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  1. My problem is that ever since a buddy of mine made a joke, I have to live by it. "CARPENTER! RISK IT ALL!" I think it's only ever downed me once, but it sure has led to some close calls and a lot of adrenaline.
  2. I tend to bounce around buying random weapons off of walls when I get low on ammo. In higher rounds where points become meaningless to me, I'll waste off ammo and PaP before tossing that away too. As such, I don't tend to have a reliable weapon on me in the form of DPS, but I almost always have a weapon. I have a need to revive. I just gotta do it. I make huge risks to revive a player when I could easily survive the round. However, that can be fixed due to the fact that I prefer to keep Krauss Refibs on me (The only weapon I want all the time and refuse to get rid of).
  3. I'm just surprised there's been so little mention of it. It was one of the first things that came to mind when I saw the Origins ending.
  4. Just a quick pointer about the ending cutscene, Samantha put down one of the figures. Seeing as Eddie has Richtofen and Takeo, and Sam has Nicholai after she puts the "camera" down, that must mean that we're seeing the final scene from Tank's perspective. Probably doesn't mean anything. Oh well. waitwaitwaitwaitwait, just remembered something probably unimportant. Think back to Kino, the teleporter. Remember the rooms we ended up in, especially the one with toy zombies? Maybe I should take cutscene observations to another thread.
  5. The MP40 finally returns! Without a doubt my favorite gun in this game.
  6. Guys, the trailer they were showing off had some extra dialogue that isn't in the original trailer. It's still worth the watch.
  7. This is basically my reaction to this entire thread. It's pretty lulzy in here.
  8. "I am your store" I think what's actually being said here is "I am your star."
  9. Samantha isn't actually this old at the time of the map. She's telling a story - her voice is from a future perspective. At least, that's what I think.
  10. I figured out that if you simply run into a zombie, it gets teleported away and you take a heavy hit to your afterlife meter. Had the same thing happen to me a couple days ago.
  11. I was not aware that fire weakens zombies. I thought it simply made them explode. And I'm probably going to be the only guy to ask you to put some effort into what you type. That kind of grammar and spelling is horrendous and hard to read.
  12. Electric Cherry 2.0 (Yeah, I'm going there.) Old Effect: zap zombies around you on reload, strength and radius depends on ammo used prior to reload New 2.0 Effect: The above effect; Once the entire clip has been spent, reloading also causes chain lightning to strike extra zombies outside of the area of effect, stunning more zombies with more damage (possibly extra stun time) New Price?: Yes; 2500
  13. Unless I can use it to burn a house down, I'd rather not.
  14. As said before, I'd love to see the KSG. That's a gun that I absolutely love. I really can't ask for much else. The guns I like are already there. I guess I could ask for a different pump-action shotgun. I don't like the shotguns in this game, aside from the Remington (and that revolver-shotgun, if you count that as one).
  15. I doubt they will make more videos like these, but a man can hope, because that is just fuckin' fantastic. Thanks for posting!
  16. I like to grab the Remington, Tap-Tap, Stamin-up, and Speed. Jug helps lower the risk. If I can get it, I also enjoy... What's it called, the Executioner? Revolver-shotgun thing. Kinda blury on names, it's been a long time since I've played. I'm not a huge fan of automatics, but I love semi-autos (unless it's a shotgun, which is why I hate most of the shotties in BO2 (same goes for snipers, now that I think about it)). On MotD, I haven't much of a choice on replacing Stamin-up with EC. I'm down with that, though. It's a fun perk. You and me both, pal.
  17. Takeo, you just made my day. Like, friggin' wow. These are great.
  18. When you said "Meat Grinder," I thought you meant the PaP'd Death Machine :lol:
  19. Concerning that part where Brutus was idle, I do remember seeing our wonderful astronaut on Moon "dancing" and not chasing after me. Then I threw a Gersch, and he moonwalked after me faster than otherwise. So it's possible that Brutus has an idle pose.
  20. I miss the MP40. Such a wonderful weapon. I'd also kill to have the VR-11 on a map besides CotD. Hate that map.
  21. I remember that before Moon came out, someone leaked the existence of Mule Kick by calling it "Three Gun Tequila." A friend of mine told me about the leak, so we called it Three Gun ever since, despite the change of names.
  22. Seems like a few users here like singin' the songs as well, myself included. Stamin-Up is the best perk ever, song and effect. I also love the emblem.
  23. PFFFT AHAHAHAHA No idea why this got me so bad. These are some good names, guys! Updatin' the OP right now. This was before my time, I'm afraid. Sorry to hear about that. I still think it's a good name for it, however. Plus it pays tribute, if anything.
  24. No idea why I laughed at that. I'll slap Doobles and Electric Something up there for shits and giggles.
  25. Just remembered, a pal 'n me started going online and calling Quick Revive "Get Back Up Soda" since it pissed people off. It was pretty funny. I'll toss that into the OP.
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