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"New route announcement engaged"


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Wow...I have never heard that before. It's strange too, because the audio files have been endlessly searched through but nothing has been brought to light of said announcement. If this is true, then the next location would be someplace that has a bus depot as well similar to Green Run's. Interestingly great find friendo! :D

The only thing is, he doesn't explain how it happened. He is unsure of it himself, but all he knows is that it occurred and caught him off guard. But new route to where? It couldn't have been Die Rise; there doesn't seem to be any bus depot of the sort anywhere in the sneak preview. Even if there were, remember that we'll be dealing with a vertical map this time instead of an expanded horizontal landscape.

If we knew what triggered the Bus Driver's quote, I think we'll be set until the new DLC arrives.

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I heard him say "Now stopping at (some station)" and we were driving. So he just randomly said that quote.

Can't say this is something like that since he says it only on the bus station.

But after that he doesen't drive to new stuff.

"New route Announcment engaged..." could mean he is not going somewhere, but he still says "now approaching.." but he is going at dinner. That might be dinner.

But he still says its a new route, but its not :o

Also you both had 10 000 points and Jimmy said "It might be points, or whatever you call them." But the part about waiting idk about...

Maybe if navcard is placed exactly as he says that he will take you to the new place, it might work? Thought nothing worked so i don't think this will.

Pretty awesome video thought. Its pretty weird, quotes match up, i never heard the quotes before. Great work. :D

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I've never heard him say this before..


I couldn't hear the end of the quote. After saying that he says something like "now approaching consolidated...."

Nice find !


I found the quote I was referring to "New-route announcement engaged, now approaching Consolidated Coach Corporation Bus Depot."

My guess is that this quote has nothing to do with a new bus, new bus route or DLCs. Since the Bus Driver's navigation spftware was damaged by the nukes his GPS system is broken and that new route is the one we are used to while playing TranZit.

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I couldn't hear the end of the quote. After saying that he says something like "now approaching consolidated...."

"Now approaching Consolidated Coach Corporation Bus Depot."

Thanks for clearing that out for me. I guess by the time you were posting I was editing mine.

Thanks again bro !

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I couldn't watch the whole 42 minutes.. But from the sounds of what you guys are saying, that quote is said as they pull up to the diner correct? If so, the reason is that the normal bus route goes up BEHIND the diner, the big road you can see from the top of it. Due to the debris / fallout, the bus reroutes to it's current route, with the farm being the next stop, instead of whatever is up past the diner (nothing technically, as IMHO it's intended to run the route it does).

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I beleive when she says that sounds interesting is when you unlocked the steel barricades persisten upgrade.

Nice find though bub, keep it up. Knew it would take a christmas noob! :)

I agree. Hear this whenever a earnable perk is gotten. Probably the barricades.

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I played with this guy earlier today to verify. He does infact start saying the places correctly after riding a full route around on the bus. He also seems to only say the key "Bus Route" sentence as you arrive back into the Bus Dept.

I started a solo game and emp'd a zombie around round 20 on the bus with me. We rode around atleast 5 full circles and he would keep saying the correct names of the places most of the time. He also starts mentioning more about the undead, zombies, and dying of sorts.

When I played the game with the Youtube video creator, I had Maxis done. I helped him get Richtofen done so mine reset also. In both the SOLO and Multiplyer games, i did not see anything different at all besides different bus driver quotes. The table still does not work. I also have a Maxed out bank.

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Then what I think it most likely is the bus route around Tranzit has been engaged. When you are going to the diner the driver say error and changes route, then it does a full loop. And now the route is known, so the announcer says that the new route has been engaged.

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