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  1. "Okay so i was playing and i heard the building get destroyed but i was walking backwards shooting zombies and i fell down the hole and died :cry: " Hahahahahah i cant wait to really do that when the map comes out :lol:
  2. If your playing on a ps3 or 360 it isnt because of the game engine, its because both the consoles are outdated so its abit hard to handle, another reason why treyarch threw in so much fog was obviously because of the moon easter egg but also because both the consoles wouldnt be able to handle it. As soon as the "720" and "ps4" come out next year this wont happen cause they will be updated and just as good as a good gaming pc :)
  3. So your saying lets not play the actually game and run around on round 1 the whole time ? hmmmmm sounds boring :lol:
  4. Dammit, im xbox :/ ohwell thanks anyway, hopefully i'll figure it out soon (:
  5. thanks but where do i found the place to enter it ?
  6. Hey good job man for the pics, but i got a question, how do you redeem your code on the token ? it wont work for me :(
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An-QhohC ... re=g-all-u sgtfrankwoods does part 2 of who's that lady (: EDIT: jookeees i posted that link beofre i watched the video, just watched it then and it's just him being funny ;)
  8. Oops yeah I ment JZ, sorry I was in a rush cause my teacher would have gone ape shit on me if she caught me on my iPod. Anyways it sucks how there hasn't been any good news lately :'(
  9. Mark lamia posted something on his twitter to do with zombies or a zombie planet or something ? Sorry I didn't get a chance to watch it cause I'm at school and they blocked twitter -.- anyway go have a look and see if it's something significant -Ashtito
  10. Yeah i totally agree with this idea because i pretty much said the exact same thing here viewtopic.php?f=100&t=24310&start=30 Except your idea was a little bit different to mine but what im guessing is that its a death "checkpoint" so you purchase a tombstone and when you die you will spawn there :)
  11. Well i havent posted on this forum in awhile but with all this information coming up i just cant resist :twisted: My intake on this "tombstone" and that its obviously not a perk, i think because the map is so freaking huge that theres going to be a few of these "tombstones" all around the map and if you purchase one its going to be like a checkpoint. e.g: you buy a tombstone thats in the city, get downed, your teammates cant revive you so you bleedout but you respawn back at the tombstone ? I'm really curious what all this information you guys know is ? But ohwell, i dont want to ruin my zombie excitedness by finding out everything all ready :lol:
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