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  1. Can anyone help with the Easter Egg on Die Rise for PS3? Richtofen side? I'll be eternally grateful :3

  2. hello guys. anyone wanna help out with WaW/BO1/2 Trophies please? PSN: DudeInDistress

  3. I can't view the link. Says I do not have permission. And sign me up for 'looks real' camp. Either that or fakers are beginning to be very, VERY talented.
  4. It could get any more perfect than BO1. That game epitomised the ideal that every Call of Duty should strive for. MW3 was God awful. I tried to play it with an open mind but no avail. Then again I could be biased because I had the best gaming year during BO1 and met the coolest people on there.
  5. I miss BO1

    1. Boom115
    2. Delta


      I still regularly play it. I fear for the day the disc breaks and I can't find a replacement.

  6. Last bump I promise! Come on, guys! Critiques?
  7. Bump =) need more input/inaccuracies pointed out =P
  8. Thanks guys! This is my first CoD theory w00t! Also, I never said they are one and the same -- I'm sure there is a connection. HOWEVER I am 99% sure that that Letter was NOT written by "our" Nikolai. He never abdicated because only monarchs can abdicate (yes, just monarchs, not state officials, not even a president or a prime minister). Nikolai Belinski was not a monarch (at least not that we know of) so he cannot abdicate. That's what got me into digging deeper :)
  9. I did not know that person but RIP.. it's always a tragedy when we lose a loved one :(
  10. First!! Apologies if this has been raised. I did not read anything on this theory, so if you did write one, please link me so I can add it here. My main goal is to prove a link of some kind between Nikolai and Tsar Nicholas II First, the basics. Nicholas is a Westernized name. In Russian, much like Belinski, his first name is Николай (Nikolai). His title as Nicholas the Second is Николай II. What made me think there was a link? The Letter from the Field below: Now, note the keywords that, whatever link between Nicholas and Nikolai, this letter is written by the Tsar: Abdication: The verb "to abdicate," as an active intransitive verb, is used with monarchy only. It's when the monarch (king, emperor.. etc) gives up his throne. So when a monarch leaves the throne, either by pressure or other reason, he "abdicates." Nicholas II of Russia abdicated following the Winter Revolution of 1918. (Or the "Communist Revolution"). Reds and whites: These refer to the Red Army and White Army. Red Army is made mostly of pro-communist forces Bolsheviks and the White Army consists of pro-Monarchy, anti-communist Russians. They were the main forces in the Russian Civil War (1917-1922), so yes, even after establishing a communist government. March Treaty: This refers to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. This is a peace Treaty signed on March 3, 1918 with Austria-Hungary, Germany.. etc that ended Russia's participation in the since its transformation from Imperial to Soviet Russia. Now, how is the letter written in late February, 1918 yet discusses an event in March? Easy, Russia and their Orthodox Church used the Julian Calendar, where, that year, late February coincided with early March on the Gregorian (Western calendar). Indeed, the "February Revolution" of 1917 in Russia took place in March. Tannenberg: refers to the Battle of Tannenberg, between Russia and Germany in 1914. Russia suffered some of its greatest losses there. The Huns: A derogatory term used by the Americans and British during World War I to refer to the Germans. a good woman: Notice it's a singular noun? If this is the Tsar, then this refers to Alix of Hesse, Nicholas II's wife, and the (maternal) granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England. Though married via arranged marriage, as the tradition dictated between European royalties, she fell in love with him. ================ Russian link to France that period: Believe it or not, French culture played a major role in Russia. Since the Westernization efforts by Peter the Great and later, Catherine the Great, the Russian Empire became "more European." The Russian nobility, aristocracy and royalty spoke French fluently as the main language. France was seen as the beacon of Western civilization and modernization, and Versailles was the court of high society in Europe, so to study French and French culture/literature/philosophy was a de facto requirement, and France itself was a favoured destination amongst the Russian nobility. Indeed, literacy was defined mostly by knowledge of spoken and written French, rather than Russian. (Though to a degree Russian was spoken and written). (Off topic but, have you heard of "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy? This masterpiece of Russian literature was written 50% in French!) So after the revolution, many Russian nobles and dukes/duchesses fled to France. Given their estates there and their fluency in French, France was the destination for the upperclassmen and royalties who managed to flee. Now, after his abdication, Nicholas II and his family stayed in Russia, and eventually executed in Yekaterinburg, Russia in July 1918. So I'm guessing this is some alternate time-line thing. Indeed, if this is a parallel time where Nicholas II would have had fled Russia, he would have escaped to France. ================ Link to Nikolai Belinski: The Nikolai we knew in WaW and Black Ops 1 is the opposite of royalty. Drunken and slovenly, he is the antithesis of royalty. And even in Origins, he promotes communist ideas ("Ammunition shared amongst us all, as it should be.") Only two thing in common I see with Nicholas II: 1) Their VERY striking physical resemblance (facial hair, colour, facial features, eye colour). 2) Shared country of origin. 2) This is not important, because despite their nationalities, every non-American/English spoke in English. But Nicholas II spoke English with his wife most of the time, so I think this is sheer coincidence. ================ What does this all mean? Honestly, I don't know. All I know is that there is definitely a link between these two. The whole space-time continuum creates infinite possibility. Is this Nicholas II in another timeline/alternate universe? Or was he brainwashed? The pieces are all there, I just hope one of you smart ones (I'm not smart unfortunately) can establish a connection somehow..
  11. Aha, so since in Easy the "fifth" staff place for fire in the Excavation site (after placing the three other staffs in the Giants) won't appear, which makes the EE impossible on Easy, and since we apparently don't need that fifth staff place, does that mean we can do it on easy?
  12. Can anyone explain the 4 times staff placement workaround? Do I have to buy a gun, then pick up staff, and do so three more times?
  13. We saw him the first time he fell. However, the other times we did not see him. Ever. Is that how the glitch transpires?
  14. So we spent rounds upon rounds trying to find him. Can you still kill him if you don't see him/don't have Zombie blood (after shooting down the plane)? Also: does he die from kaboom? Is he drawn to Monkey? Do claymores kill him (if insta-kill works)? Thanks
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