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  1. In the end you can see Fin wich means end in Frech soooo maybe the next map will be in France, moon was suposed to be in the catacobs of paris but the idea was scraped and they are planning to do the next one in Paris.
  2. I picked Richtoffen; Don't fear death friends, fear THE DOCTER!!!! :twisted: :lol:
  3. Reached round 50 on Kino Der Toten Richroffen here I come!!! http://i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd4 ... ing051.jpg
  4. Solo: don't care Multi: 50 rounds and then ran in the Holy fires of enternal enlightmen (firetrap )
  5. I never looked at it that way. [brains] 2you good sir
  6. Maybe we didn't blow up eart... :|
  7. I think that in Shangri-La Richtoffen does something with the time travel buttons so they will get stuck in the time before Ascention. Then they travel to the space station and that there past selves send them to the moon... :geek:
  8. I want it to be f* hard so only people who understand the map and truly love it get to the higher rounds. 8-)
  9. Since when? Unless Im missing one. Juggy. Sleight. Double Tap. Quick Revive. Flopper. Stamin Up. Deadshot. 'Quick Draw'. Gun Mule
  10. Hello, me and my friend were playing acention and we've gotten to round 48 with the next round monkies. and then out of nowere: "Error: lost connection to host" :evil: :evil: There was nothing wrong with the connection of my friend but it was just call of duty that failed on us. But now I ask is there anny way to get the round in the leaderboards and the points too (I had 400 000 points TO SPEND) :evil: :evil: :evil: I think there isn't but I'm kind of desperate... :roll:
  11. That would be logical but it would be unfair if he still has all perks becous of the fucusing stone. Maybe the moon base is located near a big 115 rock and all the effects are neurtelised...
  12. thats from another thread the person who wrote that thread got this info from the film reels and they were trying to train zombies He was going to get his funding but he hasn't done the presentation yet. he probebly died a few days before it so that the leaders couldn't be told that the presentation wasn't going to happen.
  13. Maybe it is the dead Mexican? Remember Takeo's quote? "Maybe what was is no more, but shal be again"...
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