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  1. Does anyone know what you have to do, to get the giants to free samantha. We have the airstrike and activated the firing thing in each of the giants. We assume we have to use the airstrike to destroy seal or on the giants but no idea how.
  2. We got all the staffs upgraded now except the fire one. This what happens in the bottom of the pack a punch. Edit* I'm going to sleep now i'll be up in 7-8 hours, so i'll reply to anything then
  3. I'm not the one recording but i'll try and get my friend to get it, may take a few minutes hes taking a break.
  4. we got it completely by chance we span is like 4 times and we got it
  5. Just an update we got the air staff up on the alter below we think we nearly got the ultimate staffs https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BSt2HBiCUAAm47H.png:large
  6. Me and my group have manage to place two staff's in the the alter room below, we are unsure what to do with the fire and the air staff's any help would be appreciated. This is the electric one. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BStnU2tCAAAWrM7.png:large If anyone has any idea on the other two we would love you Edit* This is the ice one https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BStuWF6CcAAfvcc.png:large
  7. There are two different kinds of MP40's. http://youtu.be/8_bhQM97Jw4?t=2m He buys a MP40 off the wall and its just called MP40 http://youtu.be/8_bhQM97Jw4?t=5m34s Here he gets one from the box and its called MP40 Adjustable Stock
  8. This is something I have been discussing with my friend over past few days. I have been thinking it's likely that we might be able to build the Wunderwaffle in this map. I think this because of how there is the Stg in this map which was what the Wunderwaffle in real life was a modified version of. And now we know that one of the staffs is electricity thanks to the achievement pictures. So Maybe we combine the electric staff with the Stg. I made this in paint. http://i.imgur.com/vZHyGzZ.jpg (I don't know how to input an image) To me it looks like them bits circled are the same. Anyway I would just like to here your guys views on this.
  9. The only way I know is by getting either to round 15 or past it, can't quite remember.
  10. Just thought I would mention that its coming out 10-11Am GMT+0 so its easy for everyone in other countries to work out the times around that.
  11. Im happy to try and help with the easter eggs, I can try daily but you have to msg me over skype when your online, as I generally don't go online when I haven't got anyone to play with. Gamertag :Can 4s Skype: can4s_
  12. Ive had the orb on the tower near the top. http://youtu.be/-WJnPIwnsAs (sorry no clue how to embed the video) The side you are looking from is from the power.
  13. Then what I think it most likely is the bus route around Tranzit has been engaged. When you are going to the diner the driver say error and changes route, then it does a full loop. And now the route is known, so the announcer says that the new route has been engaged.
  14. I meant the ones at the dinner. I was an idiot and forgot to put it in. Ill try and find a link to the vid i saw which had them non see through and ill edit it in.
  15. I did looked into this and assumed that Avogadro Constant was the X in the X/2 me sign in tunnel. I took me as the me as the electron rest mass as thats what the symbol is for it. This equaled 2.74211 x10 to the power of -7. Not sure if that could mean anything but i worked that out a few weeks ago
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