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Zombies release countdown and DLC news.

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7 days... wow. This thread has reminded me how quick time flies... I remember when it would say 60 days remaining, then like a picture to make my mouth water. Now, it's 7 days remaining with multiple videos, screenshots, information articles, etc. Kudos to you punkrockzombie and anyone on the forum that aided him in making this super thread. To anyone having anxiety problems due to the hype this game has generated, I'm there with you and let's go through this week as normal as possible, shall we?

P.S Nice link Ashtito (you know, to stay half on topic :lol: )

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..i quite like this cool short movie...dont know if you have seen it yet...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nsatf1 ... ure=fvwrel

That was freaking awesome. Like I can't even express with words.

I like this video for live action zombie's. This one is more true to the gameplay while that one was more cinematic. Honestly I like yours better but I just felt the need to share this:


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All Aboard!

That picture was uploaded to Facebook 2 hours ago & has nearly 22,000 likes & 800 comments. 56,740 likes, 1470 comments. Theres going to be a lot of Zomb-bitches being Slayed! :twisted:

The stats will probably track how many have been slaughted worldwide too.

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Quick note i just noticed my spoiler sections are really uneven regarding the amount of days in each one....

Will update this when the games out and i get a chance or on Monday night before i go get the game...

Also wanted to add i am gonna do an un-boxing of the care package and stick on my channel as a kind of woo the game is finally here will embed the video into the post, just wondered on your thoughts on this guys and gals :D

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This was Emailed to me - What's Your Gameplan

Game Day is 11/13. Only 3 days left to pre-order and get the Nuketown 2025 bonus map and access to Double XP 11/16-11/18.

You're vulnerable when distracted by hunger.

• Familiarize yourself with the new Pick 10 Create-a-Class system.

• Zombies! Nothing to do here but get excited.

• Prepare your clan for battle or join one.

• Pre-order a Season Pass to get 4 DLC map packs.

If you're planning on calling in sick, start complaining about feeling run-down now.

Throw in a cough or two around your boss. Don't overdo it.

You may want to start being extra nice now, and a small gift couldn't hurt.

When it's time to play, remember to hydrate, sleep and take plenty of breaks. And stretch – you don't want to pull a hammy when you celebrate a Scorestreak.

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