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  1. Ive seen this discussed a lot as well, and in tranzit, it doesnt have a significant purpose. Though id like to bring to attention the stand alone map town. Zombies come from over the ledge by double tap and it is my understanding its from the boarded up church window, thus, the window's significant purpose is for this stand alone map rather than tranzit in general.
  2. after reading the first thread link, the 'shabanga' complex haa made me wonder if this is the tertiary node. how ironic would it b that the nifty 'glitch' would be it. also that theyre using node in the electrical sense and not geometrical meaning this was a bit simpler than it was made out to be. only hard part for testing would be figuring timing not that this is, i always assumed it was just a glitch. just would be ironic
  3. No disrespect at all, but that quote is a random quote when u put down the turbine. Its made a good bit of investigations difficult as its thrown me off as well. We tested turbine drops though n came to this conclusion. Not trying to call you out, ive just seen a lot of people use this quote around the forums and thought it should be brought up. Regardless keep on hunting
  4. I think this is something that should stand out as a fair answer on how to finish this level without dying, because, in the game code there was such things as "cleansed town" and "cleansed farm" the turbines seem to me they would be a necessary component for this, since turbines working would seem to in a sense blow away the fog and toxic clouds. given there is still pits of lave and so forth it would seem unreasonable to just go away, but a likely way for the set up of new game modes to be explained
  5. good bump. i find myself still thinking about the tranzit mystery while playing MOTD. I have to say I'm stumped to the tie ins,though i believe the magazines in tranzit have hinted at each DLC n i think this last one will somehow tie into sailing or water oriented. anyways, back to the topic at hand. rereading this thread the comment about signs saying money and loans caught my eye. each time you withdraw you are charged a fee. could the fee be the loan mentioned? i know a reasonable debate would be that it may point to the fact you can lend players money, but the fee seems a bit more puzzling in an apocalypse to serve no purpose, haha. seeing as all of my former Tranzit EE buds are burned out from the search, i know i still have theories that need testing. anyone need a team? GT Clayt0nBigsby14
  6. The clock hand turned clockwise, not anti-clockwise, on Ascension. The clocks on Tranzit are pretty suspicious, especially since the clocks that say 19:50 and the ones that say 17:10, are actually mirror images of each other, and the hands also formed a triangle, which is one of the themes of the Maxis Easter Egg/Side Quest. Also, having 3 clocks on the map that have the time of 19:50, and 2 with the time of 17:10, made me think that the lone, handless clock in town, would have to somehow be set to 17:10, in order to match up with the other two. Never came to anything, despite endless days spend testing out every possible theory I could think of with my group. Once Die Rise dropped, and I saw the warped clocks on that map, I gave up on the Tranzit clocks, as it became clear, that this was maybe going to be a theme throughout the maps. The thing about the previous Easter Egg steps in the final 4 maps on BO1, is that they were all relatively sensible steps, that made sense with what you were doing. All the steps seems relevant to what you were achieving overall. Tranzit certainly did not feel finished, but now we know we will be going back to Tranzit when we obtain the final Navcard, and until then, I am happy to put Tranzit on the back burner, and wait till that day. i concur, but it seems pointless for the conclusion to just bring you back to tranzit without the ability to do something now. that would be too easy, and the zombie team seemed to almost wet themselves over difficulty of this game`s ee at a game comference (cant recall the specific one, most likely E3). after all, its been comfirmed we havent even found past ee's in waw yet. tranzit`s size allows something like a small button to be damn near impossible to find, like a holy grail. not to mention the complexity of steps in the last game may also apply on a map this size. include buildables, the bus, and the avogadro to give a vast number of possibilities for a perfect sequence of events we've not found. may take months, some Ocarina of Time kinda gameplay. theres two things in the level itself to support my post. the first is the morse code, it shouldnt be either of the doctors because its a stagnant message that occurs no matter which side of the ee you choose. also, the message itself is too specific to carry over to other maps. Second is a radio message from the farrm. a girl cries that the voice stopped talking to her and she doesnt know what to do, i believe this gives a nudge that theres some things we have to find on our own lastly, i think the ee ending and the latest entry from maxis contradict each other. it seems in the entry we were in fact supposed to teleport but the outcome was not successful and of no satisfaction, yet end of the ee doctor maxis seems to be quite pleased. and if his experiment- using only what we've done with the obelisk- wasn't successful, then how is richtofen successful? i dont believe he was. so what are we left with? time. the morse code says in part "the future is ours to destroy" we go to the future in die rise, but what event took us there? the only solid events we havent fully understood are the light beams and the trichotomus system. light is the influence of time. conclusion: shit's not adding up right
  7. Just wanna post this here, but green run is also the first run of an engine after its manufacture/overhaul. N we do have a jet engine
  8. Pardon my ignorance, but what hints about the bar? Asking becuz i always wondered about the pool table against the wall, just doesnt fit. Considering there's no other light for it to go under
  9. i agree n can empathize on the age of this thread. i read and posted on here becuz quantum physics and fringe science is a passion of mine. it has a power source which are frequencies between the earth's moon and venus whose gravitational fields act as magnets and allow the mechanism to function. the black box is basically an antenna to hone in and intercept these frequencies. it is believed the box is made out of solid granite which leedskalnin discovered when studying the giza pyramids. the fascinating part is the crank mechanism he used. this crank was grounded and turned thirty degrees west which creates opposition to the surroundind energy field by introducing an opposite flowing electrical current which is what powers the granite as it is radio-active. the granite then releases this magnetic frequency n thus you have anti-gravity. but this is only half of what's needed for "leaping" as this does not rip the matrix that is space. though science is close.
  10. not to create a flaw in this real life gersche device, but leedskalkin's black box was an anti gravity device using a series of magnetic principals and the natural sonic frequencies of our solar system. more of an all powerful levitation than anything which he stumbled upon when studying the ancient egyptians. though the science involved is merely a half to the mass transference equation. a so called gersche device is real but only a short hand of it for now.
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