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  1. Lightnings my favourite as its ammo, large rounds and power makes it best for me Ice to me is unusable as it takes way too long to kill them. If I want an insta-kill weapon I want it to kill them Instantly Same with Fire but its a little better Winds quite good until it becomes 2+ hits All of the charge shots are quite similar in my opinion, apart from fire which seems a little bit worse
  2. Don't mind lobby jumpers that much, but people who leave during the game are the most annoying.
  3. The three giant robots from origins?? P.S. could you add 10 points to my score, I added them on my answer post but then forgot them in my second post.
  4. Riddle Points BriggzyJ97 - 24 vDeltaGamingv - 24 Experience This - 10 Electric Jesus - 8 ETEI2NAL407 - 6 nayrc - 4
  5. sorry i havent done this lately, been busy with life The answer was........ The Zombie Shield Riddle One of my features is facing the swirly pool of servitude- One part in Tranzit is sometimes facing the toilet My other feature is into fine dining and has a hobby of electrocution- Another part in tranzit is in the diner, near the galvaknuckles I have two forms for the same purpose- Tranzit ZS and MOTD ZS Origins has proved the third clue obsolete, I now have 3 forms with the same purpose- Self explanatory Points BriggzyJ97 - 34 vDeltaGamingv - 24 Experience This
  6. Kay, thanks for this I thought this was what the lightning staff did but I was not 100% sure so thanks! Oh okay thanks. I will implement this and try to tidy up the lightning keyboard bit tomorrow, but it's getting late (2AM) and I've had a busy day sooooo..
  7. Well it's well known that Treyarch to this community and many elements of ideas have been incorporated into the game. Don't ask me to list them, but I believe someone wanted a BoomBox weapon(aka Subsurface Resonater), I think Electric Jesus said something about Staffs a while back. A few people wanted the jet gun to not break and let you fly(aka Paralyzer) and me and EJ said something on the WunderWeapon thread about wanting a gun to go through the zombies, and here we have the Ray Gun Mark 2. I truly believe that Treyarch is very good at listening to its players.
  8. Did anyone else see that there are cymbal monkeys on Samantha's pyjamas. Well of course there is no way of knowing which side of this is correct. But I might have a possible explanation for the line "My dad says he's got a plan" Now imagine if after playing a game of "zombies" one day Samantha went and complained to her dad that she didnt want to lose her turn. So then the next time Eddie is playing, Maxis comes up to her bedroom hides a radio under where the game is normally played. So then when Eddie is playing, Maxis acts like he is communicating with the characters. Of cours
  9. Kay, thanks! I would imagine when there's more than one staff being charged the pedestal the zombie is closer too will take the charge
  10. Hahahahahahah At the bottom it says "Some well known elements include Carbon, Silicon and Iron" Like some people don't know what an element is
  11. Then you would realise that everything would be so heavy you wouldn't be able to move ...But that's why I'd have Stamin-up Honestly, across all maps...THAT is my dream setup. Zeus cannon with VA would be unstoppable :)
  12. Very cool, I've always wanted the monkey bomb explosion to be more powerful. This teamed up with one of the Ultimate Staffs charge shots will be beast
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