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Do we start off at Area 51? (picture)


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Ever hear of no-clip or god mode? He doesn't need points to get there with no-clip, and can survive with a pistol using god mode. Besides, it looks like he's polishing up the map. A real way to tell would be if quick revive was there....

Okay, anyways it is still interesting, updated the post and title to more of a question.

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I dont know, that seems extremely bright and sunny to be zombies. Perhaps that was just the map in it's early stages of development??

If you do start off in Area 51, then that means you'll be able to teleport from A51 to the Moon at will. I say that because thre's another image going around of the player using Mustang and Sallys at Area 51. So either you can teleport back and forth between the two, or you start at Moon and PaP at A51 (which doesn't make sense with your theory though)

Just my opinion on it...

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In the trailer there is part when a person its playing moon on round 1. So i think you would no start on area 51. There is also a theory that tells tha maybe this map could be la Verruck. The team is split in 2 parts one in the moon and the other on area 51. Both teams have to turn the power and they may teletransport from moon to area 51. The last one its no my theory i dont remember where i hear it but i dont think that possible. :evil:

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The guy in the picture is obviously a developer or involved in the development process in some fashion. Whats to say that he is just testing a sequence or segment he just edited during the development? Also the sky doesnt look 'real' per say almost as if the background has not been rendered yet. (just like the lack of a revive cola). Just my 2 cents. Also on a separate note the other screenshots in the supposed area 51 all seem to be indoors or in a covered area.

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here is more proof they start on the moon:

area 51 is PAP [also note the phasing zombie in the middle that kinda looks grim reaperish and new perk symbol]

Yea, you can see the PaP on the right side of the screen behind the fence in the pic with the 'phazing zombie'. good stuff, good stuff!

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