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Live Action trailer on Wednesday?

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So I've looked at the picture a few times now and I'm not certain that it's live action at all.

I agree.

And I don't think that we will see a live action trailer next week.

Next week is gameplay time.

A live action trailer wil be released as a launch trailer,that is my guess.

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I hope it's not a zombie labs trailer, because if it is then there will be like 4 minutes of corny jokes about killing zombies in an upbeat fashion and then maybe 15 seconds of the new easter egg song (or an old one) will begin to play while we watch like 10 seconds of gameplay. that's not what I wanna see, I want a FULL gameplay trailer, not a zombie labs one. gameplay first, zombie labs later (maybe near launch)


You've got it right too jimirmixes.

Also I didn't like that in zombie labs they showed exactly what the wave gun did. It kinda spoiled it. I said this somewhere else, but if they show anything about wonder weapons it should only be a glimpse of the gun itself, and not it's name or what it does.

we could be like "the gun is a cylinder... It's black.., it's pretty big... DAMNIT TREYARCH WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?" That's pretty much what we do now anyway. :mrgreen:

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That statue in the background....where is it from...I feel I've seen it before in a picture or something...

Here it is zoomed in:

I too am sure that I've seen this before but annoyingly I have no idea where. It wouldn't be there if it didn't mean something...

I also agree with Electric Jesus agreeing with Ziggy. The game should really come Wednesday but that image looks as if CODZL will happen again at some point but it doesn't have to take up the whole trailer, it could be near the end or something.

Also it does make sense that if CODZL started at the end of moon they would take it through in some shape or form.


That structure behind the statue...

it looks like the Washington Monument.

Would that make the statue the George Washington statue?

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