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  1. I saw that lol. I don't know why they would advertise gameplay as if it was coming out tonight haha :/ wompp.
  2. From CharlieIntel, We might get some footage before release. We don't know if he will upload tonight, tomorrow, or after release...but just in case. We recorded tons of video of the Peacekeeper on the new maps plus Zombie Die Rise footage! It'll be on the site soon! http://twitpic.com/byurhp 12:42 AM - 28 Jan 13
  3. When you look up the coordinates that he says, it comes up as Southern Nevada. Interesting thing is, when you research further, it shows that their have been a significant earthquake in the past in that location, the exact location. See for yourselves. It could be nothing, but it could be something. Link: http://books.google.com/books?id=pQElAQ ... ST&f=false The coordinates are the first on the right column. UPDATE: Also if u put in the coordinates on google maps, you get southern Nevada, near a wildlife range...so its pretty much confirmed that they are somewhere in Nevada. https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=37 ... CAUQ_AUoAA
  4. I've heard people say that its available, but just want to be sure before i tell all my friends to come over and play lol.
  5. I thought those were two houses two lol, but it looks like its just like row houses to me, and I feel like Nuketown Zombies would be seperate, just my 2 cents
  6. Is it me or does the girl look different from the trailer and the poster. OBVIOUSLY there the same person but I noticed that her hair seems let down in the poster, her pants look like skinny jeans, and her hat I believe does not sat 1221 in the trailer. What do you guys think? Oh and, her face looks very different.
  7. It was gone for the longest, maybe they plan or releasing it afterwards cause last time I check b4 the trailer was released it was gone...shrugs well its back up agian :)
  8. Yeah he just posted 11m David Vonderhaar ‏@DavidVonderhaar I hear the chant of Zombies. But it's just not loud enough to press the button. Collapse Reply Retweeted Favorite
  9. check charlieintel.com they have a countdown on the sidebar. If 1 or 1:15 is corrects, its coming out around 1 in the U.S, 7:00 in France and Germany, and 6:00 BST in England, now, if you guys live in any other cities, here is a time converter....http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
  10. @Leftoverzombie either would be fine, but if you're subscribed to them on callofduty youtube then you won't have to keep checking callofduty's website. :)
  11. Yeah I agree with Electric Jesus, because if you look on the uploads playlist, there isn't a private video anymore. So either we see that in the Reveal, or they just decided not to.
  12. Great Find! I also wonder, I hope that one of them is just another audio, and one is like another video teaser or something, but either way I'd be happy.
  13. I expect a pure gameplay trailer, showing mostly the map/maps that come on the starting disc. I would also like to see a sneak of the new wonder weapons and ALL OF THE CHARACTERS. I really want to know who the girl on the poster is, and I know she is a playable character, Mark Lamia said so in an ameatur interview at Gamescom. I'm really looking forward to it.
  14. He doesn't work there, we know that. He's a programmer and went to test zombies, and im pretty sure its true, cause if you look at his tweets, Treyarch has retweeted some, and him and Jimmy had a brief conversation, I believe. Plus If it were not true, Treyarch would have said something.

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