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  1. Devil vs Weasel?. So the devil is trying to get rid of him?, Why?. Cause he killed people & did sketchy things?. Also yeah i heard about that the reason Cherry doesn't fade out like the rest of the perks is cause it was the 1st one made back in that time & these are new ones, Made years later, But i also heard from a YT video, I think HexZombies, Not to sure, But he said it could be like a space tear, Ripping through the map. No, the reason it's the devil vs the Weasel is because the devil wants them to relive their bad escape night over and over again as a punishment for their crimes. So it's like because they've conned and killed, they deserve to get a worse punishment than death. Because the map is in a cycle, all the guys get their minds reset everytime it's a game over. But Weasel doesn't, and he is the only guy who can stop the cycle, therefore killing the others and making the zombies stop appearing. Which means if he makes the right choices (basically do the easter egg for the map), Weasel can stop the devil, in the same way maxis (good) is trying to stop richtofen (bad). Sorry for the long post but I wanted to show you what I meant by saying the Weasel is the good guy. And I don't know if this means anything, but remember, Weasel didn't kill anyone up until he killed ferguson, so maybe that will help him survive a bit more? Oh yeah, and I think the devil wants the Weasel to succeed because when you're doing the EE, during the final battle, the zombies don't go for him! Epic out
  2. Good find! Yes, the zombies are controlled by a guy called Lucifer but I've got no idea who he is. The zombies are from hell, and the whole map is hell based with the 3 dogs (3 headed dog from the underworld) and the new mystery box design. The guard brutus zombie is Ferguson I believe, who is the person that Weasel killed at the start of the cutscene. The fire works probably mean that, and also the Richtofen/Maxis war mirrors this map's theme which is the Devil vs the Weasel. The reason why all the perks glitch out of existence is because MotD takes place in 1933, 12 years before the first perk machines were made in the time of Verruckt. Electric cherry doesn't do this because it was made as the first perk I think. I got the electric cherry part from another post on the forum so you can search that up too ! Epic out

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