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Perk 2.0 Ideas

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When Black Ops II came out, nobody really noticed the new Double Tap, except for the new icon in the beginning. However, once the community discovered that Double Tap was upgraded to a better, 2.0 version, everyone began to have ideas for new perk uses. Thus, let's use this thread to detail how we'd change the perks in future zombie maps. I'll start.

Quick Revive 2.0

Old Effect: Revive a team-mate twice as fast.

2.0 Effect: Revive a team-mate 1.5 times as fast; revived player gains an "Insta-Kill" effect while knifing.

New Price?: Yes; 1750 Points

Juggernog 2.0

Old Effect: Doubles your health.

2.0 Effect: Doubles your health; sprint longer.

New Price?: Yes; 3000 Points

Speed Cola 2.0

Old Effect: Decreases reload time by half.

2.0 Effect: Decreases reload time by 1.5; ADS faster

New Price?: No

Stamin-Up 2.0

Old Effect: Sprint faster; sprint longer

2.0 Effect: Sprint faster; switch weapons faster

New Price?: No

That's all I have for now. I'll add more later.

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I like it. I had this vision, way back when the reveal trailer came out and we were all fantasizing about what Zombies would be, that involved something along the lines of perk combos. Like, when you have two perks at once, you get an additional benefit that you wouldn't get otherwise.

Not reading me? Let me explain:

Double Tap + Speed Cola would give you faster ADS speed.

Mule Kick + Deadshot would give you the ability to pick up ammo off the ground (you'd use two worthless perks IMO, but you'd get a huge bonus).

It could go on and on.

Just a thought I had. :p

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Phd Flopper 2.0

Old Effect: Take no fall damage; resistance to explosive damage; dolphin diving creates small explosion.

New Effect: Same, but increased the splash radius to cripple all surrounding zombies 2x.

New Price: 4500

Mule Kick 2.0

Old Effect: Carry an extra gun.

New Effect: Also allows player to carry additional (new) lethal and tactical grenades.

New Price: 6000

Deadshot Daiquiri 2.0

Old Effect: Lock-on to heads for easier headshots.

New Effect: Headshot multipliers allow for easier headshots.

New Price: 2500

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Tombstone Soda 2.0

Old Effect: Guns and perks saved as retrievable "tombstone powerup" when player bleeds out; adds option to bleed out quickly when downed

New Effect: "tombstone powerup" may be retrieved by any player with the perk; if a player other than the player that created the "tombstone powerup" retrieves it that player trades perks and guns with the player that created the power-up

New Price: No

Makes the perk interesting in Grief and also helps players in case they are spawned far from their tombstone, a team mate could retrieve the power-up to "help" the player.

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Electric Cherry 2.0 (Yeah, I'm going there.)

Old Effect: zap zombies around you on reload, strength and radius depends on ammo used prior to reload

New 2.0 Effect: The above effect; Once the entire clip has been spent, reloading also causes chain lightning to strike extra zombies outside of the area of effect, stunning more zombies with more damage (possibly extra stun time)

New Price?: Yes; 2500

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Whos Who 2.0

Old Effect: Spawn in a certain spot on the map pertaining to where you go down in your own body with the ability to revive yourself, buy "stuff", and use your gun.

New 2.0 Effect: The above effect; When spawned in,you will receive a red insta kill for 5 seconds.

New Price?: Yes; 2500

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Whos Who 2.0

Old Effect: Spawn in a certain spot on the map pertaining to where you go down in your own body with the ability to revive yourself, buy "stuff", and use your gun.

New 2.0 Effect: The above effect; When spawned in,you will receive a red insta kill for 5 seconds.

New Price?: Yes; 2500

That would have come in useful a lot of times. :)

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Quick revive: Nah, I like my good old 1500 quick revive as is...

Juggernog: That kind of eliminates the use for stamin up... Plus jug needs to be 2500, a nice cheep price for double health...

Speedcola: Ok... No probs. here....

Stamin up: Alright... Stupid DSR needs this...

And my ideas:

Deadshot 2.0: Allows a player to hold certain weapons over their arm rather then in their hands... I've made a thread before about this, look it up.... I made it... Mystery solved... cost 2000 now

Mulekick 2.0: Allows players to hold 3 guns, and more tacticals/grenades/claymores cost the same

Pdh 2.0: Creates explosion while flopping as well as protection from fall damage, splash damage, and now: Enviromental damage such as fire or acid! Cost the same...

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Juggernog 2: Take one more hit before downing and recover health faster (dont be red for so damn long)

Double tap 2 is fine as is.

speed cola 2: Fast hands effect and the animations are faster (pumping shot guns and such that take up extra time)

quick revive 2: when reviving you get a shield/aura that will kill up to 10 zombies that attempt to attack you before shattering.

stamin-up 2: endless sprint, everything is light as a pistol

phd 2: no damage from traps, when you get down a nuke goes off.

deadshot 2: super powerful head shots and no kick from guns

mule kick: more grenades?

tombstone 2: you spawn in again after about 2 minutes and are able to collect your tombstone within 30 seconds or so. If you fail to you fade away and have to wait until next round

whos who: spawn in with a random perk and weapon. Perks include: Jugg, QR, and electric cherry. weapons include anything but the m1911

electric cherry: i like that chain lightning thing. or your knifing and dolphin diving cause a similar explosion. with the power of diving being how far you dive.

these could be obtained by repurchasing the perk at the machine after a certain requirement has been met. (Dont know what)

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I always wanted a Speed Cola 2.0, or at least a new perk with these effects.

Speed Cola 2.0

Old Effect: Decreases Reload Time on all Weapons

New Effect: Same as above, decrease in switch weapons time, ADS faster, buy weapons/drink perks faster, mantle over objects faster, use equipment faster (Grenades, Claymores, Monkey Bombs, etc.) and maybe recover from knifing faster.

If they can implement this into a Speed Cola 2.0, that would be great! If not, then I hope they can implement these effects into some kind of new perk-a-cola.

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Quick Revive 2.0

Same effect, but added shield.

So upon purchase a shield would be added to you HUD, not to sure how it would work as far as taking damage goes, for example it could be numbered like, 200/200 Shield. Each slap could be worth 25 damage, so you could take like 8 slap's.

Or it could just be a "damage bar/gauge" added to your HUD, kinda like how magic is setup in Zelda, and just depletes as you take damage.

Kinda rethought the Juggernog 2.0 idea posted by Flammenwerfer, Juggernog 2.0 would make it really really easy. I figure this way, you can get that health boost for early rounds if you choose to, and have something you can preserve for those moments you truly need it.

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