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  1. jinro

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    hahah i love this guy
  2. jinro

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    what the hell... heres an older pic. here i am, loitering outside Mondragon, my fav bookstore/coffeehouse
  3. jinro

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    @electricjebus that kino vid was AWESOME.. thanks for linking that! i cant wait for the tranZit short now! had this image of you after reading this.. *IM SO PUMPED! finger starts at the "A" sliding right to "L", each key flying/busting off till you reach Enter.. EJ - NOOO!!! Thats the 3rd keyboard this month!!! DAMN YOU!!!
  4. jinro

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    will be ordering the andy james deluxe backing track shortly!!! thought id share that with you guys. it comes with backing tracks and a 65 pg. tablature book with his best songs from eachone of his 3 self titled solo albums. for those of you who don't know him, hes a new(er) guitarist from the uk, has various dvd's through jamtrackcentral.com, teaching advanced/different techniques, cover's, etc. he is definately becoming one my favorite guitarist, i wouldnt mind seeing his song "War March" in an upcoming zombie map. its 6 mins. long, which i.m.o should be the minimum length of a easter egg song. Check him out.. Andy James - War March DMIG0u21d5Q
  5. jinro

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    :lol: oh billy lWdXrsfCCBI
  6. jinro

    I've got my shotguns...

    lol dont worry theres a good chance you could lose them.. you'll rank-up/rank-down quicker depending how many kills and downs you already have. the higher the kills the less likely you'll end up losing shotgun's, however if you have the bare minimum kills its very easy to lose them.. its about securing and maintaining your rank now!
  7. jinro

    Round 50 plus strategy Die Rise

    this is the same strategy i use as well.. going down with who's who in here sucks bigtime :x
  8. jinro

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    @Flammenwerfer lol i know.. bad habit i picked up in highschool, i started when i was 17 and still going strong lol so that'll be 7 years when april rolls around i defintly feel the health effect's and don't advocate smoking tobacco at all.. defintly a big mistake ever starting and regret it everyday..
  9. jinro

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    lol woops! thanks lenne. i couldnt find juggernog for the life of me today on Die Rise... so i just bought 4 perk's and knifed the crawler round's till i got jugg! ended up being the last perk i got whatever works i guess...
  10. jinro

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    i wasnt a user here when the site used the brain system, but ive been lurking since ascension dlc drop! so ive seen them in action lol i dont know why it took so long to join.. what actually got me to sign-up was the user "blackfire64" the way he responded to the community and just some of the things he would say just made my blood boil. so i made an account to give my 2cents.... i guess what im getting at, i joined this site to defend it and give credit where i feel is due. alot of new users kinda get the shit end of the stick when it comes to fitting in here.. as its hard... anyway i can help i willl... even if it means doing what the staff doesnt want to do and help acouple lost souls around the forums, then thats what i intend to do... i love waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee, cigarette and some CODZ.. i too believe the only way to go for this site is forward...
  11. not exactly a glitch, but not being able to take something out of the box if theres grenades by it. ex. playing bus depot with a bunch of noobs.. evil noobs. :evil: and everytime id hit the box they'd all spam the crate with grenades. to my dismay, that game i lost 2 rayguns, monkeys and a couple decent assault rifle's.... but im lucky i got a soft spot for playing with noobs.... because its incredibly easier to return the favor lol. lets just say i didnt stay on my side the map intentionally. lol :D
  12. jinro


    well that is what i remember the only condition being... back in the early days when snes9x was released.. when sites like rom vault and emuparadise were rocking im sure the actual ripping to make roms or trying to sell them is the illegal part i think. playing, testing for educational purpose's is not.. thts how i see it... its much like uploading a copyrighted movie.. the uploader's at fault, not the viewer's or downloader's... im not much for piracy or agree we have the right to other peoples content... but in the case of roms.. for nes - ps1 i dont see a problem with dl'in them... and ill tell you this nintendo is not making money on these games anymore as far as sales go.. so your certainly not hurting them at all.. if anything your doing them a service lol by replaying there games 16 bit gaming isnt as easy as it once was... lol damn you sonic!
  13. jinro


    as far as roms being illegal... as long as you delete them within 24 hrs. your good! anf thats if you dont own a copy of the game.... that's all im going to say...
  14. jinro


    Last pokemon game i played was gold. which was alright it was fun... i just thought the new pokemon sucked and lacked originality... for the same reason i stopped watching the show... then with othershow's like digimon, yugi-oh feeding off pokemon i was like its over... lol switched to dragonball and monster rancher! 1gen pokemon forever :D
  15. i can confirm the claymores randomly disappearing on PS3. i thought this was due to the claymore glitch and was 3arc's attempt at patching it. just dont hold your claymore unless your about to use it and you'll be fine. but definitely an annoyance... - zombies disappearing into the bus when using it as a trap, they reappear over time buut your most likely dead by then.. got to rnd. 48, 0 downs. this is what happened. - not sure if this is glitch, avogadro taking like 20 bowie knife hits.. no joke.. - helicopter sound glitch, getting alot more lately

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