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  1. The Waffe has to be part of the easter egg. It's iconic as the first WW and when you walk around the stairs leading to the pack a punch machine you can hear it making weird noises almost like it's talking to you in an alien language.
  2. I suppose once the game has hit it's official launch date all bets are off since the Intel won't be considered a "leak" anymore.
  3. I always take it slow, try to take it all in 1 room at a time and try not to get too lost with my terrible sense of direction. Once I have a decent idea of how the map is laid out and which weapons I prefer, I start plowing through rounds.
  4. I completely agree with DBZ. The zombies maps were made by 2 separate teams and have 2 very different EE styles. The team headed by Jimmy Z made TranZit, Die Rise, and Buried. From what I have gathered, that team had huge plans for those maps and the EEs in them, but due to dwindling time and resources, they were forced to cut out a bunch of the good stuff. This is why some of the craftables like the turret or the electric trap didn't make much sense and the EE rewards seemed lackluster (Only getting an achievement, a glowing tower and an end game reward for a single match.) I had heard that t
  5. Holy crap! I just read the description of the movie in that link and it lines up perfectly with the whole time travel aspect of the zombies story. Great find!
  6. Welcome to the forums LordOfDaZombiez :)

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