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    New perk is NOT dual weild

    My guess would be it either slows us down or changes our view of the world...err...moon a bit when we're wearing it. In some clips, you can tell that the the person's view is distorted a little bit, kind of like a bubble view. I don't remember correctly but I think maybe one helmet had a noticeable crack in it when one of the character's was in first person view? I'll have to take another look again. There most likely is some benefit to not wearing the helmet when inside the dome.
  2. graymonkey44

    New perk is NOT dual weild

    Last time I checked, ray gun was a pistol.... and it shows one of the guys with the perk and shooting ONE ray gun. No dual wield buddy.
  3. graymonkey44

    New perk is NOT dual weild

    Give it a rest, man. It's not gonna happen.
  4. graymonkey44

    Connection between New Map and Classic Maps.

    CLAYMORE was talking about himself when he was saying "not trolling or flaming". He wasn't talking about you.
  5. graymonkey44

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    HAHAHA. So let me get this straight: you start off by complaining about how you're only getting one free map since you already own the prestige edition which you played off like you payed for on your own. Then we find out you never payed for the shit and it was a gift? The idiocy in your posts is astounding. What the fuck reason do you have to complain for, honestly? You didn't pay for shit, and you're getting a free zombie map out of it, which is the same as it's been for the last 3 map packs, too. 4 MP maps and 1 zombies map. And you're not paying shit for it. It's FREE! I payed 45$ off ebay for the WAW maps. And yeah, I'm kind of pissed about paying that much more instead of getting them for 15. But I'm not gonna turn down a free map because of it. That would be retarded. And the good thing about it is how many more people I'll be able to play with on the WAW maps. So that's gonna be sick. So what the reason do you have to complain for then? The principle of it? Get off your high horse you selfish prick. People like you deserve to get flamed because all you're doing is crying and bitching like a 12 year old girl. Always looking at all the negative shit. You have no reason to complain for shit. You didn't buy anything and I know for a fact you'll download the Moon map.
  6. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

  7. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

    So can anyone confirm whether it's a new perk or not?
  8. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

    Hmmm.... didn't know you could see the whole shape through that crack. You got some special resolution on you computer? Also, last time I checked, Jug didn't have a 5 or skull on it. look at the second pic posted tho you can see the whole thing. i think the machine loosk to similar to jug to not be jug. even if it was a new perk, why would they make it look so similar to juggernog? To throw us off and maybe give us an ever so slight glimpse of it just to play with us. And the guy just superimposed jug into the picture. I personally don't think it looks right.
  9. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

    Hmmm.... didn't know you could see the whole shape through that crack. You got some special resolution on you computer? Also, last time I checked, Jug didn't have a 5 or skull on it.
  10. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

    The only similarity is the color, other than that, it looks nothing like it.
  11. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

    How do you explain the 5 then?
  12. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

    there is no reference point to confirm this. nobody has played the map and they arent even shown from the same angle at all in the trailers. far all we know that dark mine looking area may be expansive and have room for *gasp* both 2xtap AND staminup! I laughed.... lawl...
  13. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

  14. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

    Oh I see. Valid point.
  15. graymonkey44

    New Perk ????

    Hmmm.... it's all right. I won't take credit if it's not due. I'll take a look at this thread.

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