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  1. A "Conical-Bottom Metal Silo" is what I came to first after searching descriptions. I decided to watch a no-clip video from NiikThatGamingShow to get a full look and he mentions them as "fueling tanks" that are also on the radiation map for COD: Black ops 1. Watched a quick video and sure enough there sitting on that map as well. I know links have been made in the past to other maps so maybe there's something linked either informational or in reference to eachother. I don't think I posses that map but hopefully I can get access to look around (something about radiation and blast doors, sh
  2. I'm back and have done a little bit of running around without much to report. Jetgun, galvanuckles, and certain locations like inside the bus will nullify the animation. I'm unsure if this means that it's being absorbed and is doing something or if it means it's not able to be created that way. Pap guns, all explosives, the rest of the melee, and pretty much anything else will make the effect. One thing I'm unsure if I should post is about the bus and the Avagadro. I tend to enjoy spawning the Avagadro and still try to get my timing down with the storm correctly. That being s
  3. Here's the official video guys! Tranzit Exploding Light Zombies not present on profile switch One again the account that shows the exploding zombies is my main account which I've done countless ee's and hunting throughout the years. The other account is a newer one which doesn't have the light even though it's the same session. Tonight will be data collection and updating the main post (the video took way to long to finish and edit etc). Happy hunting guys!
  4. @anonymousDenizens do explode and emit the light as well if they're on fire and I don't have the galvanuckles. I really didn't know what to think of it at the time and jotted it down but still haven't updated the new things I've tried out because the list slowly gets longer as I play more. All characters have had the light emit so it's not character specific. Currently uploading a video to youtube but at the moment it's at 4% after an hour and it's getting late. In this video I tested out a trial run to glitch test. Logging off of my profile and logging into another account doe
  5. Broadening my horizon's for hopefully more people to help out with this or anyone really to reply back a single trial. I have also collected more data and will post it up and update the top when I have the ability to later today. One huge hope I have is the derailed train. It's a stretch but I feel a lot of signs point that way, the trains have 2 "horseshoe" areas on each side of the fog of the power station (exit/entrance?). Also, near both areas there is a section of lava in the fog to use for zombies (they have to be fast, energetic zombies to reach). In addition there is also power sy
  6. *If you're reading this and own the Tranzit map I ask you to please load the map up for a test run. This light effect happens both on easy and original difficulty and can be done on the first round at the bus depot. Receiving confirmation of other sightings will help eliminate certain theories and even if it's not present, that will also help in the search for information* During my downtime I started to make a list of things to consider or ideas to try, I'll update the main post as well as include the information in this reply. If you know of anything I've left out or have more
  7. What if the light is caused by what you could call "overkill damage"? That would be an interesting theory to test @LocoMofo85. Attempted it but I was past round 10 and unloading the starter pistol clip after clip with no kills lol. Mathematically it would be easy to find that mechanic by determining how many chest shots the zombies take from the starter pistol to kill per round (I'm pretty sure I've ran across data like this in previous years). Using that information and considering it as a percentage, the right damage amount could be found. -The electric trap. I've never s
  8. Quick reply (running around the past 2 days). Thank you guys for your interest and input, lots of good things said I want to respond to properly with detail tonight when I have more time. I will also create a video showcasing the event but will have to go old school with webcam/tv setup. If anyone has a capture card or a better quality video I'll go with yours. Out of time but I'll be back and edit/reply back with more content.
  9. Reaching out to the community to hopefully find previous discussions, testing, and any relevant data. I have been on the hunt to try and find previous information on the exploding zombies and the light they create when they are on fire. For some reason I feel this is a new element to the game (well, newer I should say). In my previous adventures EE hunting I don't recall the zombies that explode producing a light that travels upwards. To recreate what I'm speaking of simply load up Tranzit (original or easy) and once a zombie is on fire it's death will create a light burst. I feel this is
  10. ​Tranzit is the only map with a train correct? Just running through maps in my head and can't think of any others. In reference to #2 there is a lot of different variations on thoughts. My main thoughts is "stay to the path" referencing the audio given EE, Don't go hunting is even more daunting as that's what we've been doing for so damn long. The bridge also just always sticks out to me as a huge flashing sign. The triggering effect of walking or riding over it could be part of something we're missing but there are millions of different ways to theorize that.
  11. Been looking around this forum section for a relevant topic or maybe someone has brought it up before and I'm just not looking hard enough. In town near the stairs to go up for jug there is the room with the repairable window. Several chairs/desks litter inside this room but on the walls are several pieces in frames. One I've noticed is different and don't remember seeing it anywhere else but it's a map of the U.S.A. with some indicating markers/color blobs on it. Been meaning to get a scope on it to actually check it out but that won't be done till this weekend. Pretty sure it's been
  12. Beating the Dead Horse Been doing some experimenting with a new account lately. Most interesting results always tend to be the lack of results for me (ongoing theme lol). Been purposely trying to create orbs etc through this new account which has no ee's done or nav cards etc etc. Always getting absolutely 0 results. Long story short after a month I was happy to see no discoveries or orbs (as weird as that sounds). So for the past week I have been messing with the ee's and other players hosting who have the different sides done. No orb's to speak of besides a few seeing box orb
  13. Picked this title up with my brother yesterday from gamestop. Game is decent so I really wont rant about that, graphics and gameplay is a good cross genre mix with a lot of elements people can find entertaining. Borderlands/Halo/Jedi comes to mind (the good jedi games like battlefront jedis lol). My problem is all the extremely disfunctional decisions that were made after the hard working developers put so much time into it. 1. Right as you're purchasing the game, Gamestop (the most wonderful corporate embodiment of how any game store SHOULD NEVER BE!!!), they insult you by slapping
  14. Very nice guide and thank you for the tips. I was a late zombie bloomer and never really got into the older maps till now so seeing write up's like this is always entertaining. Couple of questions since I'm not that familiar with the map yet, what do you feel is the best gun for the long range gunner who is holding back and the best for the one training the zombies? Also what's the best PAP wall weapon in your experience? When I play it is mostly solo but when I play co-op my only option is a very new and inexperienced person (farm round 15 is her highest). She does become very excited
  15. For those of you that are unawares I bring to your attention a great little fun game. This title and it's predecessor aptly named Call of Mini Zombies has time after time made me come back for more zombie slaying fun. Recent updates and improvements have drastically changed the gameplay as more modes and upgrades have become available. Mixing in Co-op battles, Vs. mode, and daily unlocked special maps I find myself constantly checking in for a round. Stepping back a little so I'm not sounding like an advertisement I just wanted to share with you guys the different aspects and
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