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Area 51 isn't on earth! *Video Proof*


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So in this video(which isn't mine) it seems that after you have completed the easter egg that when you travelback to Area 51/No mans land you can clearly see the Earth which has been blown up by the rockets..

So that leaves the question, Where is Area 51/No mans land?


BTW this is my first post on this website, i always come to this website for the Easter Eggs :p

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... Oh snap. That's actually a pretty insane thing to find out. That makes me wonder now. Were there any other rockets that blasted off when you launch the rockets that fly in the other direction? Like rockets that you don't even bother to look for because your main focus is on watching the Earth blow up.

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It could just be the game using the same background that the moon has, a glitch or something. But then again he might be right, maybe that isn't "area 51" or Hangar 18 on Earth. hmm...

Yeah, I think it's using the same background. After all, they used the damn gas mask animation for the space helmet :roll:

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I know this seems quite out there but I honestly doubt Treyarch is THAT lazy for just a stupid skybox. I also don't recall the bright cluster of stars you see to your left when you arrive in Area 51.

I could possibly get how they re used the Haz mask for the space helmet, making a mdel takes time. But even I can make a skybox out of stars and such.

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Oh my god. They had to leave it in there so you could still pack a punch after the easter egg. And, it's not like the Earth disappeared or completely exploded, it just got hit by nukes.

"Welcome to Groom Lake"

Sure not on Earth man.

I obviously know that. I'm wondering why you can see the Earth....on Earth.

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I'm sure it's some kind of glitch or problem with the backdrop of the map from the point of view of Area 51, I'm sure you can no-clip and find a different texture that just isn't showing for some reason.

Don't forget to consider the following:

Character Quotes in Area 51:

"Nevada. Where the men are men and the sheep are nervous."

— Upon entering the Receiving Area.

- Nevada is the location of Area 51

Richtofen: "Oh, this must be the place where they make the apple pies."

— When entering the recieving area.

Dempsey: "Home sweet home."

— Upon entering the Receiving Area.

-both references to the place being in America, tank's American. Richtofen relates America with Apple pies in a radio recording on CotD

nicknames for Area 51: Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base, Watertown Strip, Groom Lake, and most recently Homey Airport

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Could be they rebuilt the base with an exact floor plan so that way in time of an emergency you'd know your way around. Also, they could pull a switcheroo with a scientist, say make them think the crazy device they are working on is the area 51 base in neveda, but really they are either on the moon, some gaint space station, mars perhaps, and lastly, if it's a USA base up there and you have nukes, I wouldn't point them at our own bases(I would guess a 115 antidote war head/payload like the VR-11, but there is still zombies in no mans land. Then again like I said maybe the (antidote loaded?) missiles didn't hit around area 51. But I suppose we will never really know.

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My view: By destroying earth, the crew had alternated time, and space itself. Along with the MDT/Time device, Maxis was able to DECEIVE the crew, into blowing up earth. Why? No one knows. YET. I believe, that Richtofens plan, wasn't to do ANY OF THIS. It was to Release Samantha from the pyramid, and to control the zombies. Now that Earth is blown up, Richtofen has no medium for destroying earth, thus maxis got his "Sweet, sweet, revenge." It was all planned ahead so that Richtofen would fail, and that Samantha was placed in the hands of trustworthy people.(AKA, Tank, Takeo, and Nikolai.) This is just what I think.

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Sorry this isn't high quality, but it was last second.

I finally finished the ee today, and when we were watching the rockets go off, we realized, there was no Earth, and the explosion on Earth is just an overlay.

It's just a graphical glitch that there is a copy of the blown up Earth, in the same position in the sky it would be on the moon, on Area 51.

Here's my video, showing no Earth structure, just the overlay, which isn't what it normally looks like.

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All those quotes are pretty assuring they are on earth, but why would treyarch make the background change for No Mans Land and the Moon, I would understand this if Area 51 were just dark and red, but the fact that you can see the earth on the "earth" is whats messed up.

Haha Im pretty sure in making this map and such and elaborate easter egg they would change the backgrounds.

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