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  1. I say its about damn time 3arch made some significant modifications to the maps. They should do DLC to expand certain maps, give me some under ground tunnels to get lost in on natch, stuff like that a small addition but they'd be great no less. Just like spreading the mule kick love.
  2. You get whatever gun you lost back when you rebuy mule kick. Everyone says the game just got way easier with mule kick everywhere but no not really. I think being able to get every perk and not losing them when you go down has the effect some people mule kick will have. I do the 18 gun box trick on waw, and unless you have skilled people with you it won't make a difference. It only added more zombies the more guns you had, round 24 taking 30 min of just shooting, awesome but ridiculous.
  3. I think you don't hear much about the QED b/c it does not pop up in the box very often. I've only had the pleasure of gersch once on moon so far and I've got over 10 hours on that map.
  4. Power can be on to get the bowie knife, look up close to 90 degrees and hold out jumping until the last second. Try it at least 10 times before you doubt it.
  5. well i suppose but i think that she has developed feelings because shes been watching them. I dont know why Dempsys in a bad mood but he seems to not be too fazed about the happenings. After richtofen and samantha soul-switch he simply says "Hey the egg came back out!" and after exploading the earth he simply says "All this work we did just to blow up the earth?" Maybe he is upset because like most people he thinks treyarch ended it short and sweet. Dempsey has been saying things like that since accession, thats where he seemed to start being really pessimistic. At least they don't talk about checking their face book anymore.
  6. There is the top of the lab near dead shot, there is also the a server tower by the exit door in the room after semtex. Where is the one on the bottom floor?
  7. Set in reality, the nazis did have a huge bomb set to fall down a shaft to blow up the earth. They believed a nuke type explosion in the core of the earth would trigger the earth as a bomb itself. They had it setup in a huge mine. Both in fiction and reality them damn nazis want at our earths core.
  8. Could be they rebuilt the base with an exact floor plan so that way in time of an emergency you'd know your way around. Also, they could pull a switcheroo with a scientist, say make them think the crazy device they are working on is the area 51 base in neveda, but really they are either on the moon, some gaint space station, mars perhaps, and lastly, if it's a USA base up there and you have nukes, I wouldn't point them at our own bases(I would guess a 115 antidote war head/payload like the VR-11, but there is still zombies in no mans land. Then again like I said maybe the (antidote loaded?) missiles didn't hit around area 51. But I suppose we will never really know.
  9. Nothing big but it cost 3000 to hack a gun. I'm sure it made into the section(But I'm not recalling off the top of my head) about hacking the box after hacking the the gun in the box for a second time, the gun in the box glows and anyone can grab it.
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