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  1. ..please does anyone know where i can download BO2 patch for PC?... thank you in advance....
  2. ..fuck i cannot even play this game..have it on steam since release and it just keep crushing..i am not the only one with this problem...i really want to struggle someone.. they been saying that they test the game for hours and hours..i think its a lie..i think they tested their small cocks instead... this is a smack in the face..will never pre order treyarch game in the future again.. actually i want my money back for this piece of useless shit... i am not saying that the game is bad..cause i didnt even have chance to play it yet..but i already paid £55 for it...rip off...
  3. ..sooo close..i am getting the shakes already... ...this last few hours gonna take 4ever...
  4. ..i quite like this cool short movie...dont know if you have seen it yet... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nsatf1 ... ure=fvwrel
  5. ..fortunatelly i am off 13th so i will spend all day playing zombies.. sure i will play the campaign too just to see if by finishing it you unlock something... ..just 8 more days...so excited..havent seen any of the leaked vidoes...
  6. ...after watching the latest episode of bonus round i am even more excited... i want it now thanks for the update dude...
  7. No, it's CDC vs. CIA. Again, for the on-disk survis, you play as characters from CDC and CIA. DLC however could be different. Damn how could I miss that...so only place left for them is survival...
  8. ..I think the beloved old crew will be present...I think 4z4 will be old crew z new crew...?
  9. ...its a shooter but it wouldn't hurt to add more melee weapons...preferably chainsaw...:)
  10. ..yeah traps are good if you find yourself in crucial, critical situation or trying to save some ammo or i use them also for fun...i got 3 suggestions for new traps: 1. it would be like a big machete or something sharp (metal blade) that would work like a catapult if you put it on the side and wide it up and when released (button, switch..whatever) it would swing and cut through zombies like a knife through a butter..slicing them in half or chopping their heads off... 2. it would be like a crane with magnet..that once you turn the power on you could use (again by pressing a button or switch...) to pick up a metalic object (big container or truck etc.) and bring it high up in the air...then you would just have to time it perfectly so when you release the metalic object it falls on zombies heads and killing them instantly... 3, just a classic trap door...once they stand on it you hit the button and down they go..there will be a zombie shark waiting for them lol...just kidding.. ...and what about classic bear trap..instead of claymores...it would caught zombie for some time until he would leave his legs behind and start crawling for you... in tranzit there is this farm area this weapon could only be found there along with pitchfork and woodcutter axe ...just so we have more options to kill zombies.. i still cant believe we are getting riot shield and lawnmower..amazing..they really stepped it up...new zombies looks awesome...
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