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  1. The busdriver reminds me of this guy from total recall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H5k--n7sFI Maybe this map is in the future and the bus driver is a robot. It would make sense to have a robot be the bus driver since it looks like the bus just drives around at pre-determined spots. And a human wouldn't really be driving a bus around in circles in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
  2. It clearly shows more than 50 stars... Well I disagree, nothing you can really do to prove it anyways since it's not that clear.
  3. I don't see any extra stars either.
  4. It's over. It's not like they are being lazy by not updating it, it's just that It was meant to show teasers before the trailer, and that's exactly what it did. Now that we've seen the trailer, its done.
  5. Am I the only one that isn't getting a boner over this remix?
  6. So roman numerals some how confirms Paris and the world trade center. Nice.
  7. 1) This should be posted in the main thread 2) Don't act like this is some definitive answer. 3) Weapons are manufactured in a factory? Seriously, why would treyarch be hinting that. I think it's pretty obvious that a weapons factory would produce weapons.
  8. Turn into TNT for the future of Call of Duty
  9. Gosh, everyone on this forum is a future conspiracy theorist.
  10. Sorry, but this was discovered and it was confirmed that FPSRussia that the Tacitus COD and FPSRussia are referring to, has nothing to do with the LLC, or the Website, orrr the Roman Emperor. Good Luck Next Time, hopefully we can figure this mystery out! When did he say the Website has nothing to do with it? I just checked all his tweets and he only denied it involving the Roman guy. It can't be a coincidence that this website launches the same day Treyarch teases tacitus.
  11. Probably already discovered by someone else, but... http://tacitus.com/images/
  12. http://twitter.com/#!/TheFPShow/status/ ... 2398668801 He's putting emphasis on Tacitus, he even has a newer tweet where he's telling everyone to leave a comment on the video saying "Tacitus." But that's probably just him wanted to get more ad revenue.
  13. The MP7 could just be a placeholder, just like the map and everything else in the that picture. They be using a older model of the MP7 that IW used in earlier builds of MW3. I think it's fake though. The map looks like it might be from some modded cod4 map (It has a similar texture quality to cod4.) And this early into production they wouldn't make separate mini maps, they would just take a screenshot of a overhead of the map and put it as the mini map for now (See: MW3 Spec Ops trailer). Plus the mini map doesn't seem to match with the map on the screen. Everything in this just screams COD4. The smoke and frag grenade symbol is taken from cod4 also, the shield has a cod4 texture quality. The shotgun that is protruding from the right of the shield looks cod4 quality. The text in the "Hold X to pick up" looks like it is just some generic photoshop text also. Many questionable things, 98% chance it's fake. If it is real, it must be from at least 4 months ago since they would be way behind schedule if it is recent.
  14. Remember how everyone was complaining about the sounds of the guns after the black ops multiplayer reveal? Almost every gun ended up sounding at least slightly different by launch. In the black ops beta (What we saw at the reveal) All the pistols sounded EXACTLY the same, and the MP5K sounded like a BB gun. Here, watch what I'm talking about.
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