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  1. i just downloaded the new update a couple mins. ago, and am now having the same problem... the game loads into the zombies menu, I can hear the menu jingle but the screens completely black. all I could see was the new update in the top-right corner of the screen. errrk... so I ejected the disc and my xbox completely froze lol yea...so I reset it and tried again, did the same thing.. reset but loaded the game while having the xbox guide on-screen and it loaded fine.. so idk???
  2. Something tells me Buried will be under Tranzit.... just the impression i get from all these tidbits revealed thus far...
  3. NI NE TE EN SE VE NT EX EN NT MN WL AF OM HE MG IA EP OM IA Similar pairs, Coincidence? Im thinking the last phrase is exactly this... But IA is left.. initials maybe? NT..
  4. Hey guys So i think i might have figured out the clue... At first i thought he was talking about his video, but think hes actually hinting to the mob of the dead loading screen. The "stage" we've reached is mob of the dead. A stage can be any scene regarded as a setting for an event or action. And he says in terms of time, which kinda makes me think of the date on the newspaper article, he also says that the mirror line is one behind the key, which again, makes me think of the newspaper article. If you look at the loading screen, on the right hand side under Arling
  5. think this might help... :shock: http://s13.zetaboards.com/Crypto/topic/123730/1/
  6. nice work ETEl2NAL407, im going to test this out later... see if i can come up with similar results in the higher rounds. brains,my friend... brrrrainnnnsss
  7. what the hell... heres an older pic. here i am, loitering outside Mondragon, my fav bookstore/coffeehouse
  8. Here's one, what should i do about my younger sister that refuses to grow up and live life? She constantly talks about how she missed her childhood (our mom did early on in are lives) so it kinda forced everyone to grow-up. So now its like, its kinda everybody Else's fault that she missed her childhood,at least that's how it comes across. She just ended up getting pregnant and practically lives with me and my dad now. Mind you, me and and my dad pay for everything and she doesn't pay a dime, ever.... Internet, food and rent, it gets expensive... Ive tried kicking her out, (before she got p
  9. *remembers the zombie shield* yea so... great idea guys... it still would be kinda cool. lol :roll:
  10. Quick Revive 2.0 Same effect, but added shield. So upon purchase a shield would be added to you HUD, not to sure how it would work as far as taking damage goes, for example it could be numbered like, 200/200 Shield. Each slap could be worth 25 damage, so you could take like 8 slap's. Or it could just be a "damage bar/gauge" added to your HUD, kinda like how magic is setup in Zelda, and just depletes as you take damage. Kinda rethought the Juggernog 2.0 idea posted by Flammenwerfer, Juggernog 2.0 would make it really really easy. I figure this way, you can get that health boost for
  11. hey friend welcome here, i hope your stay is awesome :P
  12. Like GamingAndStories said i like the Wardens Office, ill end up running there about 80% of the time. A high risk running spot playing solo, but.. with other people on the map it makes for a fast game. Im more inclined to run a room that has traps, regardless of its running difficulty. (tight spaces and narrow passages vs. being wide open) So id say the Cafeteria and the Wardens Office are my go-to running spots, but if there already taken id probably go to the roof.
  13. I was playing the first black ops today, sensitivity was at 8 for some reason. I was all over the place! brought it down to 2 and was happier. Black Ops 2 i usually play on 10, i remember anything lower felt way to unresponsive.
  14. lol no no, im just a little slow to catch on sometimes i guess. Thanks for the confirmation And throwamonkeybomb im not to sure how much people want to let other people know where they live, privacy reasons.. The people that cared to read my introduction know where i live 8-)
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