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  1. Kill count: German Soldiers: 2 Zombies: 8 Dempsey: 8 Nikolai: 7 Takeo: 10 Richtofen: 1
  2. I'm wondering about how the German soldiers doing the excavations were of the WWII variety. The uniforms, helmets in particular. And they had StG-44s, or MP-43s, or even MP-42s. All more or less the same thing. Did they go back in time to WWI to do this? Or was that first bit actually in WWII, and the rest was in WWI? Or was all of it WWII? Or is it just the easy way out, 'The Rift'?
  3. This is prolly just an oversight, but remember how the fingers in the 935 logo are teleporters? The radios in Moon of Richtofen working on a prototype teleporter are dated 1939. Admittedly, it was test 151, but still.
  4. There was that old periodic table that listed 115 as Divinium, or something. Like it's divine. Maybe those two prisoners had 115 appear in their blood, in their dead bodies, as their souls were trapped in purgatory. Somehow, Richtofen was able to find out that it had some sort of spiritual significance, so he took a sample, and extracted some Uup from it? Sounds quite far fetched, though.
  5. Maybe that's their way of incorporating some sort of bolt action rifle without actually making a new, period specific one or re-using one from [email protected]
  6. It also looks like Dempsey and Takeo are holding MP40s.
  7. So here's what I think the general plot for this map is. Takeo, Dempsey, Nikolai and Samantha all want to destroy Group 935, and probably also stop the whole zombie thing. They know that the teleporters can also go through time, so they try and hack one teleporter on the Moon to bring 'em back to when 935 was just starting. Of course, only Sam vaguely knows how they work, and the rest have basically no clue, so this takes a long time. But they finally figured it out, so they went back to said time. Problem is, they were a bit late, 935 had already discovered 115, and they had made that robot that runs off 115 (assumption). Though they weren't originally going to send the robot into battle, something of the O4's arrival makes them do that. And with all that 115 walking around the dead of the war, the first zombies are inadvertently made. This could end a few different ways, either the O4 succeed, the whole story gets undone, and the robot is destroyed and WWI goes down basically how it did IRL. Or they fail, 115's reanimating ability is discovered early, and the zombies story gets rewritten one way or another. Edit: Ok, maybe not. Just saw the overall map pack trailer.
  8. That sound sounded like it needed some spectral analysis, like some of the GKnova6 broadcasts. This is what came out of that.
  9. When the camera is close to the bus's door, you can hear the radio warbles from the GKNOVA6 number broadcasts. None of the numbers, none of the squeaky tunes, but just some radio warbles. Probably not much, but probably something.
  10. Bus stops back when busses were still sorta new and at a main bus terminal? The sign wasn't that massive, and Neon signs aren't that expensive. There wasn't any Neon in that single player level in L.A.. And just look at the bus itself. It's an old flavour. But it looks like it's newly made, it's busted up, but not by age.
  11. I'm surprised no one else posted this - when the bus's doors open, just before the driver(bot) says 'Welcome aboard!', you can hear the radio blurbles from the GKNOVA6 number broadcasts.
  12. Also at 0:28 I saw at the left, "Lightning Strike Inbound", so it's probably a new Precision Airstrike type of killstreak. Lol if there was a map where you could actually get hit by lightning.
  13. I only noticed 'cause the COD wiki has a count down clock on the front page.
  14. You'd think they'd make a zombies trailer when there's 115 days 'till the game comes out.
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