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  1. Heres what we want zombies confirmed near end of video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWUHaQ-w ... EKB5xGPsxA
  2. yoteslaya look him up on youtube, hes on waw version somewhere in the round 800`s legit
  3. obviously its just like the movie the matrix!! haha
  4. there all gana get frozen judging by the title of the easter egg achievement. and richtofen is obvi the best
  5. i see how that can look like a face but i really dont think that its suppose to
  6. you dont start in area 51, you start on moon where quick revive is, you teleport to area 51 where you can get either speed cola or jugg depending where they spawn that game and you can also PaP. a counter keeps track of how long you survive there.
  7. its a zombie game it doesnt have to make sense
  8. that would explain why in one video there was no round counter
  9. there the same gun. and please change ur sig i see it on every forum and its starting to get annoying
  10. so i just so this new video . http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/7 ... -analysis/ -its been confirmed there are the nova 6 crawlers which we already knew but they teleport towards you. -it looks like a player can somehow be infected by the zombies then they grab there own teammate and teleport. -the dogs are back, but you only see them in area 51 so maybe they will only be there. -the wave gun can be split into 2 which we knew but they have separate ammo and when split up they have the name porter x2 in there name, who is the creator of the ray gun. -it is possibl
  11. i posted early that i agreed but now thinking back it wouldnt make sense for it to be the intro because it was realistic and not cartoony like they have always done.
  12. i dont think the 8th perk is right, i think its going to be a quick draw perk. everything else is correct i believe from what i know. i hope the QED is right sounds awesome.
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