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  1. Can anyone help with the Easter Egg on Die Rise for PS3? Richtofen side? I'll be eternally grateful :3

  2. I honestly think it was more than a game. My theory is that, sure, the zombie maps we played were Samantha's game, but they were loosely based on real events. (i.e. they went to Kino, Ascension, Shangri-la, did what they had to do and teleported. No rounds, mystery boxes, points, power-ups, just regular adventures that Samantha was replaying in her room and turning it into a game. So what I think is: the events happened. It's just the ones *we* played was a game based on these events.
  3. This video is amazing! Hats off to you (and your team, if it's a collaborative work!) for this awesome documentary. I thought you might enjoy this thread I made. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/158103-nikolai-vs-tsar-nicholas-ii/ It also deals with real life links that might help out
  4. hello guys. anyone wanna help out with WaW/BO1/2 Trophies please? PSN: DudeInDistress

  5. I can't view the link. Says I do not have permission. And sign me up for 'looks real' camp. Either that or fakers are beginning to be very, VERY talented.
  6. It could get any more perfect than BO1. That game epitomised the ideal that every Call of Duty should strive for. MW3 was God awful. I tried to play it with an open mind but no avail. Then again I could be biased because I had the best gaming year during BO1 and met the coolest people on there.
  7. Honestly this thread turned into a buzz kill I mean I don't think it would take a lot of effort, as the maps are already created! I mean, they could publish them in a "PC Max Settings" type of enhancement, with little touch up and some uniformity in overall structure. Plus, they have like three years to work on COD (assuming they started on the next game right after BO2 with smaller teams working on DLC maps and/or patches and maintenance). I just feel like this would be something to make money with little effort AND fill the gap until November 2015..
  8. Yes, that's him! Sorry, my bad! Maybe some customization options for unranked games, but to maintain fairness, a general, preset options would only count for the leaderboard/Trophies/Achievements.
  9. I think the system is pretty great as is. They made a lot of changes from BO1 to BO2 (unlike WaW -> BO1). I prefer the BO1 version and a lot of features seem to just hurdle the progress and really, if it's a "OMG NEW FEATURE" for the sake of keeping it fresh, the novelty always wears off. I loved WaW/BO1 zombies a lot. I did not like BO2 zombie maps even though I got all the Trophies for them. It took me a while to get used to it, and I still hate the stabbing in BO2 zombies versus BO1 zombies. I know this is a matter of opinion, and we differ but I think the whole system is gre
  10. Yes, I know, so many demands for a zombies-focused game, including a campaign that focuses on the story. This, however, is NOT what I mean. What I mean is, would you support a REMAKE/remaster of all published zombie maps, from Nacht Der Toten to Origins, in one single game? The game could be called something like Call of Duty: Zombie Chronicles. Since the next CoD is being developed by Sledgehammer, those zombie fans will have something to play to kill the time until the next Treyarch COD game. It really is a filler. The possibilities are infinite, and the published content
  11. I miss BO1

    1. Boom115
    2. Delta


      I still regularly play it. I fear for the day the disc breaks and I can't find a replacement.

  12. Last bump I promise! Come on, guys! Critiques?
  13. Bump =) need more input/inaccuracies pointed out =P
  14. Thanks guys! This is my first CoD theory w00t! Also, I never said they are one and the same -- I'm sure there is a connection. HOWEVER I am 99% sure that that Letter was NOT written by "our" Nikolai. He never abdicated because only monarchs can abdicate (yes, just monarchs, not state officials, not even a president or a prime minister). Nikolai Belinski was not a monarch (at least not that we know of) so he cannot abdicate. That's what got me into digging deeper :)
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