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  1. So good to see this place still running after all this time. :D
  2. Awwww I missed the 150th page, I was hoping to be back for that Oh Well, has anything exciting been going on round here??? Ive been playing Kingdom Hearts and I remember how hard I remember how hard I found the bosses on it. Stuck on Chernabog at the moment
  3. I only found out that Lucy was a triple agent a few months back, I just thought that Juno had it in for her. I disagree though, I like how all of these Assasins will accumulate into one one being, even though that's spoiled now That skyscraper and stadium mission in AC3 were some of my faves from the game. Shaun makes me laugh as well.
  4. I knew I was gona find some Origins Delight, Finally done the EE on round 25 on the 25th of October :D
  5. Especially during off season. Half Term break = Zombie time Gonna find my Raygun, gonna hold her tight Gonna grab some Origins Delight. My motto's always been; when it's right, it's right. Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night. When everything's a little clearer in the fight of day. And you know the fight is always gonna be there any way. Biplanes in flight. Origins delight. Origins delight.
  6. I'm not a fan of turn based Strategy Games, however Real time Strategy games like The Dawn of War Series is a different story entirely Played an old Strat game yesterday called Age Of Mythology, which is still one of my favourites.
  7. Well I had an interesting weekend. Threw a party, slightly got set on fire, asked a girl out, got turned down, injured my arm. And nearly did Origins EE. Did someone say Doctor who?? Have all the episodes been released over in the States?? Do you know who the new doctor is going to be??
  8. Extinction mode could be interesting. I remember back in WAW times there was a rumour that IW wa going to do an aliens mode which was fundamentally the same as zombies.
  9. One of my mates is scared of slender man a bit and I convinced him to play SIS... Soo very funny I love messing with people as well, I kept him alive for half an hour one game just scaring the living day lights outa him He now refuses to play it with me. Quite a lot of the time though you die without seeing Slender which is a shame Talking about messing with people, crutches are so fun to use. I can make people late for places they want to go, take ages going down stairs and just generally be annoying and no one can say a thing Plus when crossing the road people let me cross a lot quicker than before
  10. He is. Yveltal is a VERY good Pokemon. Oblivion Wing demolishes the opponent AND heals you exactly how much you stole. Not 50%, but 100%. Indeed. One of my mates was trying to convince me that Xerneas is better than Yveltal. I'm afraid to me an evil,badass, dragon of doom that sucks other pokemons souls away will always beat a deer of peace. I do have others for non-uber battles though, trying to find a Binacle at the moment Friend code is 1032-1223-2233 if anyone wants to have a battle sometime.
  11. Yay just finished Pokemon Y. Now got a team of: Lvl 72 Mewtwo Lvl 70 Zygarde Lvl 71 Charazard Lvl 68 Chesnaught Lvl 65 Yveltal Swapping the other space to level up various guys Need a good water type. Next on my gamelist is The Stanley Parable and then PS4 Gmod, Nuclear Throne and COD should keep me going till then On discussion: Lightning is definitely my favourite. Mainly cause if shot at the ground it's an insta-kill and the others just seem bad to me. The amount of times I've died because of the death delay on the fire and ice staffs Haha, Nice one :P
  12. Hey codz, it's been a while. College is good, but I've not got anough free time any more. Anyone who knows me knows that games are my life. My dream job would be a professional "Lets play" er, but I doubt that'll happen GTA is pretty good, but for 14million pounds and 5 years I would expect it to be. Excitement for PS4 rising Anyone here getting it??? Might get Pokemon Y as well, not sure. I didn't get Black or White or B2 or W2. Because I thought that I should grow out of it. But then I realised that I don't care what other people think I love pokemon. Plus there's a load of new stuff being introduced. Mega-Lucario FTW
  13. This is a bit in topic, but whatever use the shield to to get them, come back for the fists later. I hadn't thought of that, thanks.

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