just Twitch them. Alas...

  9. Who wants to slay tonight? I'm EST, can play starting around 11pm. Any map, want to meet some CoDz people!

    1. Mr. Jay

      Mr. Jay

      If you on PS3 I can join you.

      I don't use my Mic, if you are ok with it.

    2. RZArazorSHARP20
  10. Lets get the activity up here, this is a great site - lets use it!

    1. ZombieOfTheDead


      I use it all the time-- in off topic.

  11. Looking for someone to slay with

  12. Treyarch clearly did this with the knowledge that in a couple months no one is going to be playing BO multiplayer anyway, so why not allow people to keep playing by giving out 5 zombie maps, something that MW3 won't offer... I myself am thrilled. I already have the 4 Classic Maps, but I get Moon for free because of that, and now the quality of play on the Classic Maps is going to go up exponentially...
  13. Being an Xbox owner who went out and bought the hardened edition like 2 weeks ago just for the maps, I can say even though I spent a bunch of money on it, I want them to release the maps to everyone. Seriously, every time you try and get on a Classic Map on BO, there's like 50 people playing Nacht, 20 combined people playing Shi No and Verruckt, and 200 people playing Der Riese... It sucks, and we need more people playing these maps... I'm not going to cry if no one gets them, but fuck exclusivity, lets get some better players on there... As for this guy ninezerowill above me, I don't know if you played the classic maps but the BO zombie game engine is a billion times better than the WAW game engine, and with WAW being modded out in every lobby, its reasonable that people don't want to go play that... You keep telling people to stop whining, but all I see if YOU whining about other people... Shut up and go play WAW if you think its that awesome...
  14. Once the 4 Nodes are activated and the orb is on the ground, you need to throw the Gersh Device and shoot it (the Gersch, not the Black Hole) with the following things: 1. 2 Upgraded Thundergun Shots 2. 3 Upgraded Ray Gun Shots 3. 3 Upgraded Crossbow Shots 3. All 3 Matroyshka Dolls Thats it... It's extremely easy, can be done by Round 15 if you're smart with your points... And since the Death Machines are likely the end of the Easter Egg, it would be smart to kill your crawler and get the next round started, and put those Death Machines to use...
  15. A theory i had was that the death machines could be used to obtain the 5th perk... Apparently if you successfully defend the machines when you have 4 perks, you are awarded the 5th with a power-up... Wouldn't it stand to reason it would be easier to defend the perks with death machines? If you did the Easter egg right before a monkey round, killed your crawler, and rushed to defend your perks, you could probably hold 4 of them with death machines...
  16. Everyone wants to talk batteries but thats not it... Ive wasted far too much of the last few days on this, and now I've seen the no clip through both closed doors and the alleged 5th lander pad... Since there's nothing there, I'm really at a loss as to where to look... My first thought is either the centrifuge, or back over near stamin-up...

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