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  1. i just downloaded the new update a couple mins. ago, and am now having the same problem... the game loads into the zombies menu, I can hear the menu jingle but the screens completely black. all I could see was the new update in the top-right corner of the screen. errrk... so I ejected the disc and my xbox completely froze lol yea...so I reset it and tried again, did the same thing.. reset but loaded the game while having the xbox guide on-screen and it loaded fine.. so idk???
  2. Something tells me Buried will be under Tranzit.... just the impression i get from all these tidbits revealed thus far...
  3. nice work ETEl2NAL407, im going to test this out later... see if i can come up with similar results in the higher rounds. brains,my friend... brrrrainnnnsss
  4. *remembers the zombie shield* yea so... great idea guys... it still would be kinda cool. lol :roll:
  5. Quick Revive 2.0 Same effect, but added shield. So upon purchase a shield would be added to you HUD, not to sure how it would work as far as taking damage goes, for example it could be numbered like, 200/200 Shield. Each slap could be worth 25 damage, so you could take like 8 slap's. Or it could just be a "damage bar/gauge" added to your HUD, kinda like how magic is setup in Zelda, and just depletes as you take damage. Kinda rethought the Juggernog 2.0 idea posted by Flammenwerfer, Juggernog 2.0 would make it really really easy. I figure this way, you can get that health boost for early rounds if you choose to, and have something you can preserve for those moments you truly need it.
  6. hey friend welcome here, i hope your stay is awesome :P
  7. Like GamingAndStories said i like the Wardens Office, ill end up running there about 80% of the time. A high risk running spot playing solo, but.. with other people on the map it makes for a fast game. Im more inclined to run a room that has traps, regardless of its running difficulty. (tight spaces and narrow passages vs. being wide open) So id say the Cafeteria and the Wardens Office are my go-to running spots, but if there already taken id probably go to the roof.
  8. I was playing the first black ops today, sensitivity was at 8 for some reason. I was all over the place! brought it down to 2 and was happier. Black Ops 2 i usually play on 10, i remember anything lower felt way to unresponsive.
  9. Very cool, even if its not why hes called Brutus. Still a good nugget of info! :D
  10. Rissole, i always thought the CS has many brother's quote had to do with ascencion. but yea i guess that would make sense. As on Round 80 you fight two monkeys, and they couldnt be the same one. :lol:
  11. *takes kuddos back* yea my bad, from a re-read you defintely hate DOA and probably dont play it. whatever, you wouldn't be the first. lol
  12. That's really interesting E.J Nice connection, i overlook the finer details a lot. lol DOA does seem like a puppet master type game similar to the story in MOTD. This endless cycle of "reliving" the same night over and over again, but i guess in this case it would be the same 40 rounds over and over again. Before i read this i always considered DOA a map like the rest cause it was slaying zombies... so bamm, it obviously a map as well... But i can see now how it could be considered a game that's separate from "zombies". Kinda would support the hud style change in MOTD as well, maybe these slight changes are there way of trying to implementing a different type of survival. A game of survial = normal zombies. Survival of the game = DOA and MOTD. Hopefully im not to far from your thinking E.J, and kuddos to you for playing DOA. Love it.
  13. idea my buddy thought up while at work... the unknown man in the picture is us, the player, the community as a whole i guess... changing the game/storyline with are theroies, pseudo plot connections as well as the character's personalities and their history. its all us or should i say this unknown character. its kinda like that show supernatural, that one dude.. a prophet of god was his character, he's writing sam and deans story as sam and dean are living it. were like gods prophets.. jimmy zelinski would then be god. OMG!!!!! (woops sorry jimmy.. i didn't mean it.) when he explained it me i laughed but thought about it for a bit, its really not that bad of an idea.... theres a couple reasons... - what better way to get a person into the game then by literally putting them in the game. - jimmy z's latest tweet answering this question, "will the old 4 be returnin?" which he replied with, "you blew up the earth not me" or something like that. i know this is pretty crazy and i really dont know shit about the storyline... so dont be hard on me with specific's, its just a idea.
  14. i like to use mustang and sally :!: but a ray gun works well too. it helps if you have 2 people spamming ammo at the zombie, you'll know you killed him when he stops flailing his arms. shortly after the vrill device will appear in the green beam.
  15. haha (note to self, never play with killer2killer :? ) jk! but seriously if i could strangle you with a virtual piano wire.. i probably would just for the LOLZ, lolerz! because if ive learned anything from this thread its killing people for amusement is funny...
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