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  1. A "Conical-Bottom Metal Silo" is what I came to first after searching descriptions. I decided to watch a no-clip video from NiikThatGamingShow to get a full look and he mentions them as "fueling tanks" that are also on the radiation map for COD: Black ops 1. Watched a quick video and sure enough there sitting on that map as well. I know links have been made in the past to other maps so maybe there's something linked either informational or in reference to eachother. I don't think I posses that map but hopefully I can get access to look around (something about radiation and blast doors, shutting sections off or opening them up is a function on that multiplayer map). I feel like I can shine some personal thoughts on some of the quotes off the top of my head that really stand out. First though, my map data was corrupted which means all dlc was lost and only Tranzit works. The lightning burst still happens so I don't think it's part of the larger EE at all. This is also backed up by the fact that the lightning bursts also happen on easy when navcard and other EE items aren't present. Overlooked and never found, but one does simply run around. Thinking about it, I never simply ran an entire round over the map, without using the bus or teleporters. -I run all the time, like a lot. I tend to always be in the fog running around. No vision doesnt mean less ability. Reminds me of the 'without me you would be blind' quote. - Even if you can't see the orbs or flashes you can still do the function of the EE Eyes of dedication, skil, are separate. - The eyes I don't think are necessary to be on, just a show of how dedicated you are to zombies and the skill rank is separate from being able to perform the functions of said EE. Some things needs to go down, before others go up. Go down...objects? Players? - The "Now Die" on the diner I feel is a definite clue here. also "N 4" below blinking. 4th player goes down at diner, maybe to start seeing orbs or the lightning? I believe Die Rise has the same going down mechanic? Distractions are inhibited though the general key of succes. Past succes there is logic hiding in plain sight. Again speaking about something in plain sight... It seems like there is something big, obvious, that is ignored by us. - here's how I translate this, "Zombies are no longer required when you use the Key of Money at the Bank. Past Money shows clues/the next step that are (revealed/apparent?)" The second sentence I'm still trying to get. I've also filled up my bank account and have emptied it on many occasions. I haven't updated the original post or continued trial and error in a while so I'll start in on it again. Finally have a chance to start a local 4 man crew soon to try it out so I've been training back up so to speak. Thanks for keeping this alive @Anonymous, I'm here as always!
  2. I'm back and have done a little bit of running around without much to report. Jetgun, galvanuckles, and certain locations like inside the bus will nullify the animation. I'm unsure if this means that it's being absorbed and is doing something or if it means it's not able to be created that way. Pap guns, all explosives, the rest of the melee, and pretty much anything else will make the effect. One thing I'm unsure if I should post is about the bus and the Avagadro. I tend to enjoy spawning the Avagadro and still try to get my timing down with the storm correctly. That being said I was at the diner more often than not (great place for running around and fire/lava everywhere) and while clearing zombies I would purposefully run them into the avagadro to kill them and burst them onto him. I did notice a weird effect but in general the fire around the diner does seem to make a hazy "heat" effect so it could be that. I'll have to investigate further for any type of clarification and take video in another location. Now for the bus. Again, I need to run more tests and take video evidence. I know everyone including myself is tired of the bus and ee hunting with it but unfortunately the bus is the one thing I've seen kill zombies and produce a light regardless of them being on fire or not. This revelation wasn't a good one because after getting near round 30 I still didn't notice any difference in the bus after multiple rounds of letting them get run over (all buildables placed on bus). Now, the one thing I can think of that might be happening is zombies that appear not be on fire may actually be on fire (I believe due to animation overload they only let a certain number of zombies be on fire at one time, even if you run a full set through lava not all of them will be set on fire). Later today I will run zombies around the farm entrance where lava/fire doesn't exist to properly test if it will still activate the light. I've only received one person to state that they also get the light, that person hasn't responded with information and I haven't received confirmation in any video or other form. I'm still desperately trying to find atleast one person who might have this activated on their account. If anyone knows of places to post up or anyone that could help spread the information and find others then please feel free to share what you can. I'll be back on later today to update information with my trial and errors and hopefully have another video that I plan on editing if I have the time.
  3. Here's the official video guys! Tranzit Exploding Light Zombies not present on profile switch One again the account that shows the exploding zombies is my main account which I've done countless ee's and hunting throughout the years. The other account is a newer one which doesn't have the light even though it's the same session. Tonight will be data collection and updating the main post (the video took way to long to finish and edit etc). Happy hunting guys!
  4. @anonymousDenizens do explode and emit the light as well if they're on fire and I don't have the galvanuckles. I really didn't know what to think of it at the time and jotted it down but still haven't updated the new things I've tried out because the list slowly gets longer as I play more. All characters have had the light emit so it's not character specific. Currently uploading a video to youtube but at the moment it's at 4% after an hour and it's getting late. In this video I tested out a trial run to glitch test. Logging off of my profile and logging into another account does not produce the lights when playing the new profile. This is a profile specific event! I'm unsure of why it happens but it makes me excited because it's not the console glitching. In the video I start on my profile to show the light then quit and login to the other account to show how they explode regularly. I then log back into my main account and the light emits from the fire zombies again. We have a new Tranzit EE guys!!
  5. Broadening my horizon's for hopefully more people to help out with this or anyone really to reply back a single trial. I have also collected more data and will post it up and update the top when I have the ability to later today. One huge hope I have is the derailed train. It's a stretch but I feel a lot of signs point that way, the trains have 2 "horseshoe" areas on each side of the fog of the power station (exit/entrance?). Also, near both areas there is a section of lava in the fog to use for zombies (they have to be fast, energetic zombies to reach). In addition there is also power symbols on the trains doors and I believe turbines/Avogadro have already been tested out so this is the last "electric/light" mechanic that I can think of to manipulate the area. Regardless of the train debacle I will continue testing other things out as well so it's not a full focus on that. Before it gets posted, I do have a small 5% doubt in my mind that something is simply messed up and it's a visual glitch/error when the zombies explode but I have a few ideas of how to test this further I will try out later. Reddit thread: Light flashes are being activated from exploding zombies! I need your help!
  6. *If you're reading this and own the Tranzit map I ask you to please load the map up for a test run. This light effect happens both on easy and original difficulty and can be done on the first round at the bus depot. Receiving confirmation of other sightings will help eliminate certain theories and even if it's not present, that will also help in the search for information* During my downtime I started to make a list of things to consider or ideas to try, I'll update the main post as well as include the information in this reply. If you know of anything I've left out or have more input on ideas then please post up so that I may include yours. I will also be testing different methods of how to present the data as we test more theories out. My list currently involves checks and X's for things done but I'm unsure if that would be the easiest to interpret on here. Testing of in-game (Tranzit Map) reactions and observations: (+=positive reaction, -= no reaction), (positive reaction=light flash from zombies on fire when killed) - Last Zombie (+) - Power on (+) - Explosive Weapons - Grenades (+) - Symtex - Raygun - Grenade Launcher - RPG - Monkey Bombs - Pack-A-Punch guns - Different Areas - Bus Depot (+) - Diner (+) - Farm (+) - Nacht (no cracks) - Corn Field - Power Station (outside +) - Hunter's Cabin (cracks don't ignite zombies) - Town (+) - PaP area - Bridge Area - Derailed Train - Melee Weapons - Bowie Knife (+) - Zombie Shield (+) - Galvanuckles (-) - Starting knife (+) - Buildables - Auto Turret - Electric Trap - Jet Gun - Zombie Shield (+, listed twice) Desired Observations Besides different ways to kill a zombie it's important to observe the reactions of the environment and items in-game such as - Game Elements - Power poles - Power lines - Lamp Posts - Radio's/t.v.'s - Tower in cornfield - Box Areas - Bank interaction areas - Perk machines -Pap Machine -Teddy Bears - Bus (Front (+), Barricade (+), Inside (- will test further for definitive results) - Bus with plow - Look for common themes around areas that ignite zombies for possible connections/interactions, such as: - Lamp posts - Bus stops - Mystery Box locations Further Ideas and Trials: Here are some of the misc ideas and thoughts I've had and/or tried out - - Characters - Misty (+) - Stu (+) - Rusman - Marlton - Power up's (during duration of power-up or when on the ground) - x2 (+) - Instakill (+) - Perks - Quick Revive (+) - Juggernog (+) - Stamina Up (+) - Derailed Train - Inside "horse shoe" perimeter - Large amounts of fire zombies at once - Avogadro - After release (+) - During peak storm sounds - Avogadro present - During release - Current EE steps - All of Maxis side - All of Richtofen side - All Power symbol locations - Single activation at sites - Multiple zombie kills/activations at site - Multiple site activations at once or in sequences - Activations from multiple people during online/co-op play - Using running zombies to reach places further away from lava - Derailed train - Nacht area - Corn field tower - PaP - Any sort of effect or difference using perma-perks This is by no means a complete list and as I was typing I started to add more than I had written down. If you can confirm any of the above or wish to add something I've left off then please let me know. Even if something has been confirmed it is still useful to receive your information to verify the effect. Side note: I'm interested in the actual animation of the death sequence. After the burst of light it seems to have a tip shoot upwards and also there is the "little ball/orbs" effect like when the avogadro moves around. This could simply be them using the same code over again to save time or a hint for why/how this works. Like the derailed train and other things that have been mentioned in hints (Tweets, interviews, etc), I will go back over the information that has been given with this new element with the Tranzit map (such as " If you go there now something will be up and running...... but stay to the path, dont go hunting ", this could mean they added this element to help with the discovery of more ee's). - Let me go a little further indepth with that last sentence. I don't remember this death animation with the light being present previously (need confirmation on this). That being said, if it was something added in at a later time it might be a clue to help us figure this out since we were all so close but didn't get the right sequence of events or we mistook the exploding zombies for a nuisance instead of a game mechanic meant to unlock something.
  7. What if the light is caused by what you could call "overkill damage"? That would be an interesting theory to test @LocoMofo85. Attempted it but I was past round 10 and unloading the starter pistol clip after clip with no kills lol. Mathematically it would be easy to find that mechanic by determining how many chest shots the zombies take from the starter pistol to kill per round (I'm pretty sure I've ran across data like this in previous years). Using that information and considering it as a percentage, the right damage amount could be found. -The electric trap. I've never seen someone using it, and therefore I call it "useless". Has it, besides the Tower of Babel Easter Egg, any more use? @anonymous, you have my brain stirring with the electric trap. The light -electric like- animation has me interested especially since a lot of the elements in this game involve using electricity in different ways. I'm definitely not dismissing the derailed train, broken bridge, and a lot of the other ideas but will take a lot more research with trial and error. One of the main things we have control over, to try out, involves damage types like you guys have brought up. I have tried galvanuckles while they are on fire but have yet to use all of the weapons and the damage types associated with it, such as: explosive damage (gernades, explosive weapons), Ray gun (though still explosive in a way, may have different effect, All melee types (zombie shield, bowie knife), Buildables (Jet gun, electric trap), PaP Guns, and probably a lot more that aren't popping into my head for damage. There's a lot of different things that have yet to be done (I haven't even tried it with the power on yet). I'm also curious if this is common place for everyone else since no one has reported seeing it yet. I play often and for years so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it but I'm not online so that's a possibility as well. Attempting to get back into the data processing and uploading once again so it's a slow-go. I was able to record a brief video showing the light effect that I see. https://youtu.be/GTNaDlniBgI It's a crap video but it's at least there for people to see. I'll update the top post with your ideas and suggestions.
  8. Quick reply (running around the past 2 days). Thank you guys for your interest and input, lots of good things said I want to respond to properly with detail tonight when I have more time. I will also create a video showcasing the event but will have to go old school with webcam/tv setup. If anyone has a capture card or a better quality video I'll go with yours. Out of time but I'll be back and edit/reply back with more content.
  9. Reaching out to the community to hopefully find previous discussions, testing, and any relevant data. I have been on the hunt to try and find previous information on the exploding zombies and the light they create when they are on fire. For some reason I feel this is a new element to the game (well, newer I should say). In my previous adventures EE hunting I don't recall the zombies that explode producing a light that travels upwards. To recreate what I'm speaking of simply load up Tranzit (original or easy) and once a zombie is on fire it's death will create a light burst. I feel this is new because I can't remember ever trying things out with this game mechanic which I would've used repeatedly at multiple locations knowing me. I also can't find any current information on previous discussions on this or if it was just so common we all dismissed it. (Also: it should be noted my 360 has not been updated in some time and I play local. If relevant, I will update with my current version #) Edit (a.2): Video Evidence of event Here are just some basic trial and error things I've done in the past day or so: - Bus Depot survival map does not have the light animation for exploding zombies - Reaching 250 kills while staying at the Bus Terminal with "exploding light zombies" (I imagine over 200 were correct light kills, revive was bought as well as wall weapons for ammo) - Killing "exploding light zombies" repeatedly under the power pole and power lines around bus depot (power off) - Galvanuckles cancel both explosion from zombies and will stop the light burst from happening - Light from exploding zombies was produced at both Diner and Bus Depot (slow research, I'm getting around to it during down times) Edit (a.2): - Mp4 Wall weapon used, box hit multiple times and M8A1 used to create flash (I will edit with more trial and errors as time goes on or others report findings and can be confirmed.) Things to ponder/ideas: - My hunch is that if the light bursts are newer features then the mechanic of the exploding zombies giving off energy was always there and the light burst was put in as a hint - The light animation seems to flow upwards, this could mean: The energy released is collected above (avagadro summoning mechanic?), The light needs to be absorbed into something (power lines/poles, lampposts, etc) - The light effect or zombies on fire is not part of any ee steps that we have had previously (not to my knowledge, it's been a while) Edit (a.1): - There are a few locations where the powerlines spark once power is turned on, could be of interest to try out at these locations. - Research should be done into previous quotes from twitter, interviews, and other sources with this mechanic in mind. Also, game hints such as the blinking morse code, etc. Edit (a.2): - Light explosion represents "overkill damage" done to zombies while on fire (submitted by LocoMofo85) - Using previous unexplained phenomenon and unused items to create an effect (submitted by Anonymous, see post 2) (I will edit with more as previously stated, any additions by other members will have credit given next to the new information) What do you guys think? It's been a while but this seems like a necessary focus to understand the effects and mechanics of this. I don't believe they would just put this animation in for no reason and especially the narrow specifics of what you need to do for it to activate. I'm unsure of other maps and if they have any effects like this (memory...oh memory). Edit Appendix a.1 - 2 items added in ideas a.2 - 2 items added in ideas, 1 item added in trial/error, video link for evidence
  10. ​Tranzit is the only map with a train correct? Just running through maps in my head and can't think of any others. In reference to #2 there is a lot of different variations on thoughts. My main thoughts is "stay to the path" referencing the audio given EE, Don't go hunting is even more daunting as that's what we've been doing for so damn long. The bridge also just always sticks out to me as a huge flashing sign. The triggering effect of walking or riding over it could be part of something we're missing but there are millions of different ways to theorize that.
  11. Been looking around this forum section for a relevant topic or maybe someone has brought it up before and I'm just not looking hard enough. In town near the stairs to go up for jug there is the room with the repairable window. Several chairs/desks litter inside this room but on the walls are several pieces in frames. One I've noticed is different and don't remember seeing it anywhere else but it's a map of the U.S.A. with some indicating markers/color blobs on it. Been meaning to get a scope on it to actually check it out but that won't be done till this weekend. Pretty sure it's been noticed before and researched, just can't find the relevant information.
  12. Beating the Dead Horse Been doing some experimenting with a new account lately. Most interesting results always tend to be the lack of results for me (ongoing theme lol). Been purposely trying to create orbs etc through this new account which has no ee's done or nav cards etc etc. Always getting absolutely 0 results. Long story short after a month I was happy to see no discoveries or orbs (as weird as that sounds). So for the past week I have been messing with the ee's and other players hosting who have the different sides done. No orb's to speak of besides a few seeing box orbs but luckily lots of ray action. Once again only saw blue rays with rich tower and red rays with maxis tower. Probably will start messing around with ray locations soon involving turbines and EMP gernades like you would do for the ee's to create the lamppost orbs. Might be a mute point though without there actually being orbs activated in there spot from the get go. On the longer path: Decided I need to redo the main post. I will keep the post of course but collapse it into a spoiler for those who want the full read. I've noticed a trend recently in the topics I've read that there is less content and more just posting a few pics and a few lines. Worth a shot to see if this is easier for the masses to absorb. Tempted to start fresh with a new topic post so theres not 3 pages of responses to go through for those who get overwhelmed but that does seem a little insulting to those who have posted on this topic we are in now. My main point I'm trying to get across though is no one person can do this, sure one person can crack a clue but to actually get anything done you will probably need 4 people. The more people I can interest in this and expose to then the better off we are as a community. Any comments or suggestions? Does starting a new topic fresh with a different look sound good or just redo the main post here with something more flashy? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry if this seems less like an actual progress update then just a bloggish post. Always still interested and continue messing around but in truth its a stumper. I can guess anything really but anyone else's idea may be closer to the mark, really no way of telling until hindsight kicks in. I think what bugs me the most is that I feel there are clues out there. Something staring me in the face, so I keep trying to think simple and look at all the details but the more I pull back to look at it all, the more there is to look at lol.
  13. Very nice guide and thank you for the tips. I was a late zombie bloomer and never really got into the older maps till now so seeing write up's like this is always entertaining. Couple of questions since I'm not that familiar with the map yet, what do you feel is the best gun for the long range gunner who is holding back and the best for the one training the zombies? Also what's the best PAP wall weapon in your experience? When I play it is mostly solo but when I play co-op my only option is a very new and inexperienced person (farm round 15 is her highest). She does become very excited when hoping to do high rounds so I'm wondering if I wasn't worried about being fast paced then what's the safest strategy to get to round 20? My first initial thought was near power with the back door closed but that space becomes extremely tight when they start to overrun and two people can't train there safely. Any suggestions?
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    Probably really late in realizing this but do we really have no search bar for guests? Kept trying to find a thread but had to login just to find the search bar lol. Is this something that was done intentionally or for some purpose? Just can't see why guests wouldn't be able to use this function when they're visiting.
  15. Heyo Thuggi, nice to see someone who also has an ever lasting thirst for zombies . It's nice to be able to come back years later and still enjoy a fresh game as if you never left.
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