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  1. Slaying zombies is addictive, I must agree. Although I don't play much zombies anymore because of school and other games I have, I do see myself coming back to zombies quite a few times when I have the time (mostly on Black Ops Zombies).
  2. I would vote for either Misty or Weasel, but since I'm on PS3, I have yet to play as the original 4 so my opinion might change.
  3. Actually it had two weapons in its time period, the M1927 and the M1911. Or it could be three if you count the Ray Gun.
  4. As we all know, a lot of the weapons in zombies mode on Black Ops 2 either comes from the first Black Ops or they come from the multiplayer portion of Black Ops 2. Some of the weapons are bad, while some are pretty good (I really like the Type 25, M27 and LSAT). But overall, I prefer to have the weapons from Black Ops instead of Black Ops 2, or at least weapons from the time period of the map (Mob of the Dead, Origins). Although they are considered non-canon, I just don't like seeing the futuristic weapons appearing in the new maps, as they have most likely not been created yet (Type 25, LSAT, etc.) and I just prefer the Black Ops zombie weapons overall. For maps like Mob of the Dead and Origins, I would have like weapons coming from that time period. For example, in Mob of the Dead, they should have the weapons from World at War like the Kar98k, PPSh-41, MG42, etc. appear instead of weapons like Death Machine (which should have been a power up in my opinion), AK-47 (even though I really like it), PDW-57, etc. But this is just my opinion. What are your guys opinions? Did you guys like the futuristic weapons? Do you prefer to have the original weapons from previous zombie maps (or weapons from specific time periods)?
  5. I personally think that they did die, because when you do Richtofen's side of the easter egg and you go to round ∞, you have to find a switch within the dead bodies of the N4. And since round ∞ is supposed to take place in the future, this makes me believe that the N4 are dead (which is sad because I actually liked them... except Russman. I could care less about him).
  6. Honestly, not really. Why? Well, here's the reason why (and remember, this is just my opinion with Black Ops 2 Zombies).
  7. Zombies mode was introduced in World at War, came back in Black Ops and has returned in Black Ops 2. Throughout all of the maps, we have seen the introductions of many weapons, some which we like and some which we hate. Which ones are your favorites throughout all the maps? My favorites are: Assault Rifle: Galil/Lamentation Sub Machine Gun: Thompson (M1927)/ Gibs-O-Matic (Speakeasy) Sniper: Don't really have one, but if I had to choose, probably DSR 50/Dead Specimen Reactor 5000 Light Machine Gun: HAMR/ SLDG HAMR Shotgun: M1897 Trench Gun Pistol: M1911/ Mustang and Sally Special: Ballistic Knife/ The Krauss Refibrillator Wonder Weapon: Ray Gun/ Porter's X2 Ray Gun
  8. I usually call him "Big Guy". But after seeing that a lot of others call him that too, it makes me want to come up with something original.
  9. For me, the best would probably be Kino Der Toten. Runner up could be Ascension and/or Mob of the Dead.
  10. My favorites are Tank Dempsey, Edward Richtofen and Misty, in no particular order.
  11. From what I hear, Buried is very good and has received a lot of positive feedback. While the map Mob of the Dead also received positive feedback, I wanna know, is Buried the best map so far on Black Ops 2 Zombies? Also, is it one of the best zombies maps ever? I can't say much about this map because while I have seen a lot of footage of it, I have not experienced it since I am a PS3 user. So guys, please, tell em your opinions.
  12. Well, as mentioned, already, it probably is the Monkey's voice and it just sound similar to Samantha's voice. I've heard about this, but have never noticed this. When exactly do the zombies do this?
  13. Samantha. She had the creepy talk that a demonic announcer is suppose to have in my opinion.
  14. My favorites (with #1 being my absolute favorite) are 3. Beauty of Annihilation 2. Abracadvre 1. 115
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