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First off, I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I did not see a topic for it.

Title says it all. What's your favorite setup on this map? After playing it over a dozen times now I would have to say:

Weapon 1: Portersx2 Ray Gun Mark 2

Weapon 2: Upgraded Fire Staff

Juggernaug, Stamin-Up, Speed Cola and Double Tap (free from box after challenge). Of course you can get more if you use Zombie Blood and dig up glowing skull piles, but it is indeed a little challenging. So we're just asking for the first four here. Should Mule Kick apply, add a 3rd weapon of course.

I'd just like to see how you guys get ready for a good game. Of course every game seems to end with me getting smashed on by the 1000 foot zombie while I'm training a million zombies along with the Panzar Soldat. :(

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Never thought I'd say this, but Stamin-up is my second Perk (3rd on solo) after Jugg. A high priority. You can just waltz around and play in the mud. Stamin-up makes this map a whole lot easier. You can do some circle work & round up the hoards, turn, shoot & rack up a lot of points.

I also have been using Mule Kick so that you can have 2 guns & a Staff.

Solo my Perks choices are -

Quick Revive



Mule Kick

Gun choices can vary, you can collect the 2 free Pack-a-Punched guns (Collect 4 yellow discs with Maxis Drone & fill up the 4 chest challenge)

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Primary: Agarthan Reaper (SCAR-H) or Magna Collider (MG-08)

Secondary: Kagutsuchi's Blood (Staff of Fire)

Third Weapon (If Mule Kick): Mystery AR Reward

1. Juggernog

2. Speed Cola

3. Double Tap II/Mule Kick

4. Electric Cherry

5. Double Tap II (If Mule Kick)

Sometimes if I'm feeling bored, I'll get PhD instead of Electric Cherry and get a PaP'd War Machine.

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Afterburner with the Boomhilda as my secondary. Since I always use Mule Kick, I tend to use my slot for the upgraded Staff of Wind.

Perks are Juggernog, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, Mule Kick, Double Tap II (from reward crate).

I enjoy using my upgraded Bracers/new melee weapon for close-quarter combat. Perhaps even the Lightning Strike Monkey Bomb with Semtexes.

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The set up l consistently use on this map is the Boomhilda and Ray gun M2.

Kills them quick!! I dont usually get the staff's at all as they're more trouble than useful!

I like to get stamin-up second after jug and then speed and quick revive for solo.

Speed is the key for this map, and stamin-up is a must get!!

And then its just the usual shield,drone, monkeys and semtex.

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Perks: Juggernog, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, Mule Kick and Double Tap (from the box)

Guns: Spatz -447+, Ray gun/mk 2 upgraded, and Kimat's Bite (Upgraded electric staff)

I would camp with the other epic guy that I always play with at the bottom of PaP, where you build the staffs. We normally do this, me with the electric staff (I like it because of its high ammunition so you can use it as if it's your primary gun) and he would have the upgraded wind staff (I have no idea what it's called). Beast strategy, but sometimes you would have to start training them up by number 5 if the ammo gets low.

A good idea is to get all 6 generators turned on together so you have a backup max ammo in case anyone is low.

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