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  1. I completely agree with DBZ. The zombies maps were made by 2 separate teams and have 2 very different EE styles. The team headed by Jimmy Z made TranZit, Die Rise, and Buried. From what I have gathered, that team had huge plans for those maps and the EEs in them, but due to dwindling time and resources, they were forced to cut out a bunch of the good stuff. This is why some of the craftables like the turret or the electric trap didn't make much sense and the EE rewards seemed lackluster (Only getting an achievement, a glowing tower and an end game reward for a single match.) I had heard that they were supposed to link all the nav tables so you could teleport between maps. Not sure how much of that is true but it would make sense to me as to why the rewards feel so "meh" now. The other Zombies team lead by Jason B made Mob of the Dead and Origins. Both of those maps contain EE's that have multiple steps that lead to the completion of the EE which will end the game if all 4 players choose to do so. Many of the steps along the way give you access to powerful weapons and upgrades that reward the player for knowing how to do them and taking the time to complete them. I personally enjoy the Jason B model of EE much more than the Jimmy Z style. I like completing EE's and being granted upgrades as a result. Any powerful upgrade should be difficult to obtain. It gives the player something to work towards so simply slaying zombies wave after wave doesn't get too stale. I also hope that the voice overs don't get too repetitive or that the player has the power to stop the narrator after it's no longer needed. The "hints" get really redundant after a while. "THAT'S IT! Now complete the device. khzzzzts." I would personally love it if they combined the 2 styles so that working toward completing the EE would give you periodic rewards and upgrades, and when you finally complete the EE, you are treated with a reward (something like unlocking a new WW in the box or getting all perks etc.) Then you can continue slaying instead of ending the game.
  2. Welcome to the forums LordOfDaZombiez :)

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