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  1. Agreed! Feels like a cool mix of Mob of the Dead with Bioshock. Love that the UI and presentation feels somewhat familiar but new and fresh- appropriate for our new generation of zombies!
  2. Its great getting an insight into game development. Looking forward to this also
  3. I really like this map but not suprised it gets forgotten about. What do u expect when Treyarch didnt make this freely available to everyone initially and then released it at staggered times due to xbox exclusivity and season pass holders.
  4. I like the way you think. It would add lots of replayabilityby being able to do character specific EEs.
  5. 100% against this. Encouraging people to quit just to get their little emblem picture is poor form.
  6. Im keen to do Maxis EE (2 player) add my PSN: kea83 cheers!
  7. Interesting! Ive never heard of this... Hopefully someone can fill us in?
  8. I agree with Richtofen above- dont stress about rank and enjoy the game
  9. With buildables that means it will be a TranZit map and hopefully have survival variants too
  10. I havent seen this answered anywhere yet, can you complete the tasks for the earnables in online custom games (with no settings changed?) or in solo? Or does it have to be online multiplayer? Cheers
  11. Ive only played grief mode a few times but all these new tactics make me wanna try them out :lol:
  12. Literally invincible means that no amount of bullets will kill them. Not even billions of bullets on a single zombie. WRONG. They may feel 'invincible' to you but they can be killed even in the >50 rounds you referred to- but yes they do become bullet sponges.
  13. Have to say that I was hoping for Parkway Drive's "Carrion" instead of this song.
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