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  1. xFierce_Fighterx

    Take a ride on the TranZit Bus! Delivery 8. New footage.

    I'm assuming that we will get one drop every day... can't wait for today's teaser!
  2. xFierce_Fighterx

    Picture Library- Read and Inform Yourself

    And theres that Tombstone thing... ;)
  3. xFierce_Fighterx

    What do you think?

    I loved it Carbon! It raises so many questions and I wonder how many of them will be answered the 26th... ;)
  4. xFierce_Fighterx

    New Zombie Teaser!

    I'm getting psyched :D
  5. xFierce_Fighterx

    Your Biggest Fears For Black Ops II

    @Jake-Duck That matchmaking system you are talking about will be it's own seperate playlist with leagues to determine ones skill level. It will NOT be multiplayer's base matchmaking system. I don't have any fears for zombies, I fully trust Treyarch and where they will they will take the gamemode, as I'm already loving the fact that we'll be playing zombies on Nuketown. Multiplayer wise... I'm afraid their will be a HUGE problem with the sequential killstreaks - RC-XD, UAV, and Hunter Killer drone. They will be spammed to death because half the community can't get or even dream of getting high streaks. This will FORCE people to run flak jacket instead of them experimenting w/ different perks and playstyles.
  6. xFierce_Fighterx

    All Currently Known Guns in Black Ops II

    @PFCSNAFU They still have two/three more months to add/subtract things from the game. It's very possible they still haven't added all the guns yet.
  7. xFierce_Fighterx

    Theater Mode Confirmed for Zombies

    A zombie theater mode will definitely let people who don't have means to record or a decent camera to prove getting to high rounds. A lot of people need that.
  8. xFierce_Fighterx

    The Vault

    Since vaults are extremely secure, our government could almost house anything there. I've read of black weapons projects, and mind-control experimentation records (something that definitely relates to our beloved zombies). Why was Woods in a vault? I couldn't tell you, but he could know something that the rest of the United States (or even the world) cannot know, and the government obviously knows that. What the information could be... I have no clue :(
  9. xFierce_Fighterx

    The Most Difficult Spots to Train

    5and5 beat me to it but... I think the double barrel circle on der riese is one of the tightest. You can definitely hone your circling skills there.

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