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  1. This map looks to be HUGE (as previously speculated by others on the forums), and this trailer pretty much confirms it. I would imagine we would be able to play in the mines, no man's land (area between the trenches), of course the trenches and maybe a few sprawled out laboratories like the one Richtofen is in. Now I have to wait another full month :cry:
  2. He...Hel-llo Sam.... *Faints with my jaw hitting the floor*
  3. Prestige 10 Level 43 K/D: 1.89 Don't know how to take a screenshot...
  4. So let's talk about that zombie on the right...is he in a military uniform because I can't tell...
  5. This is an amazing multiplayer game...your not doing something right. Btw...your complaining about sniping hitmarkers? If not then you get hitmarkers with every other gun lol.
  6. Yeah now I have 4 gold SMG's - MP7, Chicom CQB (was a bitch), PDW, and the Vector. After I get the other two gold and play around with the diamond guns a while, I'm going to work on diamond pistols :twisted:
  7. Sure the game isn't perfect yet, but we'll have to wait until months into BO2's life cycle for most of these big problems to be fixed. That's how it is with all the COD's, hell MW3 still isn't playable and it never was. I like the game, however. Sure there's the occasional, WTF lag moment where you swear on your life you killed the guy, but alas. It'll get better.
  8. Getting headshots with SMG's suck so bad...I want them all diamond, but yet I have none gold...
  9. In six or seven hours I'll be in line at Gamestop, so I may or may not take pictures, let alone post them here. Time will most likely be killed with Angry Birds Star Wars that just came out lol. Good thread idea though!
  10. Wow I loved reading this. Given I wasn't here to read all the theories and watch everyone work there buts off after the release of Black Ops (I joined this May), but I know it had it's ups and downs for sure. It's a great thing to know that I will be here theorizing, making friends, and having fun throughout Black Ops 2 and into the next Treyarch game. I feel at home here, and I love that. Thanks CoDZ
  11. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your enthusiasm...but there is a thread a few below this one that gives pictures and names of all the weapons. This info was either from Charlie Intel or the official Call of Duty page. So we know all the weapons already but thanks. P.S. Look at other threads before you make a new one because the info you think is new that will be in yours, may have already been posted.
  12. Lol you lucky U.K people...come midnight monday I'll be at gamestop most likely in line for this game that you guys are already cracking...What's that about a party at Lenne's?
  13. Interesting...maybe the fog will have some negative effect on you because you probably missed the bus... 8-)
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