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  1. An Xmas Miracle! Also, everyone seems to be saying that leaked info means we will know everything. Which we don't, and won't from leaked info. No one's seeing the whole story copied and pasted onto the Internet, we got an achievement list. Which offered nothing in the way of story spoilers or even actual information, really. We got map names, new enemy names, and vague hints towards possible map mechanics. Things that can be at the very best , mildly speculated upon. I'm sure of someone did crack into Treyarch's super vault where they keep their supercomputer that hidden under terabytes of spam lies the document containing the story, no one would even look at the thread if they're so passion ate about not knowing.
  2. Sooooo.. You're welcome for the Info and support we gave you..
  3. Indeed. Are all 2000+ of your posts spam or are you just topicly incoherant? I think you should get a nice sexy banhammer but hey, thats just me... Or is it? Around 1980 of them are on-topic. My ratio's been declining quickly. Someone had a bad day, evidently.
  4. There's AlphaSnake's "Nazi Zombies Chronicles", and MurderMachine's "Zombies: An Overview." And Eye's "Master Zombies Guide."
  5. Rudeness is funnier when you have no idea what you're talking about. By the way, it's "dimensional plane" and "inclined plane", and "plane of existence" Nice try, idiot.
  6. Anyone else notice how Mustaine writes a lot of songs about driving cars really fast?
  7. Sometimes one word's all ya need. And if you think the only thing fun about zombies is being surprised by new maps you're sadly mistaken.
  8. Yeah, knowing map names makes us dastardly cheaters.
  9. The minimum age she could possibly be is one second old. Come on guys, pssh.

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