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  1. Whats wrong with just pausing if you need to go do something?
  2. With the option to save people would be able to get to infinite rounds. Someone who could make it to the 100+ would be able to save a game and then start back up and go afew more rounds and they could continue that for months and be able to reach rounds like 300 eventually. I really dont like the idea of changing zombies this much, adding pause and save options. I also dont care if you dnt agree with me just to let everyone that is going to say I have no life because I dont want a save option know .
  3. Nacht: Intense verruckt: orange Shi no numa: Slow Der riese: Disconnections Kino: Noobs five: Different Ascension: fun COTD: Bestatmosphere Shang: G_Spawn Moon: glitches
  4. Well you can always make a crawler if you have to do something. I really dont see a point in adding a pause at all but I dont really care if they do put something in like taking a 5 minute break every few hours. But like I said you could just make a crawler. Its not that hard, and it can last you more than 5 minute if you need more than that.
  5. I still think any kind of pause option is a bad idea but that is the best way for it to work if they have to put it in.
  6. I knew that was coming. You said all opinions are welcome, I guess you were wrong. Anyways I wasnt getting mad, I am just trying to make everyone actually think about how bad of a idea it is to have a pause option. Everyone says the same thing, if you have a 99 then you must have no life. I dont see why everyone thinks that though, I did a 99 in 18 hours my second time going to 99. I have all the free time to do whatever I want and I just choose to sometimes play zombies, and I am good enough to get to 99 so why not do it if I have nothing better to do. Its fun. You can do all the things you listed and still have high rounds on zombies, I understand maybe some people cant but that is such a small number of people that might not even be getting that far anyways that there is no point in adding a pause option just for some people. If they add a pause option then you will have to g to 99 to be ranked high. With no pause option and no sleepers there will be world records in the 70s!!! And that will make the very few people who do get a 80+ or 90+ be respected even more and have a higher rank on the leaderboards for their hard work.
  7. I think just making the time it takes crawlers to respawn a little bit more than it is now would solve this problem. Bcause if they did add a pause option alot of people would be in games for multiple days and end up getting disconncted and blame it on treyarch. Also a big problem for getting far is you get to tired to play and start not playing as good. So if they added a pause option then it would let any random person get to 99. That is basicly what happened t black ops a few months ago. People found out how to go to sleep by puttng a rubber band on there controller and boarding up a window while they sleep and the zombie would not ever kill them or die and respawn. I was ranked top 20 until people found out about that then I was ranked top 50 with 87. If they fix that and not have a pause option the game will last alot longer. Because people wont get to a round like 99 as fast and most rounds on the leaderoards will be "legit". Which will encouage people to keep playing and be motivated to be the first to a certain round.
  8. I hate this idea. If you have to go do stuff all the time or you absolutely have to go mid round play solo. Or just do what everyone does now and make a crawler at the end of the round and go do what you have to do. If you fail at protecting your teammate then thats your fault. If they add a pause option then I know there will be multiple 99s within the first few days of the game. Its just not a challenge anymore if you can pause. Im scared that treyarch will read these posts and actually think this is a good idea!!! The thing thats hard about co-op is the fact that you cant pause it! It will completely ruin zombies for me and alot of other people if they add a pause option!!! Also dont argue with me(like I know you all will)saying how im wrong and I am not being reasonable because really adding a pause option is not reaonable to any of the "good" zombie players.
  9. I wasnt trying to make it sound like I was bragging but come on, I get to 99 on co-op on ascension with no downs and all he has to say is well I got to round 100 on solo with no downs. I could also do that and if you dont believe me I will and upload a video of it. But after saying that since apparently you arent allowed to vote for yourself(unless your superhands)I would say the best player for skill in the world would be kigjaqoffsuit and I8A911T. For results I would say kingjaquoffsuit and I8A911T. And for influence relaxingend.
  10. I know the zombies ai is going to change at least a little bit, thats just obvious that it will happen seeing how it did with waw to black ops. I just hope they dont change it so much that it makes the gameplay different. I like it how it is in black ops and im sure alot of other people do also. And for that huge open map, I think it will probably just be used for games with more than 4 players. I think treyarch is smart enough to know that if you give someone a space that big to run it will be harder to die than it would be to survive. Just look at the biodome and how easy that is to run, the street in the map is bigger than anywhere in the biodome. I think the map looks like a good idea but the need some stuff in the street to make it more of a challenge. Also if there is 80 zombies on the map at one time in the classic 4 player mode that would just be way to many I think. Its a good idea for the 8 player mode but the classic mode should stay somewhere around 24 maybe a few more maybe a few less but in that area.
  11. I really hope that street isnt accesible. If it is this map is already more of a joke than moon is. I WANT HARDER MAPS!!!! I am also scared that treyarch is going to change the zombies ai to a point were it actually completely changes the gameplay. If I had a choice I would say to keep the ai exactly the same but make lots of tight spaces and just generally hard to run places. This map just doesnt look good, a map to easy isnt fun. Ascension is easy but not as easy as moon, its the perfect amount of easy. A map thats more easy than moon would probably be terrible.
  12. Im not trying to sound mean here but you are not going to get to 100 on COTD! IT would take over 2 weeks to complete a round in the 90s! You couldnt just recycle the scavenger until you kill the zombies because they would bleed out before you could even get the scavenger back. 100 on nacht is more likely than COTD. Black ops 2 would be out by the time you finished the game! You should make a more realistic goal like 70 on COTD. It would still be very hard and would take forever but it is possible.
  13. Thats why I said in most cases. I know the wunderwaffe wont even take out half the round after about 60. And COTD is really the only exception of not having traps making a big difference because on the maps that dont have traps they have a infinite power weapon that can kill all 24, except COTD. That map is just not possible to get to 100 or something up there. The rounds over 100 would take over 2,000 hours to complete using the ak.
  14. On COTD this setup is only really good until round 50, as you well know Yeti. The only thing I would change about that is trade the scavenger for the v-r11 or crossbow and make sure its not my third weapon. I would keep the ray gun and maybe even recycle it along with he v-r11 to kill george every time possible and get the wunderwaffe to kill some extra zombies and speed it up a little bit. There is no way I wuld flop george to deathbecause adding that mch time to a map that already takes over 20 hours is just stupid. Also you can easily kill zombies with the ray gun whatever rond you are on until about he 80s. I dont mean whole hordes but you can kill the last few zombies.
  15. It dent make any difference if there is traps or not because using traps is actually slower than using just the power weapon the whole time(in most cases). 99 ascension I had over 40,000 kills. Als if you are wondering why I cosider 80 on ascenio a fail look at my bio or whatever its called ;)
  16. Killing gun:ray gun Killing gun:mustang and sally killing gun:scavenger
  17. Oh, I wasnt saying I didnt believe you did it I just wanted to see the video :)
  18. Im just saying 80+ on shang and COTD can take 20+ and for COTD 30+ hours but on ascension can be done in 9-10 hours.
  19. I would like to see more maps like shang and COTD in black ops 2. I like these maps because if you just got a 70 or 80 on them it would be considered very good unlike ascension and moon where if I got 80 I would consider it a complete fail. Also the highest rounds on these maps where only in the 70s and 80s for a long time until the mods came out. Even if they added these two maps for the hardened and fix the g_spawn error and all the glitches then that would be nice. I would also like to see a variety in the maps though, have some maps that are hard like COTD and shang and some like moon and ascension.
  20. I would like to see the video of you getting to 37 in the first room, I know for a fact at that round you would have to get a max ammo every other round at least. On co-op in the 20s you have to get one every other round almost.
  21. I do everything possible, for getting through small gaps I just screen shake and somtimes knife while screen shaking. I will also jump and screen shake and that will sometimes make it so you dont get hit at all. I normally just make a cutback instead of trying to make it through something that looks impossible to do. It all depends on the map really though, on cotd and ascension I just make alot of cutbacks but some maps require more dodging.
  22. Not hackers exactly, glitchers and modders. codzombies info and his other account were the first to beat me, if you have ever been on his website you would know he glitched it. Then cooldamdguy and commadore4evas came and beat it by one round. Then Dinomite and rumpy doo doo got 98 and said they glitched it through I think they said 95 then jumped out to play the rest legit and failed on 98. After those glitchers took it nobody else did until mods came out. When the mods came out about 50 people somehow got a 99 . It makes me wish I would have not suicided and just went to 99. I guess I will just have to be #1 on everything in black ops 2 and make sure any of the glitchers from black ops 2 dont get to keep any #1 spots.
  23. I didnt even do the flogger thing, I dont think its a glitch niw but I did back then so I didnt do it to 78 and it took like 15-16 hours or something and could have been done in maybe 12 with the double flogger. And I used to like shi no numa until after the 78 I did, I did a 63 a few weeks later to try to take it back and I just couldnt make myself keep going! Also it probably has something to do with the fact that im #1 legit for that map on xbox and im ranked 50 something so I feel like I shouldnt have to play it again.
  24. The ray gun makes more than enough points! By 40 I always have more than 100,000 points using it. Then I will try for max ammos later on for the wonder weapon and that can make 20,000 points.
  25. I always go for the box before anything. On every map except verruckt, shang, sometimes kino. I just get a wall weapon for early rounds on those maps. I will normally use all my money on the box before even turning on the power, I want a ray gun that bad. And dont say thats a bad idea because I always get very high rounds even when doing that. I mean not having jugg on round 5 is not that bad. I would rather have a hk or ray gun or something then jugg and no weapons.
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