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Hardest Map? (poll: 2 choices)

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Hey why is nuketown with farm and town? Did you mean Bus Station maybe?

I totally forgot about bus depot. But there are a max of 20 options. There are 15 maps plus farm, town, NT, bus depot, and the bo versions of the o4 maps. I included the bo versions of the o4 maps just cus from what i heard there are a night and day difference between the two versions.

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My answers and opinions are based on a relative scale of achieving high rounds using efficient strategies, so they may be different than others' thoughts.

My hardest is definitely Verruckt World at War. The sprinters, the lack of a great gun. The World at War mechanics (crappy knife lunges, zombies that love hugging) make this the toughest one overall. 24 zombies a round makes this a fast map, but the lack of Quick Revive combined with all those reasons mentioned pushes this one over the top for me in terms of difficulty.

I would have said Bus Depot for second, the lack of perks, no Thundergun (like Nacht BO). Mark 2 makes this slightly easier, but its box rarity means you're more likely to get that regular Ray Gun. Splash damage death possibilities but its necessity as the only way to break 50? Risky, dangerous, tough.

But for the poll, Five is so hard because of changing the windows starting at 40+. Top floor strategy requires incredible finesse. I was watching a stream of someone getting to round 115+ on Five with 0 downs. That top floor strategy is beautiful, fast, and dangerous. With nothing but the Awful Laton, high rounds on Five are timing based, and sometimes, you'll even need a little luck to get out of those hairy situations.

Good topic now that we have all the great strategies out for every map and 5 years of experience playing zombies under our belts.

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Origins: SO many things trying to kill you in SUCH tight areas.... Also the double-swipe issue here is much like the nuketown zombie issue, I've found it easier to play through local mode because of this... (Alsk is there some kind of hierarchy through double slaps? Red being the least slappy, blue being the norm, and yellow being the overly slappy? (IDK where purple and orange lie) Because the statistics, yellow is the most violent in the double slaps... I don't think I've ever been downed by a blue-double slap, but yellow... Yellow I can't stop....

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I agree with Jay. The difficulty varies whether you're playing Solo or Co-op. You have to take into consideration how long each round may be due to the number of zombies per wave as well as distractions.

For solo, I would say Call of the Dead or Nacht der Untoten. CotD because everything is coming after you at once, and NDU simply because you're going to be running some very tight circles for a good while and might slip up.

For co-op, it's easily FIVE and Shangri-la. FIVE is so terribly enclosed that if even a few zombies from someone else comes the opposite way of you and your horde, you're done unless you have a luckshot of a weapon. Shangri-la is extremely fun with randoms but most players (the novice ones in particular) will go down and end up having the same situation as FIVE, except with a bit more leniency.

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