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  1. I'm pretty sure the detective is sacrificing his partner Jackie, who probably looked the other way when the detective was taking bribes.
  2. Samantha's voice sounds like shes running out of air and is on low oxygen on the, y'know, Moon. These are some of her last words as she explains what really happened before the O3 were brainwashed? They're running out of air and she tells them their past, sounds like an Easter egg ending, "So, that's what really happened to you guys, you got all the way here and this is where the road ends.".
  3. I agree, it looks exactly like the Balista with no scope.
  4. Thanks a lot, going to fix it now!
  5. The Bigdaddies: They are an armored zombie more or less, but are going to play a bigger role then others, like the one in Die Rise for example, They're definitely going to play a bigger role too, they're not just your run of the mill special zombies, they come with a Dynamic entrance meaning they're not just half-assed put in there, the dynamic entrance being them falling from the sky, also they're controlled by zombies obviously, they also have different types. Relevant pictures: The known and confirmed rooms: When we get the shot of the O4 back against the door we g
  6. I wonder how the easter egg could play out, are we stopping the giant robot explaining why its never seen again, or is it going to involve more time travel. Also, this giant seems to be like a very risky move for Treyarc, for as cool as it is, it seems to have a sole purpose of making the trenches harder to traverse, I'd like the trenches to have Pack-a-Punch at the end or something big. Also re watch the video, when the giant robot is about to stomp you see a plane fly past, so will a lot more be going on as we play the map? Very excited and I hope it gives us a big cliffhanger.
  7. It'd be pretty neat, maybe as a persistent perk for running out of ammo on both guns. I honestly think this would be good as one of those perks near the spawn for it to retain its purpose to guide you around the map showing you the guns and such. But I honestly think its a leftover perk combining 3 uses, Showing the nooks and crannies of the map, giving you point and ammo drops and the Buried easter egg, so it looks like Treyarc are running out of ideas for perks and scrapping up different ideas into one perk so I doubt Treyarc would use it again.
  8. These letters are most definitely the luring of the O3 to group 935 to inject them with 115,'the doctor' referenced in the letter, "The Doctor remains both adament and optomistic that the potential applications for the new found element are worth the associated risks." 'The Doctor' refers to Richtofen, the 'potential applications' are the O3 and the 'New found element' is Element 115. So if we put this info together its saying that Richtofen is certain that the O3 being injected with 115 will work, even with the risks. The risks being death and/or memory loss. This mean the next map wil
  9. your alil late to the party but yes you are correct it the blueprint ISNT the next dlc, you can see the page inbetween. if you go back to NuketownZombies comic page and will notice the staples anybody knows that staples in a comic means, youve reached the middle of the book. so if NTZ was only the middle... :twisted: But heres where I think people don't understand the staples (Sorry to go all PTG on this.) but it doesn't represent the middle of the zombies games or the storyline in my opinion, but it means the connecting of the stories, NTZ connects Blackops and Blac
  10. I don't think many people have noticed what I just realized which could prove this whole blueprint thing to be invalid until the next map. http://i.imgur.com/xDvQebz.png For those who can't view the picture or don't understand what its getting at is there is a page behind buried that ISN'T the blueprint. Sad thing is we're finishing the book but there is something big behind it, which could be a big twist or reveal.
  11. *SPOILERS* I've never played Buried but will be in a few days, I've only watched a lot of gameplay, the reason I'm writing my review now is to see how it changes after I actually play it and get a feel of the map. From the start of the map you can easily tell Treyarc wanted to surprise the player, they wanted some breath-taking and jump-scare-ish moments even for the die-hard zombie fans who analysed this map's trailers back and forth, we can tell this by several reasons. Firstly, the starting area looks nothing like Buried, nor was it shown in any trailers of Buried, so when people
  12. I'm quite confused, are the aether and Agartha the same thing, what is Agartha?
  13. Buried seemed to leave us on a cliffhanger of sorts with the EE, but with two different EE endings I wonder how the next map will continue off both, please comment what you think but here's my two cents. Well first off I think treyarc is two lazy to make two storylines based on your choices on the previous map, especially because they'd have to make a third one for all of those who haven't done the EEs, So I looked at both the endings and they could easily both have one outcome, which is extremely smart on treyarc's side since the two endings are completely different, but this is how they
  14. Hey Guys, as you all should know our second last zombies map pack came out today, it hasn't answered many questions yet but the intro has answered and raised more questions, I'm here to address them! If you all haven't watched the Intro to Buried you should before reading this theory so it makes sense: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4hMKNFoi5I Now there are many interesting points in this intro, firstly, we find out that Russman isn't just some homeless nut-job a lot of us thought he was, taken directly out of the intro hes actually "A former Operative from Broken Arrow.", lets focu
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