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[REDEFINED] World's Best Zombie Slayer?

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     These categories are:

     2. Results

     Now, I'm talking about the big picture here, solo, co-op, challenges, serious games, everything. This is about analyzing every nuance of the game, of things related to finishing rounds, of things that just make us scream and stare in awe at some of these greats.

     Now, I hope that you understand that my list is purely my own opinion and my careful observation. There are others whose skill is nearly as good, whose results are nearly as good, whose influence is nearly as large, but in my eyes, these are my greats.

     Onto my list.

     And the best in the world is: aLvaR1toOwNz

     And the best in the world is: Superhands

     And the best in the world is: TheRelaxingEnd

     Relaxing is a combination of everything. He also has nearly 37,000 YouTube subscribers and over 400 videos, nearly 200 (I think) of which are zombies related. Of these, he holds several records, but not only that, he was one of the first to display truly breathtaking gameplay at its highest level. Can anyone say Call of the Dead? This man is truly an icon in the community, but we all forget how good he can be sometimes.







[tab][/tab]Thanks for reading, and I hope you can participate in this discussion, or just leave an opinion for us to ponder. Either way, have at it! This is the start of possibly the greatest community project in the zombies community ever. I thank each and every one of you for your inspiration, your presence, and your desire to give yourselves, ourselves, and CoDz a name to be reckoned with across the entirety of the world wide web.

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I watched a lot of chopper's videos on NML and his "elusiveness" is off the charts. I don't know who the top guy is but most of the guys I have seen including Superhand seem somewhat choreographed compared to chopper. Another way to describe what I see is that you may "foresee" some of moves by even the top dogs, chopper's moves strike me as "erratic, improvisational, and unpredictable." I'd vote him as the best mover I have seen.

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Very interesting thread mate :)


This is a bit of an unclear one I think. I guess if you were to ask knowledgeable players who they think are the most skilled players, a lot of them have/would have said me or Steve due to our No Man's Land scores and stuff.

But if we're talking, who when you're watching their videos makes you say, "WTF?! How is that possible???" with crazy screen shakes and multiple cutbacks, then:

Dodging & manouvering skills

That'll be aLvaR1to and Chopper. If you're watching those 2 guys in action and a bad situation comes up, it's f***ing incredible to watch them wriggle their way out of it. Though I guess, as has been said many times by others, you could say we make the game look easy, these skills are something myself and Steve lack in comparison to Chopper or aLvaR1to, maybe due to playing on lower sensitivities, but even if we were used to higher sensitivities we probably couldn't pull off some of the stuff that those guys do ;)

So on that basis, my vote goes to:

aLvaR1to and Chopper


I really hate to be an arrogant prick and vote for myself... but I suppose I have to. For the past 2-3 months I've put so much time and effort into achieving my goals in this game and achieved more records in the past 3 months that what most have in the past year. Thing is, this hasn't been done in a competitive way - it's all for personal gratification. And I'm far from done yet ;)


I'm going with Relaxing. Out of all of the well-known zombies YouTubers who focus on solid gameplay rather than commentary, he inpires many. I still believe him to be one of the pioneers of No Man's Land. Matomaster is a close second, but Relaxing is a fair bit more popular.

So, my vote goes to:


C'mon guys, get some proper lists in :!:

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My Nominees are Relaxing End and MatoMaster.

Consistent high round solo and co-op games, NML records in the first week of Game's release and Impossible Challenges like No power and impressive First room records simply put them under the best of the best. One of my personal favorites is Verrukt's Holding it down with Mule Kick. Pure skill and strategy witness. I'll tag the video later.

way is out.

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Skill - Alvar

I agree with all of what Super said.

Steve and Super make the game look easy by what I call early management of zombies. They are planning their paths way in advance, and generally going for the safe one. This means they make the game look ridiculously easy.

I tend to do the same thing, I just plan for tighter and more difficult paths, as I find if I don't play that way I go down much more. Playing like this for over a year has obviously given me some nifty reflexes and a real understanding of close quarters zombie AI. I utilise this for my screen shaking and the dodging I do. Alvar is more than likely the same.

Results - Super or Relaxing

Influence - Syndicate or Relaxing

I can't decide on the last 2 categories.

Results - Relaxing's co-op records take some beating, he also has the highest no downs game, and has done 100 on a few maps. Generally for his co-op high rounds, they came very quickly with his own strategy. We all know Super so I don't need to go into what he has done. I think Relaxing's longevity says something, but I really can't decide.

Influence - If we are talking about a pure skill influence then Relaxing wins, but on this I have to give some props to Syndicate.

Love or hate him, all knowledgeable players know his limitations, his legion of fans do not. On the most basic level of influencing others and showing them how to 'rape' train, he is easily the most influential player. A newbie to zombie will likely find a syndicate video before Relaxing, and it will influence them.

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I think we need another 2 categories: Consistency and knowledge.

Consistency for example, what Chopper and way have said about Relaxing, consistent high acores in co-op etc, that would come under consistency and I guess record-breaking and boundary-pushing scores like mine on maps like No Man's Land, FIVE and very recently Nacht would come under results.

Knowledge speaks for itself. It's one thing to use someone else's strategy to achieve high rounds and scores, it's another to come up with something innovative to path the way for other players, as well as yourself, to do better. Aside from strategy and knowledge of spawns, this would also describe a player's ability to 'read' the zombies and make quick decisions based on experience, like Chopper was saying about the way Steve and myself approach the game.

EDIT: Sorry to keep using myself as an example guys, anyone new here reading this thread must think I'm a right arrogant prick :lol:

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Hey Mates, Tom is back :D

Well, I did not follow the recent developments. As well, I had never followed youtubers constantly, to get an Image about all these guys mentioned.

Therefore, it's hard for me to state my opinion here. First of all, just a "GREAT JOB DUDE" on the separation between the 3 categories 'skill', 'influence' and 'results'. That's just great. I never liked talking about the "best" player.... I mean, it was always a "best in what way?".

Talking about results, Superhands is just awesome.

Talking about influence, I guess it's wrong and it is a shame, but I would mention *uff* syndicate. His fan community is great, although he has no chance in other categories, he has a ton of influence.

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This is my definition of best player. Its by results.

50+ on all co-op maps.

100+ on all solo maps.

300+ NML

Could form solo trains at 10 most dangerous spots.

At least 1 solo Round 100 and co-op Round 50 with 0 downs.

Dead ops does not count. COTD is an exception for solo.

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More than half the thread is now a discussion about lifestyle choices and how we choose to spend our time. This isn't a place to prove that spending time with family is better than playing a video game; I asked you all to comply with the categories, develop new ones, or just throw out some opinions with video evidence.

Strong analysis was what I got in the first part of the responses, and I thank everyone who participated in that as well as enjoyed the breakdown.

There is no one right answer, but if we can breakdown the categories, we can get a better sense of what it truly takes to rule the zombies. This is a fun game that we all love, and the assumption that I took in expecting all responses to be intelligent and respectful to those being discussed was clearly and conclusively shown to be wrong. As evidenced by the majority of the last twelve responses to the thread, this just turned into a bragging fest.

Bravado has now taken charge of something I thought to be beneficial to the creation of this great community project, and that truly is something sad.

However, I continue to have faith in you all. I'm deleting anything that concerns the issues raised.

Any other messages posted in here that do not comply to the original posting or that are not part of a discussion on complex game mechanics and breakdowns of players' abilities will promptly be deleted.

Thank you.


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I wasnt trying to make it sound like I was bragging but come on, I get to 99 on co-op on ascension with no downs and all he has to say is well I got to round 100 on solo with no downs. I could also do that and if you dont believe me I will and upload a video of it. But after saying that since apparently you arent allowed to vote for yourself(unless your superhands)I would say the best player for skill in the world would be kigjaqoffsuit and I8A911T. For results I would say kingjaquoffsuit and I8A911T. And for influence relaxingend.

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Eye talking sense as usual [brains]

Of course Yeti, of it was just a 100 with 0 downs then I'd get what you're saying. But my achievements go far beyond that dude, you know that full well...

Anyways, apologies to everyone involved, if I've come across as a prick I didn't mean to, anyone who knows me knows that I hate to brag - I only ever bring up my accomplishments when I feel like I'm being cut short for all of my effort.

Let's get this thread back on topic, get your lists in guys ;)

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I dont know any of the people you guys have mentioned.

I guess I will make a list using people from the forum.

Skills- Hard to argue with Superhand's achievements. You dont become one of best in NML without skills. I made my case with chopper's moves, so those two are at the top.

Results- No brainer.

Influence-Tough call but personal experience say Tom's quick tips and Superhand's guides. Lets just say I always check out his guide before seriously going into a game. Master zombie guide deserves some credit as well, nearly 5000 views is huge achievement. Picking the favorite out of those two guides is equivalent to choosing a favorite finger to pick your nose with.

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I love this thread and I'm disappointed that it hasn't gotten much of a response... but I think there are more categories that make up the world's greatest. Here are some what I'd consider:

Kiting skills

Someone who never ceases to wow us with their crazy screen-shaking and sporadic yet effective running patterns.


A player has achieved a lot in the game, world records, high round scores in solo and co-op, No Man's Land etc.


I guess this may come under results, maybe not though. I think our Triple Crown members are a good example of this, someone that excels in all fields (Solo, Co-op & No Man's Land). Of course as was being discussed in regards to what should quantify entry into the club, a co-op specialist could say, "Anything below 70 is not enough", but that's kinda like me saying, "I can pull of a 330+ kill game on No Man's Land any day of the week, so the minimal requirement should be 330 kills" which would be ridiculous. Although obviously, someone that scores ridiculously high scores in all categories would be considered as the best in this field.


Someone who has studied spawns and zone mechanics in order to come up with new and innovative strategies, as well as knowing how zombies work and being able to read them like a children's book.


Someone who masses of players look up to learn from and generally gain a love of the game from being inspired by this player.

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Nice list Hands. I would also like to add consistency to that list. Anyone who can pull of those high scores on a regular basis should be considered one of the best players. I'm the type of player who will do absolutely ridiculous things that I believe are some of the most insane I've ever seen, but I also do things that are absolutely abysmal.

I've worked on my consistency so that I can try to do all these things on a regular basis, but for now, I think that consistency is an intangible that can separate the legends from the pros. I hope to eventually compile a detailed list of this, and would like all the authors to fill out a finalized form of all the things we decide that comprise a truly great player. I'll speak to you more on Skype about this, Hands.

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I figured it was time to revive this thread. IISteveII, the current world record holder for kills in No Man's Land and a couple first room challenges as well, recently released a video that I must say is absolutely unparalleled. Never have I ever seen such an awe-inspiring, shocking, purely incredible video. It is easily the best video I have ever seen (in recent times, at least). What this man has done in this video is... inhuman. Here's the video, in case you missed it:

This is why I am making a proper list of the best player in the world. I noticed an almost unanimous decision of Alvarito as the most skilled player in the world. And while he has the moves like Mick Jagger, I feel that Steve has long been hot on his tail, and with this most recent video, I think some will agree with me when I say that IISteveII is the most skilled player in the world.

Now, the other two spots, I feel, are unchanging. Superhands now owns world records on Verruckt, FIVE, Nacht, and formerly on Shi No Numa and Ascension (correct me if I'm wrong here, Nick). He has completed the Zombies Grand Slam (100 on every feasible map) and is the founder of the prestigious Zombies Triple Crown Club. It's safe to say that Superhands has the best results of any player in the world.

The last category, influence, is tough to choose from simply because there are so many choices. If you are talking about influence, the player that has influenced me the most was MurkaDurkah. He got me hooked on Zombies not through his breathtaking gameplay, but his hilarious, easygoing nature and amazing live comms that reacted to events in the game in such a way that really drew me to try out Zombies. However, MurkaDurkah is only average at Zombies at best, and doesn't even have that popular of a Youtube channel. But there are others—Syndicate, MrDalekJD, Yoteslaya. However, all of these players lack the truly jawdropping gameplay that showed the rest of the world just how much skill it takes to be a godly Zombies player. But there is another player, with albeit a slightly smaller channel but also with hugely impressive gameplay. This man is an innovator, a player that goes for high rounds and impressive challenge runs with his good friends, MatoMaster21 and ChristianR87. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. In my mind, there is no replacement for the incredible combination of popularity and skill that TheRelaxingEnd has, leading me to proclaim that TheRelaxingEnd is the most influential player in the world.

Well, there you have it! Hope you enjoyed it. Felt it was time to revive this thread after I saw Steve's video. He hasn't gotten enough recognition in the past. ;) Until next time, Codz.


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I am beginning to second guess my conclusion of Superhands having the best records in the world. There is a player that is right on Super's tail, so to speak. His name? Kingjaq Offsuit. While I still feel Superhands has better records, Kingjaq has obliterated world records on Der Riese and Kino and is tied with the record on Ascension. He is gaining on Superhands, but for now, I feel Superhands is still king. Just a name to watch out for in the coming months. :D

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