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  1. This is my image of the other nav card, it looks like a bit of white cloth or some paper? To see the full image right click on the image and click 'Open in new tab'
  2. Could you post the link as I'm on mobile and can't see it, cheers?
  3. Not sure if this has been brought up before, but in a normal game of zombies with no easter egg done there are 3 lights that are lit above the bowling alley window. When MrRoflWaffles did the easter egg I noticed that only one of the bowling alley lights are lit, surely this can't be a lighting glitch of some sort? This is from MrRoflWaffles Video so I don't take any credit from it. To see the full image, right click the image and click open in new tab. This is the video it's from http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... ww0Q#at=82
  4. More importantly on topic... We need to see a video of this mate, if you can see the game go into theater and record it, sometimes the smallest thing can be overlooked and it could be something really important.
  5. I was playing a game of 4 Player Survival on Town and I was training zombies just outside the bar and the moon building, next to the bowling alley. I was spraying zombies from the hip towards the bowling alley with a PaP'ed HAMR when I noticed sparkles coming out of the windows along with the broken glass, I was puzzled and thought nothing of it until I tried shooting the window itself with a PaP'ed RPD, But this time the sparkles didn't come out of the window. The glass was unbreakable and I tried it on the bowling alley windows, Inside and Outside the map and they gave the same result, I tried it on the Bar windows and the same happened and then on the bank windows and the same happened. It might just be nothing but the fact that sparkles came out of the window with a HAMR and not an RPD (bearing in mind they were both PaP'ed puzzled me). I will try and get a video tonight.
  6. This is a video where a guy mods the game and makes the map have no fog, watch and look at some of the places he goes to. Thanks Buuucko
  7. So in this video(which isn't mine) it seems that after you have completed the easter egg that when you travelback to Area 51/No mans land you can clearly see the Earth which has been blown up by the rockets.. So that leaves the question, Where is Area 51/No mans land? MkNk0yzSTFA BTW this is my first post on this website, i always come to this website for the Easter Eggs :p
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