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  1. I'm pretty sure the detective is sacrificing his partner Jackie, who probably looked the other way when the detective was taking bribes.
  2. Samantha's voice sounds like shes running out of air and is on low oxygen on the, y'know, Moon. These are some of her last words as she explains what really happened before the O3 were brainwashed? They're running out of air and she tells them their past, sounds like an Easter egg ending, "So, that's what really happened to you guys, you got all the way here and this is where the road ends.".
  3. I agree, it looks exactly like the Balista with no scope.
  4. Thanks a lot, going to fix it now!
  5. The Bigdaddies: They are an armored zombie more or less, but are going to play a bigger role then others, like the one in Die Rise for example, They're definitely going to play a bigger role too, they're not just your run of the mill special zombies, they come with a Dynamic entrance meaning they're not just half-assed put in there, the dynamic entrance being them falling from the sky, also they're controlled by zombies obviously, they also have different types. Relevant pictures: The known and confirmed rooms: When we get the shot of the O4 back against the door we get a peak of a room over Nikolai's shoulder, It looks like a very old church of somesort Then we get a shot of Takeo, which very purposely holds a small piece of evidence, a sign reading Laboratory with an arrow pointing to a door directly next to it, very world at war zombies like. And at the shot of Richtofen we see something very special, some sort of shack/warehouse with a tesla-ish circle above it, it is not the only time we see it in the trailer, we get a better shot but not directly focusing on it, meaning it isn't something treyarc wants to show us yet, but boy does it look special. Maybe the glowing is like a kind of 'Heres your main objective.' kind of thing in the trenches so you don't get lost, theres also a weapon on it so it must be reachable. From the second image below you can see it is very distinctively towering over the trenches as a sort of guide for this maze like section, also a room holding the mystery box that looks creepily like Nacht. Relevant pictures: The M4 Tank: In the trailer we see a tank we can ride through the trenches, and it seems extremely optional and just a mere way of getting through with some risk and reward elements to it, not knowing what the risk is other then zombies trying to board it, It seems to fully fit 4 characters so it won't make the Tranzit mistake with that goddamn bus being to squishy, it seems very cool and I'm looking forward to using it for some Easter Eggs. Relevant pictures: The New Weapons They only really showed 2 weapons off that I could find, everything else was in previous maps, but the 2 they did show off looked really cool to use and aesthetically. Relevant pictures: The Giant Robots: We got some of new shots of the robots and something really interesting about them, firstly them stomping around the whole map is pretty neat and if you look at them closely, there is a turret like object mounted on his head, so if its for show and its just going to shoot at planes thats alright, but will it harbor any other uses and since they're stomping around there was a shot of a development process and it looks like they're was a lot of debris on the map, I think this may be a before and after of the robot stomping around on it, a small kind of destructible environment, only Aesthetically of course. Relevant pictures:
  6. I wonder how the easter egg could play out, are we stopping the giant robot explaining why its never seen again, or is it going to involve more time travel. Also, this giant seems to be like a very risky move for Treyarc, for as cool as it is, it seems to have a sole purpose of making the trenches harder to traverse, I'd like the trenches to have Pack-a-Punch at the end or something big. Also re watch the video, when the giant robot is about to stomp you see a plane fly past, so will a lot more be going on as we play the map? Very excited and I hope it gives us a big cliffhanger.
  7. It'd be pretty neat, maybe as a persistent perk for running out of ammo on both guns. I honestly think this would be good as one of those perks near the spawn for it to retain its purpose to guide you around the map showing you the guns and such. But I honestly think its a leftover perk combining 3 uses, Showing the nooks and crannies of the map, giving you point and ammo drops and the Buried easter egg, so it looks like Treyarc are running out of ideas for perks and scrapping up different ideas into one perk so I doubt Treyarc would use it again.
  8. These letters are most definitely the luring of the O3 to group 935 to inject them with 115,'the doctor' referenced in the letter, "The Doctor remains both adament and optomistic that the potential applications for the new found element are worth the associated risks." 'The Doctor' refers to Richtofen, the 'potential applications' are the O3 and the 'New found element' is Element 115. So if we put this info together its saying that Richtofen is certain that the O3 being injected with 115 will work, even with the risks. The risks being death and/or memory loss. This mean the next map will take place before the O3's memory loss and will explain a lot. "The emperor grows concerned that the barbarians drive for mechanization may soon yield weapons more devastating than the world has ever known. I am honored to act as his trusted agent and will insure that any such weapons are secured for the benefit of Japan..." The Barbarians being the Germans and Group 935, it makes sense. The drive for mechanization is referring to them making the weapons associated with element 115. "It seems beyond doubt that Fritz is up to no good. Air reconnaissance suggests prototype armored weaponry is being tested in Northern France. Scuttlebutt reads like the ramblings of a mad man, strange lights in the sky... a mysterious plague... even giant metal men. I'll be at the site within the week to the learn the truth with my own eyes..." This is most likely Tank, talking about the Germans making 115 weaponry, the strange lights are the communication between group 935 and the Vril, the mysterious plague is the first outbreak of zombies and the.. giant.. metal.. men.., This last part is what got me, at first I thought it was a mis-communication error, since back then all they had were letters people talking about 'The Giant'/'Der Riese' could have been gossiped all the way until its been turned into 'Giant metal men.' instead of a 'Metal Base called The Giant.', but now I still have no idea. Robots in the next map? "It appears my current exile from the motherland may prose tortuous . I have received orders to undertake a vital mission in Northern France. Reports from the area suggest the Kaiser's war machine may be gearing up to unleash something unlike anything we have seen before..." It seems people had trouble translating the 'Prose Tortuous' bit of this and its quite funny since it is the most interesting bit of the letter, (To me it is.). I looked up 'Prose' and still not knowing what it means other than somewhat of a poem, it also said it was used in Russian Literature and tortuous meaning 'full of twists and turns' or 'Excessively lengthy and complex' which both make sense, this is most likely saying him leaving Russia and heading to france will be very Surprising/Hard. Also the Kaiser's war machine, meaning the German Emperor's war machine.. Another reference to Mech and/or robots. This next map is going to interesting. So we're playing BEFORE the O3 were injected with 115 and before they're memory loss? This is exciting.
  9. your alil late to the party but yes you are correct it the blueprint ISNT the next dlc, you can see the page inbetween. if you go back to NuketownZombies comic page and will notice the staples anybody knows that staples in a comic means, youve reached the middle of the book. so if NTZ was only the middle... :twisted: But heres where I think people don't understand the staples (Sorry to go all PTG on this.) but it doesn't represent the middle of the zombies games or the storyline in my opinion, but it means the connecting of the stories, NTZ connects Blackops and Blackops 2, being the middle of the two games, the connecting storyline.
  10. I don't think many people have noticed what I just realized which could prove this whole blueprint thing to be invalid until the next map. http://i.imgur.com/xDvQebz.png For those who can't view the picture or don't understand what its getting at is there is a page behind buried that ISN'T the blueprint. Sad thing is we're finishing the book but there is something big behind it, which could be a big twist or reveal.
  11. *SPOILERS* I've never played Buried but will be in a few days, I've only watched a lot of gameplay, the reason I'm writing my review now is to see how it changes after I actually play it and get a feel of the map. From the start of the map you can easily tell Treyarc wanted to surprise the player, they wanted some breath-taking and jump-scare-ish moments even for the die-hard zombie fans who analysed this map's trailers back and forth, we can tell this by several reasons. Firstly, the starting area looks nothing like Buried, nor was it shown in any trailers of Buried, so when people spawned for the first time, they were surprised and confused because this wasn't buried at all, This causes them to search the starting area, How do they continue forward in the map. When they search the map, the two who are on the side of the starting area that has the stairs to the LSAT will most likely go outside on the far end of their side of the starting area to traverse this area, revealing a giant hole in the ground in the distance, the sheer size of this thing is what brings the shock and awe, then when they do fall down to the 'Buried' area, they slide down a long hole, the final surprise until they are truly Buried. This is what you can tell Treyarc truly worked on, but why would they want to surprise the player so much? I'll save this answer for last.. The rest of the town area is really well made and feels real and natural, but how will they fit this tone of a western town? What will complement the map in a subtle but nice way. Well, everything. The sounds between rounds and when Easter Egg steps are completed send shivers down my spine, the new HUD gives you a real Gunslinger feel, they really give the feel of 'This map is abandoned' by letting you go through the desolated mine shafts and jumped on the roofs of the buildings and traversing them by dropping through little cracks and holes in them to get to different areas. Each placement of each perk and not to mention PaP was perfect, giving the small touch of Risk = Reward, which is very prevalent in the PaP placement, with having to traverse a ghost ridden house which take an amount of your points as you pass though it, the house is very creepy and personal, it feels like you're entering a forbidden place, somewhere you're not supposed to be, it is a very creepy toned experience travelling through that mansion. The maze is very hectic afterwards but you are never confused of your goal in the Maze as the Gazebo towers partly above the walls as a marker of where you need to go. That can go for the rest of the map too, the goals are very visible, from start to finish. Without spoiling anything the Easter Egg ending is quite nice, but the Grand Easter Egg ending is what everything from the past map has been leading up to, it practically ends the N4 characters and the payoff for it is extrememly powerful, and the twists are very confusing and surprising. But why, why would Treyarc go all out on this map, theres still one more to go.. Isn't there? Well if I am correct, most people have been guessing that the Original Zombies Creators are making the final map, my guess is MOTD was a test of sorts. So this IS the last map for Treyarc, they won't be creating the next one so they better go all out on this, because this'll be they're last one in a looong time, or.. maybe, their last map ever. Summary, good map, the Easter Egg is great, the feel of the map and the tones and themes are very much there and feel great, the subtle things make the map so good, from the sounds to our 'little' helper who I haven't mentioned in this because I have yet to see how useful he is to me when I play, if this treyarc's last map, they did it well... 9/10
  12. I'm quite confused, are the aether and Agartha the same thing, what is Agartha?
  13. Buried seemed to leave us on a cliffhanger of sorts with the EE, but with two different EE endings I wonder how the next map will continue off both, please comment what you think but here's my two cents. Well first off I think treyarc is two lazy to make two storylines based on your choices on the previous map, especially because they'd have to make a third one for all of those who haven't done the EEs, So I looked at both the endings and they could easily both have one outcome, which is extremely smart on treyarc's side since the two endings are completely different, but this is how they could combine. On Richtofen's ending, he went into Samuel's body, In maxis' ending Maxis says he will give Richtofen a physical body, (Samuel's), so they can combine the stories to both make sense regardless of which ending you picked. *Edit* After watching some more videos, I have to come to the conclusion. We are done with the N4 Characters, we are also done with Richtofen and Maxis too.
  14. Hey Guys, as you all should know our second last zombies map pack came out today, it hasn't answered many questions yet but the intro has answered and raised more questions, I'm here to address them! If you all haven't watched the Intro to Buried you should before reading this theory so it makes sense: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4hMKNFoi5I Now there are many interesting points in this intro, firstly, we find out that Russman isn't just some homeless nut-job a lot of us thought he was, taken directly out of the intro hes actually "A former Operative from Broken Arrow.", lets focus on this very statement for awhile. When it says former operative it shows Russman outside the building, presumably the Broken Arrow HQ with boxes beside him, just like a very cliche scene of someone being fired, I've googled broken arrow and went to the Wikipedia, there were multiple things such as movies and songs, but these two stuck out. Broken Arrow (nuclear), a nuclear incident which is an accidental event that involves nuclear weapons, warheads or components but which does not create the risk of nuclear war. Broken Arrow, a distress signal used in the US military to call in all available close air support aircraft to deliver air strikes in an area where US and allied forces are (or are in danger of) being overrun by the enemy. It was primarily used in the Vietnam War. I feel the first definition is very relevant to the situation, because not only did he say he worked for 'Broken Arrow', Marlton also stated something about an incident, which is EXACTLY what a 'Broken Arrow' is, a Nuclear accident which doesn't threat Nuclear war, So maybe Russman caused one of these Nuclear accidents, I'll list a few examples that I found: Accidental or unexplained nuclear detonation. Non-nuclear detonation or burning of a nuclear weapon. Radioactive contamination. Loss in transit of nuclear asset with or without its carrying vehicle. Jettisoning of a nuclear weapon or nuclear component. Public hazard, actual or implied. The main ones that caught my attention were Radioactive Contamination and Accidental or Unexplained detonation. Radioactive Contamination: Russman could have worked with some Radioactive chemicals when he worked for Broken Arrow, maybe the accident was him colliding with some radioactive explosion, I remember seeing videos of nuclear testing grounds, where they'd detonate nuclear bombs and when it was over they'd go out into the grounds and check the damage out, this was in the late 1900's, so when the people who worked there got older, around the 2000's the radioactive effects kicked in, giving them numerous problems and diseases, such as cancers. Maybe this is what happened to Russman, him working with the Broken Arrow caused him to be contaminated, which has only now began to affect him, giving him severe memory loss, Alzheimer's and many other problems, sending him practically crazy, explaining why hes like this Accidental or Unexplained detonation:This could make sense of The explosion in Nuketown, Broken Arrow may have caused this explosion, I know that it was caused by Richtofen and Maxis playing with the scientist's minds, said in a radio in tranzit, so maybe that was the 'Unexplained detonation.' the scientists going mad and causing it to detonate. So maybe Russman had something to do with Nuketown Zombies and so did Marlton, connecting them two and maybe explaining why they hate each other. Directly after this, Russman is beginning to recover his memory, saying "A Town?" meaning 'Town' off Tranzit, followed by Marlton stating "That's where you found us!" and most importantly followed by a picture of Marlton and Misty shooting Zombies, the Bus stopping revealing Samuel to be in it, followed by a statement by Misty saying "When we meet, you already had your lapdog in toe." meaning "We we met, you already had Samuel with you/Under your orders." so this confirms that: 1. The N4 Met in Tranzit. 2. Marlton and Misty met up before meeting with Samuel and Russman and same for the older two. Then afterwards Samuel states hes the only one that knows whats going on, then Russman argues that Samuel only does what The German (Richtofen) tells him to, Marlton says something to the lines of: "You can't judge him Russman, particularly given your own proclivities." I have highlighted this statement because it is extremely interesting, I shrugged it off the first time watching but the word proclivities means this: proclivities plural of pro·cliv·i·ty: A tendency to choose or do something regularly. This means Marlton is saying "You can't judge Samuel for following the German when you're often doing other objectives." The something he regularly does that Marlton is referring to can come down to this: 1. Following the orders of Maxis. 2. Leading the group to locations just like the beginning of the Video, where he is leading them to the rift. A lot of this points to Russman being the leader of the group, knowing more than the others do. The Rift After Misty gives her motivational speech to the group Russman says something about the Rift being less than one day's travel, than a important looking meteor falls from the sky, causing a glow to pulse near the starting area of Buried. Like so: http://imgur.com/a/aUj7R If that is the rift like many have been saying, this is what it looks like on the map, up close: http://i.imgur.com/U3CU6Ea.jpg So if that is the Rift, the final easter egg should do something with it, is it finally time to "Mend the rift.", If this is the rift, why is it so important and why has it only just appeared at the beginning of the cutscene and finally, how does Russman know where and what it is? This is my first medium sized analysis so I doubt it will come to CoDz's standards of an Analysis, If anyone has made a bigger analysis that expands on alot of this I'll be glad to put it in the post, right down below. Continued: ________________
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