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  1. I was not going to buy BOII until I saw Transzit. Now I am considering a purchase, but I will wait untill the game is out and have watched a few Ytube vids. The Nuketown map sounds great, but on principle; I cannot justify an extra £20 for a single Z map. Everything else in the Hardened edition has no value to me personaly and offer nothing in terms of additional gameplay or experience. I feel that this descision to only include Nuketown Z with the Hardened edition is a sad continuation of extorsionist marketing practices. Such as only being able to purchase Moon with the classic maps @1200
  2. I stood idly by watching this thread and I will admit, I did think the driver was a robot at first. Not like a robot was literally driving the bus, but the bus was on an automated route and the Robot was there just for "show". Anyways after more frequent viewings of the trailer, I feel like the driver may actually be a zombie or at least a human. I can actually see a somewhat blue hue in it's eyes when you see the far shot of the bus pan to the side. Also as the shot pans from the front of the bus to the actual steps, after the door opens, you can see the person move their head slightly.
  3. Might sound like a crazy idea, but what if the bus driver is a new player?
  4. It could be they're trying to tease Nuketown Zombies to get more people to preorder the Hardened Edition. Still kind of a jerk move, but clever marketing strategy.
  5. I'm not disputing you or anything, but Bluray discs can support up to 128 GB of data now. I think that should suffice in however much data black ops 2 will need for all the zombies material.
  6. Looks like the care package is almost sold out online for ps3 users. Now retailers are selling it for $450 plus. Crazy. And I think the quadrator is gonna be awesome, I don't care what anyone says.
  7. Just curious. I did because the Quadcopter looks awesome and I thought, "Why not? I'll pay the extra hundred dollars for it." It looks pretty sick and I'm sure will be fun to drive. I only play zombies, rarely multiplayer, so the nuketown zombie map should be awesome and I'm pretty pumped. How many of you forked over the $179.99 for the care package; even if you just play zombies?
  8. Funny you mention that because I have actually taken cordyceps before as a health supplement. :shock: It actually supposedly has many great health benefits in humans. ;)
  9. I'm not sure if you're being serious, but you do realize that if zombies actually did happen... there would, EVENTUALLY, be no more internet, electricity, quick modes of transportation(cars, trains, airplanes), major energy sources, cable television, movies, etc.(the list could go for all the things we, I include myself, take for granted everyday). You need many people to perform all these tasks and if a majority of the world becomes zombies, then there would be no one able to sustain all these things. You also would constantly be worried about finding food, shelter, security, etc. and a
  10. Yes you do. I can confirm this since I just did the EE and I took the focusing stone. I had all 8 perks and kept them after I went down.
  11. PS3? It'd be nice if you could specify which system you have. If so I wanna get in on this as I wanna do the SL EE so bad and then get Moon done. My username's perreajd. Send me an invite.
  12. I would, but I aint got it yet (uk based) will as soon as i get it. Mic? Yeah i got a mic.
  13. Someone who isn't stupid please send me a friend request. Everytime I've been playing, these retards keep staying in No Man's Land and it's really pissing me off. My username is perreajd and I actually wanna get far.
  14. Downloading right now for free! 18 minutes and counting...
  15. Clearly you did not even take the time to watch the video.
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