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  1. So can anyone fully explain the purpose of the NAV Tables and NAV Cards? We all kept waiting did all the easter eggs, and kept waiting... Still have no idea if this is over.
  2. Simple Jack! The best I have heard so far. Love Tropic Thunder!
  3. So does the ending on "The Mob of the Dead" change any of you, "know it all's" perception on the possibility of an ending to zombies. Now they have done it, They have an ending without all of us dying...
  4. Do you know why? Is there a purpose for it?
  5. Has anyone noticed that your perks will cycle order of purchase? In past games perks would remain in order of purchase. Example; Jug, Doubletap, Speed, Deadshot. Then a few rounds later it will be; deadshot, Jug, Doubletap, Speed... Anyone notice why or when it does this.
  6. It is more likely that you are receiving the points based upon the amount of damage you are inflicting on the "Boss." Like each shoot is ten pts combined up to the amount of damage the "Boss" takes to kill. Or something to that effect...
  7. This is how google translated it... "Read it before you start planning a bow rutruriam. Integer parameters members Thursday. As buyer's market and any corpept arrows at that time course. Add to My very thing, always soft basketball needs, of the crime to the masters. Read more pain, no fear here."
  8. You sir are an idiot. When looking at a document that has a Date, why would you assume they grabbed a blank sheet of paper, that was only dated at the top??? You are the type of person that can be told the sky is blue, and you would argue that fact, because you are a moron.
  9. Another tax burden on the actual tax payers... I am certain that you invested that money instead of running out and blowing it, Right?
  10. So when do you get your paycheck...
  11. Great point. Did not think of that!
  12. Thats great unless you have all guns packed.....
  13. First off, I love the new Die Rise map. That being said the Who's Who Perk is very aggrivating!!! It glitches so much. Sometimes you I lose my guns even though I had Mule Kick; sometimes I am unable to melee with Knuckles even when purchasing them again. To many to list here. Please someone in the Zombie team read this and please fix!
  14. Punctuation is very helpful!!! :evil:
  15. Have not played tranzit since the release of Die Rise. Went into my bank last night and found that I was down about 10,000 pts. Took out 3000 for the bowie and was able to put back 13,000. I know that it was maxed the last time I played. FYI
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