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  1. punkrockzombie

    Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    I personally think there is still a ton of things to find in tranzit, i mean the navcards Can't be pointless surly, Why put them in there if they have no purpose ... It may very well be over for now but it seems to me that there will be story added in maybe new areas for tranzit and that's how the navcards come into play .... If you looks at the Tranzit map before u enter a game there is plenty of room for some additions... I'm thinking they added the navcards to save time adding them at a later date and they will come into play after the first DLC :)
  2. punkrockzombie

    Easter egg help 1 person to do the EE in about 20 min Update

    moshpitmeltdown is my gamertag by the way :p
  3. punkrockzombie

    Easter egg help 1 person to do the EE in about 20 min Update

    Moshpitmeltdown will be on all day tomorrow hit me up keen to get this done !!!
  4. punkrockzombie

    Top 10 favourite albums

    1. For those who have heart (A day to remember) 2. Swan songs (Hollywood undead) 3. Take off your pants and jacket (Blink 182) 4. All killer no filler (Sum 41) 5. Drunk enough to dance (bowling for soup) 6. Heartless (A day to remember) 7. Rise or die trying (Four year strong) 8. Homesick (A day to remember) 9. The drug in me is you (Falling in reverse) 10. Feel the steel (Steel panther)
  5. punkrockzombie

    lego, Child's toy or collectable ?

    Agree i just completed the batman sets and these cost a fortune for what you get, yet the monster hunter sets which are by far my favorite set i own are surprising well priced :D
  6. punkrockzombie

    lego, Child's toy or collectable ?

    Yeah, i got enough to cover at least 5 years worth of christmas and birthdays lol But i also figure the sets i have now will be worth a fortune in the future ...
  7. punkrockzombie

    lego, Child's toy or collectable ?

    So I'm a massive Lego fan and buy all the themed movie sets, I'm currently collecting the Superhero sets and planning to get some lord of the rings sets on monday.. My family and friends think i need to grow up and tell me it's a toy but i have always seen them as models for display, my girlfriend kinda gets it but i think that's cause she enjoys the building part So i was wondering do you consider it a toy or collectable ? Do you collect Lego yourself ? And finally do you have any hobbies that people consider childish ? Oh i find that people say the same when I'm reading my comic-books, I'm like just cause they have pictures doesn't mean there for kids .....
  8. punkrockzombie

    What do you think?

    oh yeah thanks from me too carbon, good to see Treyarch are listening in :D
  9. punkrockzombie

    What do you think?

    It looks freaking epic, can't wait to see how this plays out, 1. how the story has been incorporated and if the story is more accessible for less skilled players like me. 2. how the large setting of the map effects the way the game is played. 3. If this new map still has the classic round based play or if there are smaller maps from the large map that use the round based setup instead. 4. how the large map will change the tactics and how the use of the bus will change gameplay style. I have so many questions and can't wait to get some answers next weeks :D
  10. punkrockzombie

    I had a dream .... Acid Death

    Thanks i may have to do this later when i got abit more time I have an idea for the PaP'd version that i would like the community to comment on tho... So basically when the grenade has hit the ground and started it detonation sequence it admits a high pitch tone which gets louder till the grenade explodes, this will attract nearby zombies increasing the brain melting potential. What does everyone think this is for the PaP'd version only tho the grenade will otherwise be silent during detonation sequence :D
  11. punkrockzombie

    I had a dream .... Acid Death

    it was weird first time i have dreamed about a weapon but glad i did cause it was awesome, except from when i ended up melting my neighbors carpet :?
  12. I had a dream last night, seriously i have started dreaming about this game that's how excited i am for it Basically i was using a gun i had bought off the black market. The gun looked liked a pistol but larger large enough to put a grenade in the back, basically this ... The guns grenade would be a black steel ball, when fired the detonation process wouldn't begin till it hit or bounced off the floor, when it hit the floor the grenade would start to turn orange and after roughly 5 seconds when the grenade is red explode. The explosion has 2 phases the first is the explosion killing zombies within 5 foot distance, the grenade would also spew out a large amount of acid high into the air which would then rain down upon the zombies and melting there brains this would have a 15 foot radius and be the primary function. This grenade pistol would be great for maps like call of the dead, where there are high up points looking down at other parts of the map, shooting a grenade down to the spawn and gloriously watching the zombies heads melting would make this weapon very satisfying. anyways guys what do you think? Oh and one last thing Is it weird that i dream about this shit? Thanks for reading guys... :D
  13. punkrockzombie

    Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    cause this is terrible lol please tell me your not serious ?
  14. punkrockzombie

    Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    yet you say avenged sevenfold are metal-core, don't get me wrong there first 2 albums were extremely metal-core but they are far from metal-core now...
  15. punkrockzombie

    Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    Just because a band uses distorted vocal does not make them metal-core, there is more to the genre than just vocals, there are loads of bands that "scream" that are not metal-core.

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