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  1. Hey guys .... Just a quick apology for not updating recently will update with the nuketown news tomorrow. I haven't been playing too much and have been catching on other games but will update this tomorrow sorry for the delay guys :)
  2. I personally think there is still a ton of things to find in tranzit, i mean the navcards Can't be pointless surly, Why put them in there if they have no purpose ... It may very well be over for now but it seems to me that there will be story added in maybe new areas for tranzit and that's how the navcards come into play .... If you looks at the Tranzit map before u enter a game there is plenty of room for some additions... I'm thinking they added the navcards to save time adding them at a later date and they will come into play after the first DLC :)
  3. I'll be on i know its late but here but who needs sleep Dam right I'm keen PINNAZ :P
  4. I'm up for it shooter, will add you man GT Moshpitmeltdown :)
  5. I have given up got put in bronze because my team kept leaving and the connection was terrible, one of the games in was running about 10 frames per second, the whole game was in slow motion, sticking to public matches now, so i can pick the best connection available....
  6. Moshpitmeltdown will be on all day tomorrow hit me up keen to get this done !!!
  7. This is great news, About time this was implemented into the game !!!
  8. Hey guys... I regrete to announce i will not be continuing this thread, There are a few reasons why and i will state them below 1. After playing tranzit i am slightly disappointed in it and tbh i don't feel like i can put as many hours as it would take to make this walk-through into the mode if i don't enjoy it ... 2. Keeping the countdown thread up to date and checking for news everyday was alot of hard work and to be honest i would like a break from posting threads and have some time to catch up on playing some games. 3. I wanna see what other people can do, Hopefully somebody will use my idea and have the time and dedication to do what i had planned to, only better.. One last thing i will still be on the forum, but will be posting in other users threads rather than making them, at least until i have another idea. I wanna make something i can really commit too and put in the same kind of dedication as my last post and unfortunitly tranzit doesn't really grab me :)
  9. Seems to me, like they run out of time, i would imagine they had bigger plans for zombies, especially with the earth map, like they wanted to add more maps in different locations, hoefully this will be the plan in the future, regarding DLC...
  10. Another thing i find with zombies is tranzit punishes you for exploring the rest of the map .... 1. i missed the bus so went to following and found the whole road was covered in lava so i couldn't follow the bus route ... 2. Those dam gremlin things attack you and slow you down, which then gets you attacked by zombies, next thing you know your dead ... 3. You can't see a freaking thing, How am i supposed to discover stuff when everything looks the same and is covered in an extremely thick layer of mist !!!
  11. I gotta agree with you on this somewhat, after some great truly unique maps on WaW and BO these maps all seem a little samey, would it of really took much more time to make one of them during the day or maybe before the rockets hit, I'm not knocking the game cause i love the game so, But i would have liked to see some variety in the maps rather than using the same art style for the ones available... Also i was under the assumption we would get 5 maps, But it seems there are only 3 Tranzit, Farm and town ... I'm hoping that the DLC will bring the variety i so desire, but I'm worried that they will keep the destroyed look because of earth being blown up ....
  12. Hey guys any contribution to the new thread will be hugely appreciated. Obviously this thread is gonna take along time to put together so please don't expect much in the first couple of weeks thill i can get at least the story locked down. I will credit any information and will update when i have enough but please carry on posting your finds, in video format if possible, pictures if not :)
  13. 3 hours to go now, leaving in half hour to get a good spot in the line, quicker I'm in the shop, sooner I'm home playing ....
  14. Thanks for the comments guy, was alot of fun to make this thread All set now just a waiting game, gotta find something to keep me busy for the next 4 hours, maybe play some guitar hero and make me feel like a rock-star before the game comes out !!!
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