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  1. I beleive when she says that sounds interesting is when you unlocked the steel barricades persisten upgrade. Nice find though bub, keep it up. Knew it would take a christmas noob! :)
  2. You lose revive the first time you fail to start a revive and finish it. I've lost it twice and paid attention both times.
  3. Stickies tend to down me more often then redular. I will get an insta then horde them up to throw a sticky. More than one time the insta would wear off, the sticky is stuck to the leading zombie so I throw all of them I have to try and kill them but the stuck zombies end up killing me. The most annoying death you can get. Turns them into player monkey bombs. lol I def try and make it a point to not stick them anymore. I guess it balances being able to pick up someone elses nade.
  4. what....??? nothing on this post makes sense, except that you have the most views on cod tv.
  5. Or you can assume it is unlockable. I can safely assume that on Jan 29th when i download the dlc and diner isnt unlocked that the EE def continues. I dont it will be just available on diner, and not the new map packs. They picked it for a reason, thats for sure.
  6. flopper has to be back... talks about playing vertically which means falling damage.
  7. theres a bluish orb like that in the windows downstairs at power if i remember right. You can't break that glass though.
  8. there are four telephone poles that when you look at them in theater mode they have no wires but in tranzit they have wires. After you turn the power on there is one hanging wire that sparks like it needs power. There is one at the bus depot, at diner, farm and town. If looking at the front of dept it is on the left. It is back by the claymore barn at farm, by the rare book store at town and it is by the shed at diner.
  9. watch the end of the vid. It looks completely diff.
  10. 5 zombie max. It was round 29 before the one guy backed out and i was still getting 5 kills with one bullet. Use the iron sights, get a train goin, ads and as youre walking backwards you an watch all of them line up and pull the trigger. You need double tap bc that will increase fire rate so it isnt soo slow.
  11. u have to be on the broken glass to get the light to shine at laundry. Also there is only broken glass at the same places as the clocks.
  12. whheres the half pic on the right?
  13. Have you ever thought that joining a forum would include reading the page full of threads before starting another one? Scroll 6 inches down and you will find 10 other threads saying the same thing.
  14. So... why on earth would you CHOOSE to train in the fog? I could think of at least 5 better places.
  15. Yeah I've heard it before also. Just a randon one liner.
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