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    CoDz Has Made Me a Worse Player

    You can always get better! I made apost when I first came to this website asking how to use the traps on five and being excited over the fact that I got to round 28 on solo . A few months after that I made another post on how I got to 78 on shi no numa and was ranked #1 in the world! I now consider myslef one of the best players in the world but a year ago I couldnt even hit 30 on solo.
  2. selectyeti89

    What is the toughest revive?

    The two hardest revives I have ever had to pull off were both in the same game on the same round. First time we were on 77 on COTD and I went to go recycle the v-r11 on the ship where mule kick is, my friend went down holding the spawn at the ak so I didnt even think I just ran that way. I met all the zombies right at the drop off of the ship that leads to ak and jumped over all of them. Later in that round after I got the v-r11 back I went down and he picked me up right after we killed zombies so I had no jugg and a new spawn was coming, to make it even worse he went down right away so I hoarded them a little bit but then I got stuck so I jumped and shot the ballistic knife and it actually revived him! He got downed right away though but it was still a awesome revive.
  3. selectyeti89

    Letting go.

    I think its time for something to change with these maps if they do include them. It would get kind of boring to just play the same maps with exactly the same features AGAIN. If they added new perks like flopper, stamin up, and some new ones from the new game. It would make the maps more interesting and fun. And they should add pap and change the wonder weapons. On verruckt take out the winters howl and add maybe a thundergun, on nacht put some new weapon in there, on shi no numa add some new wonder weapon, and der riese probably keep the wunder waffe. And maybe they could expand the maps.
  4. selectyeti89


    I hope they dont add perks that affect bullet guns. Anything that uses bullets is not worth having after 25 even upgraded. Double tap is a good perk and on COTD I like to use mustang and sally with double tap and speed cola, I have been able to save myself in the 50s this way.
  5. selectyeti89

    Highest round on Der Riese?

    66 but I could go farther. I got disconnected on 61 and only had 1 down once.
  6. selectyeti89


    Completely agree with this. I've posted the same before....if I had 7 hits instead of just 5 I truly can't imagine ever being downed whilst kiting anywhere. Sure I'd still get downed by getting trapped in a silly area but it would make somewhere like the AK room on Shang suddenly almost easy. 2 extra hits is a lot. Exactly, if you were somewhere like the flopper lander on ascension with 7 hits before you die I cant understand how anyone would go down.
  7. selectyeti89


    They really shouldnt add a jugg that makes you take more than 5 hits. It would just be to easy. Also scavenger would not work in zombies, that would be way to overpowered. They actually do have a way to get ammo back for your weapons, put them in the box and hit it till you get it back . I would like to see them take out deadshot, double tap, and mule kick in black ops 2 but maybe add them into later maps. They should definitly add perks though, it would get to boring if they kept the same 8 perks for every map. just get rid of some of the least used perks to add some more.
  8. selectyeti89

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    You guys should add another one and have it be for only 99 players . YxdLh752wdE
  9. selectyeti89

    Disappointment in Zombies

    I hope they dont make maps like moon in the future. I like maps like shang, COTD, and ascension. I like alot of different strategies available, not to complicated but still kind of hard maps(not ascension I just think ascensions fun). COTD was very hard to get through the 70+ rounds because you had to recycle so much and thats what I like about it.
  10. selectyeti89

    Its just annoying....

    The leaderboards werent as glitched as most people think. They are all modded now but most people surprisingly did play legitly. And it is possible to make a map with no glitches. Just look at shangri-la. There is a glitch to get under the map where the spikes are but that could help you because you cant do anything under there.
  11. selectyeti89

    Its just annoying....

    Its not even fun anymore though without the leaderboards. Its just a waste of time because to be in the top 100 in moon you have to survive 99 rounds and like 2 and a half hours into the round. I was top page on 3 maps two weeks ago now im only top page on ascension and I doubt I will be for long.
  12. selectyeti89

    Its just annoying....

    mods for black ops were apparently released today.....almost every map has been taken today and now there are 99s on shang and nacht!?!?!? The reason why im annoyed about this is I feel like I wasted ALOT of time on this game just to be beaten by mods. I was just pushed off the first page of shi no numa because of modders.....THAT game took me 15 hours to get to 78 and be #1. One day later it got beat by glitchers. I have been to 99, 92, 89, 87, 83, and 82 on ascension. Please treyarch dont let this happen to your next game! The reason I posted this here is because I hope maybe someone from treyarch will see this and that will make them realize alot of people feel like they wasted their time getting far to get beat by modders and glitchers.
  13. selectyeti89

    Its just annoying....

    Im convinced that im the only player that plays 100% legit anymore(I mean thats on the top of leaderboards). Everyone just mods now. Every map has got taken on xbox 360 today. There is 8 99s on shang?!?!? Im done with zombies.
  14. selectyeti89

    Its just annoying....

    Please make sure ALL glitches in black ops 2 get patched! Black ops is already turning into a game where only glitchers play(im talking about for #1 leaderboard spots). So please make it impossible to glitch or mod for high rounds because its going to be very annoying if all the high rounds are by glitchers in black ops 2.
  15. I have a co-op world record for shi no numa, round 78, alot of people are ahead but im 100% sure they all glitched it. They are mostly complete randoms. QpZOkCQWsFc

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