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Giant Zombie and Where is Gersch!

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Welcome to my new write-up, here i'll be talking about 2 topics, I'll start with Gersch and continue from there!

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Gersch?

If you'd like hop in my time machine, we're going back to blackops 1, specifically, Ascension. If you're familiar with Ascension you'd possibly know about the easter egg, and how it adds to the story, well it didn't. You'd go around this place that barely adds to the story to free Gersch, he thanks you for freeing him from the Gersch device and Samantha isn't too happy about it, she screams and whispers "Come find me.". But heres the issue, where is Gersch? What did he add the the story? And conclusively, will he return, I really hope he somewhat makes a return in another map since he presumably is still alive!

What you're all here for (Presumably) The Giant Zombie!

Hey, what are you doing, get back in my time machine, we're going even further back!

Back to Kino Der Toten, if you're reading this I presume you've played Kino Der Toten and turned the power on, doing so causes a flying beast to rip holes in the roof allowing the Nova Zombies to enter the map. I usually thought it may have been the Nova Zombies ripping the holes themselves, but there are 3 things that make me believe there are bigger creatures out there.

Exhibit 1: When the holes are ripped in the roof, Takeo quote something close to this "A Giant beast is attacking the building!", I doubt he means the Nova Zombies because they're size is smaller than the regular zombie, so I doubt he'd be calling them 'Giant', he must had been referring to something else.

Exhibit 2: Also when the holes are ripped a large scream is heard, it sounds nothing like the Nova Zombies and is really loud, It also leads me to believe it is a bigger beast out there, waiting to encounter the survivors.

Exhibit 3: When you Die on the new Zombies DLC Map, 'Die Rise' you'll hear a weird series of sounds, Firstly, Giant/Loud footsteps and a gate closing. These footsteps aren't the footsteps of something human, they're pretty big. I had many theories of this, such as its the creature talking to Stulinger since the 'large creature' may have alot of 115 in it, allowing it to talk through the survivors minds like rictofen. I also believe it could be the giant beast from Kino Der Toten.

What do think? Please let me know, I'm really interested in what your theories are and also, thanks for reading, also if I have some grammatical errors, feel free to tell me! Thanks!

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Some pretty nice connections here, friendo! Mind if a take a gander at some possible solutions?

Gersch is somewhere in the heavens - not that I can allude to one in Zombies, but let's just call it the afterlife to be safe. Before you free Gersch, it's suspected that he is trapped in the Kassimir Mechanism by Yuri in Ascension [correct me if I'm wrong on this one, veterans]. Once the crew repaired it, the device freed Gersch, and you can see what appears to be a faded orb rise into the sky. His soul is essentially released into the afterlife, or where most souls go to - think of it as Heaven if you're religious.

I too thought that there was some kind of large beast around Kino der Toten in one my first threads here at CoDz:


Apparently, it's just a theatrical [what a pun] entrance for the Nova Gas Crawlers to start swarming in. The large holes on the roof are due to deterioration from the destruction of the zombie outbreak. As for the quotes heard, it is because our original crew has never seen nor heard the likes of Nova Gas Crawlers before, and it's a brand new concept that catches them off guard. They also produce heavier/louder noises than your average freakbag. Die Rise's ending audio is a bit perplexing at the moment; it actually sounds more like someone walking in an empty hallway, opening a gate, going inside/outside, then shutting it with a lock. I honestly don't know what to make of it.

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Thanks for replying, and I agree with it being a theatrical entrance for the Nova Zombies since Kino Der Toten is the first time we see them. I think the end of Die Rise sounds could also be a hint for the next map, even though its not helping at all. Same with Gersch, he did go off as an orb but I thought maybe his entity remains along with Richtofen and Maxis. Thanks for responding and thanks for reading my write-up, I love seeing responses and people responding makes my day!

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Agreed, it was more than likely only to give you significance of a new Zombie entering the game. Also with this speculation as to the ending sounds on GLF, I think it may have to do with Jimmy Z's tweet about "I'm the f'n Janitor. What can I do for you?" I think the Janitor is either walking around, locking these doors and gates.

OR he was talking about his skills playing Zombies.. He's the Janitor, and cleans sh*t up!! Who knows.. Definitely not me!

PS, welcome to the forum!

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Ok, im starting to think here, people on this forums have pointed out that the next page on the die rise looks like an image from kino, and you say the "giant zombie" its presumably on kino der toten.

Also i read a thread a while ago stating that in the surprise trailer there appears a giant zombie in the tunnel in the middle of the horde...


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Well it is hard not to imagine what the hell is out there any more. We have denizens, nova crawlers, dogs, monkeys, jumpers and the electric zombie.

On the subject of the nova crawlers, I used to wonder the same thing. Were they being airdropped in? WTF is destroying th building? I stopped thinkin about it shortly after. I also have to agree that this was just a prepared WTF!? moment for the first introduction of a new type of zombies. Rumbling and noises to keep us on our toes. I dont disagree that there are other creatures that were created/unleashed tho so I for one will not be (too) surprised when we encounter a "giant zombie" or even a bird like creature that can spit crawlers. Just who knows for sure any more.

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I agree that the noise at the end of the game means something. What? I don't have any idea. :(

Yeah, this has been stumping me since the first walk-through I did on GLF. I'm not exactly sure what it is. I'm not thinking the same as some of the other forum go-ers that think, "Maybe its a way we can get to flopper!" NO, that is possibly the BIGGEST TROLL I've ever seen from Treyarch. Let's keep that simple: Get in theatre mode after a game where you have unlocked every single door. You cannot go places in FreeCam that you cannot go as a player. You cannot get into the passage for Flopper in FreeCam, TROLLED.

But I did see another tweet from Reza saying " 'There is probably one big switch somewhere that powers EVERYTHING.'- Edward Richtofen" Now I dont know if thats just a reference to the O4 possibly coming back, or if he is implying that there is another switch, or "step," we need to do in order to activate the Cargo elevator to access PHD. HIGHLY unlikely though, as it seems the cables snap when enough weight is in the elevator, and we free fall down a few floors.

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I think I've figured it out.

You hear footsteps follow by the slamming of a metal gate. You can also hear these strange clicking sound.

The strange clicking sound is IDENTICAL to the Jumping Jacks.

What I think this means is that it is a sound clip of a Chinese man locking a gate behind him as he leaves a room filled with Jumping Jacks, indicating the origin of these things.

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So we may have a Giant Zombie on our hands? That may be very interesting...possibly a new zombie boss and/or genetically modified experiment much like a Resident Evil B.O.W.?


It sounds like some heavy footsteps with jangling keys. I want to go with the hunch of it being this "Janitor" that Zielinski tweeted a few days ago based on those sounds, but the footsteps seem so oddly spaced in regards to the velocity of a regular footstep. A Janitor Zombies, I suppose? :lol:

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I have not seen this giant zombie in tunnel pic or whatever, sounds awesome! but I have wondered about the end game sounds. janitor's making more and more sense, could be why there's multiple keys scattered at the fall of the spawn elevator. fell of his key chain? haha.

on another note, a quote from samuel i found interesting on ngt, have not heard it in tranzit myself but it may pertain to what's to come:

"okay, so I remember seeing this big hairy thing, right? and he walks behind a rock and he looks over his right shoulder, and then he walks behind a tree and then he walks behind another tree. and then he just keeps walking right? just keeps walking right into the woods, it happened!"

now I know this doesn't scream giant zombie and it may just be his craziness. but it it seems intriguing now.

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I would assume that could fall into his other quotes involving Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle, Banking Conspiracy etc etc. He's referring to Bigfoot sightings in which the most famous one is exactly as he's depicting it all of which tie in to his crazy conspiracy personality.

On a side note, can we at all with hindsight look back at any visual or audio clues that could've predicted the denizens in a previous map or any of the "special" zombies being hinted at in the map previous to it? If so I would love to see a giant bigfoot zombie walking around of in a huge janitor jumpsuit with an equally oversized keyset ;)

btw, my first asylum post. I think I found my new favorite thread because there's no spam posts of scam videos in here like whats been flooding die rise and tranzit lately.

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They talk of a beast on Shi no too.. I believe it was on the description of the map itself.

I've been thinking about this for quite some time now.. There are connections on one map from each of the 3 games (WaW, Black Ops and Black Ops 2) Each getting more and more closer. Wunder what's going to happen with this mysterious creature?

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Exhibit 1: When the holes are ripped in the roof, Takeo quote something close to this "A Giant beast is attacking the building!", I doubt he means the Nova Zombies because they're size is smaller than the regular zombie, so I doubt he'd be calling them 'Giant', he must had been referring to something else.

I think Takeo is refering to Godzilla, the huge movie monster.

But a Godzilla reference could still be eluding to a huge monster.

Der Riese translates into the "The Giant" maybe that's what it means?

I didn't know about Jimmy's tweet.....interesting

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