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  1. ​Tranzit is the only map with a train correct? Just running through maps in my head and can't think of any others. In reference to #2 there is a lot of different variations on thoughts. My main thoughts is "stay to the path" referencing the audio given EE, Don't go hunting is even more daunting as that's what we've been doing for so damn long. The bridge also just always sticks out to me as a huge flashing sign. The triggering effect of walking or riding over it could be part of something we're missing but there are millions of different ways to theorize that.
  2. Been looking around this forum section for a relevant topic or maybe someone has brought it up before and I'm just not looking hard enough. In town near the stairs to go up for jug there is the room with the repairable window. Several chairs/desks litter inside this room but on the walls are several pieces in frames. One I've noticed is different and don't remember seeing it anywhere else but it's a map of the U.S.A. with some indicating markers/color blobs on it. Been meaning to get a scope on it to actually check it out but that won't be done till this weekend. Pretty sure it's been noticed before and researched, just can't find the relevant information.
  3. Beating the Dead Horse Been doing some experimenting with a new account lately. Most interesting results always tend to be the lack of results for me (ongoing theme lol). Been purposely trying to create orbs etc through this new account which has no ee's done or nav cards etc etc. Always getting absolutely 0 results. Long story short after a month I was happy to see no discoveries or orbs (as weird as that sounds). So for the past week I have been messing with the ee's and other players hosting who have the different sides done. No orb's to speak of besides a few seeing box orbs but luckily lots of ray action. Once again only saw blue rays with rich tower and red rays with maxis tower. Probably will start messing around with ray locations soon involving turbines and EMP gernades like you would do for the ee's to create the lamppost orbs. Might be a mute point though without there actually being orbs activated in there spot from the get go. On the longer path: Decided I need to redo the main post. I will keep the post of course but collapse it into a spoiler for those who want the full read. I've noticed a trend recently in the topics I've read that there is less content and more just posting a few pics and a few lines. Worth a shot to see if this is easier for the masses to absorb. Tempted to start fresh with a new topic post so theres not 3 pages of responses to go through for those who get overwhelmed but that does seem a little insulting to those who have posted on this topic we are in now. My main point I'm trying to get across though is no one person can do this, sure one person can crack a clue but to actually get anything done you will probably need 4 people. The more people I can interest in this and expose to then the better off we are as a community. Any comments or suggestions? Does starting a new topic fresh with a different look sound good or just redo the main post here with something more flashy? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry if this seems less like an actual progress update then just a bloggish post. Always still interested and continue messing around but in truth its a stumper. I can guess anything really but anyone else's idea may be closer to the mark, really no way of telling until hindsight kicks in. I think what bugs me the most is that I feel there are clues out there. Something staring me in the face, so I keep trying to think simple and look at all the details but the more I pull back to look at it all, the more there is to look at lol.
  4. Very nice guide and thank you for the tips. I was a late zombie bloomer and never really got into the older maps till now so seeing write up's like this is always entertaining. Couple of questions since I'm not that familiar with the map yet, what do you feel is the best gun for the long range gunner who is holding back and the best for the one training the zombies? Also what's the best PAP wall weapon in your experience? When I play it is mostly solo but when I play co-op my only option is a very new and inexperienced person (farm round 15 is her highest). She does become very excited when hoping to do high rounds so I'm wondering if I wasn't worried about being fast paced then what's the safest strategy to get to round 20? My first initial thought was near power with the back door closed but that space becomes extremely tight when they start to overrun and two people can't train there safely. Any suggestions?
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    Probably really late in realizing this but do we really have no search bar for guests? Kept trying to find a thread but had to login just to find the search bar lol. Is this something that was done intentionally or for some purpose? Just can't see why guests wouldn't be able to use this function when they're visiting.
  6. Heyo Thuggi, nice to see someone who also has an ever lasting thirst for zombies . It's nice to be able to come back years later and still enjoy a fresh game as if you never left.
  7. Found a topic for ya that's heavily discussed involving the quotes you heard and a lot of background/evidence found throughout the maps. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/152447-the-flesh/ @MixMasterNut and a lot of others have put out a lot of information so you should check it out and join the discussion over there. It's still being posted on a lot with the most recent from @PINNAZ.
  8. Origins, Solo EE. Round 15, all staffs upgraded. Run down to the Dig, staff inserted. Snag Lightning staff, running to Thor, thunder rumbles, power flickers, red ring of death.

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    2. PINNAZ


      Ironic. Thor had to have something to do with it!!!

    3. Hells Warrrior
  9. Every character has a "jab" at him about eating flesh so I never understood why they put such a stress on the DieRise opening cinematic about him being paranoid of them finding out. There are a lot of quotes that even stu says himself about eating zombies. Maybe we are looking at it wrong? Maybe in essence he means not them finding out about "eating flesh" but his involvement and position in the "Flesh" organization? Just mind scattering here, we know Marlton is special from the nuketown bunker. Russman has his bit in the buried cinematic with his past government work. so plausible I suppose?
  10. yo yo man! Nice to see you back. Hopefully you've been doing well and we can get back to slaying at some point
  11. I've been brewing this one over ever since @Nemesis_96 posted it. Here's where my mind is going with this. "If you go there now something will be up and running...But stay to the path. Don't go hunting." Breakdown: -"If you go there now" Possible Time issue, EE's in other games have been date/event activated. August 4th was the post, looking for anything that coincides with this. Researched Solstice, equinox, etc. I'm thinking that is a dead end because of the game being world wide. -Important side notes, August 2013 was when the last "New o4" dlc was released for playstation linking those towers together. Did they put in an extra EE that only activated a year after for those hardcore players they love so much to discover? -New map released for Wii-U, "Nuketown has just become available for all consoles and dierise + more dlc to come. http://arcadesushi.com/two-years-late-nuketown-dlc-hits-call-of-duty-black-ops-2-for-wii-u/ -"something will be up and running" -Extremely vague, something previously didn't work or activated so now they have it up and running. *Cough*orbs*cough* (lol sorry). -He is not saying you have to do anything, just that it is up and running. Does not feel like it pertains to a new event that we haven't discovered so far. -"But stay to the path. Don't go hunting" -Path: 1. a way beaten, formed, or trodden by the feet of persons or animals. 2. a narrow walk or way: 3.a route, course, or track along which something moves: 4.a course of action, conduct, or procedure: - The only path that has been given to us is the Achievements with the instructions from Maxis/Richtofen. Anything else is speculation including which map this pertains (excluding the "Bus Path"). If anything I hope this tweet atleast makes everyone do the EE atleast once. We know it's not a race but a marathon so doing them all again might not be such a bad idea.
  12. Wii-U is getting a pump in content. Not sure why there was the wait, only thing that comes into mind is something that wouldn't work they finally fixed the kinks on for this particular console, maybe maps were way overdone for it to handle previously? http://arcadesushi.com/two-years-late-nuketown-dlc-hits-call-of-duty-black-ops-2-for-wii-u/ Extremely excited about this! Could mean a lot of things, what do you guys think?
  13. Dinobot!!! I miss you!! hahaha dude long time no see
  14. Lol that's a little unfair of a line up in my opinion. Technically speaking that's like comparing moon to nacht when one is just the beginning and the other is suppose to be the grand finale. I would do line ups based on types of the maps. Moon-Origins(both final dlcs), Der reise-Die Rise(both easy camp maps), etc etc
  15. Yo Nightmare, it's like I've seen you before but can't remember where . Must be getting like rusman all of a sudden.
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