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  1. You are not going to get into the upper 40's and 50+ without using the Jetgun. Unless you get super lucky and spawn alot of max ammo's each round. I find that most guns (Even PaP'd LMG's) lose their effectiveness in the low 40's. The shield is also terrible in the later rounds. It is good in protecting your back from hits and reviving a friend, but it takes 2 hits in the 20's, and 3-4+ hits in the 30-40's to kill zombies. Your shield will easily break and you will be stuck with a large horde on you. Not a very good strategy to use it offensively in the high rounds.
  2. I played with this guy earlier today to verify. He does infact start saying the places correctly after riding a full route around on the bus. He also seems to only say the key "Bus Route" sentence as you arrive back into the Bus Dept. I started a solo game and emp'd a zombie around round 20 on the bus with me. We rode around atleast 5 full circles and he would keep saying the correct names of the places most of the time. He also starts mentioning more about the undead, zombies, and dying of sorts. When I played the game with the Youtube video creator, I had Maxis done. I helped him get Richtofen done so mine reset also. In both the SOLO and Multiplyer games, i did not see anything different at all besides different bus driver quotes. The table still does not work. I also have a Maxed out bank.
  3. I agree. I have had the slow moving ones sometimes screw me to some extent when zombie training in certain areas. All the fast ones will follow quickly, but the slow ones will end up not following your movements and sometimes block your path.
  4. The only downside of Easy mode is your inability to do the Easter egg. I guess you could also say it doesn't count twords Leaderboards (Actual maximum rounds on a map) also, but no custom games do anyway. You can bank money, get your personal leaderboards up (Kills, Perks, Grenade kills, etc) up, get your K/D up, and even RANK UP. Yes you can rank all the way to shotguns playing nothing but easy. Honestly the only thing I notice in easy that is different is the speed in which they run, and the round they actually start running at you. Good for more relaxing gameplay rounds 10 and below for newer people, and easier in high rounds due to a speed cap when they run at you.
  5. Insta-kill is by far their best use, other than making a crawler. Grenade blast radius is HUGE! It may seem like crap at the higher levels, but it can clear a FULL train no problems with insta-kill. Predicatable placement and quick countdown make it a must in any good arsenal.
  6. Everything will complete and save, as long as you are on Original setting in custom game (Won't let you do the EE in Easy anyway). The only bonus of doing it in Public game VS Custom is Leaderboards.
  7. Are we so sure this isn't prior to Tranzit? Perhaps they somehow meet Marlton @ Green Run. Could be a prequel to Tranzit vs a continuation.
  8. I agree, Jetgun was held alot longer when you had Tombstone.
  9. If I am getting most/alot of kills in a grief game I usually opt for galv knuckles as a first buy, second only to maybe an MP5. The galvaknuckles not only allow you to ninja/steal alot of kills up to round 14, but allows to you almost freeze enemy's when they are up close and personal to a zombie. The hits are so fast that they have a hard time moving. My best tactics are usually hanging out in the wall holes of both the Bar and Appartment where you drop out. I crouch and prevent them from knocking me off. When zombies gather and drop from the ceilings and windows, I can usually keep mass pressure on the enemy team if they are up there with me..Basically forcing them into the zombies and stopping them from running. Takes a bit of practice, but pretty much amazing tactic.
  10. You can still 1 hit kill the denizens with the Bowie knife, but you need to quickly turn around and hit it in the air. I do it all the time. Takes 4 hits to kill the Avogadro with the Bowie knife. Also 4 hits of the Zombie Shield will also kill him.
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