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  1. Evidently our love of zombies has overtaken our heed of a rule no one liked in the first place.
  2. I thought I did PM that. :shock: Stupid iPod, not showing' me the top of the screen.
  3. Eh... what!? Sorry, but I 'reckon you are just SWAGing this. (Silly Wild Ass Guess) I get a warning for saying no and you saying this (to the same person) is dandy? Yippee.
  4. ^ Treyarch's secret message telling us the preview's BS? :lol:
  5. Exactly. You came in sounding like these are things that you KNOW you saw in the trailer. And as far as the "Anything is possible"... Ehhhhhhhh, yes and no. Yes, odd things do indeed happen and things get EXTREMELY complex, but no because things need to follow something that would make a good story and be justified by the mythos. I've been on this forum for a week, cut me some slack No.
  6. Terminal eh? Reminds me of a certain "fake achievement list"...
  7. Sad person: We can't do it! It's impossible! Me: Anything's possible! It's just never gonna happen. *smiles and gives thumbs up*
  8. If you look at the bus, the paint is all tore off, maybe an effect from the bomb shot from the moon. I doubt that a robot would be driving a bus back then. Yeah, and I also doubt that Teleporters would exist back then, much less Ray-Guns, Wunderwaffes, Zap-Guns, or, Hell, even FREAKING ZOMBIES!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Seriously though, this is Zombies Mode. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!! I'm sick and freaking tired if hearing that phrase.
  9. A bus eh? Reminds me of a certain "fake achievement list"... Anyway. There's Definetly a hospital in the map, some zombies are wearing those assless gowns. Perhaps they were being treated for a sickness the bombs caused?
  10. That perk machine is OBVIOUSLY Knife-Aid. Also, up near the corner looks like a window on a house. Seriously considering this to be nuketown. It makes sense, reveal the map that's non-canon. Knife-Aid in the preorder bonus map? Treyarch, I'm flattered.

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