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  1. Nice guide! Another thing you should do, is to not kill the keepers that spawn when you grab a ritual item or when entering the rift. You are better off keeping them alive in the early rounds and leading them to the ritual sites. If you start the ritual when they are in the room, when the ritual is complete they explode and come back as normal zombies so they can count as up to 12 (8 from rituals, 4 from rift) extra kills by round 3
  2. Yeah same thing for me. I'm in Australia and I can only get the European versions, no English. I'm just gonna wait a little while. If anything changes it would be good to report it here or on the forums.
  3. I don't see what the big deal about it is...
  4. Hope you guys are enjoying it! I can't even play it on PS3 but I'm still excited just watching you guys discover everything! Looks pretty good at the moment.
  5. Man, you call that a huge cockblock? How about having to wait another month for it. :(
  6. Or perhaps a tower that protrudes out? From the side? Like... A nipple? ;)
  7. @ballbearing32 Didn't wanna quote your last post, was too many other quotes connected. What you may not know is PS3 does have a paid service for extra benefits on the PS network. This is not compulsory however because Sony is freakin' awesome. I believe timed release of DLC should not be allowed. It's discrimination I tell you! Both Microsoft and activision are greedy c***s who do not care about their fanbase. All it does is divide the Xbox, PS3 and PC communities. (Lol wii) If anything it has ensued a hatred for Microsoft in me and I'm sure a lot of others. I would even be reluctant to buy a future console for a reason such as this.
  8. I just had a thought. I think the Easter egg for this map may be about the original 4 and possibly bringing them back to earth. I was reading through some other forums about Die Rise when I thought of this. Now this is probably incorrect, I'm most likely way off but I just thought I would share my idea with you. My reason for thinking this is because of the name 'Great Leap Forward.' This name is similar to the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong's statement "one giant leap for mankind." This leads me to believe Great Leap Forward is relating to the moon. Also, I believe the developers may be thinking it is a 'great leap forward in regards to the storyline and the general gameplay of zombies. TranZit, or Green Run (whatever floats your boat), in a way was a taste of what is to come, basic perks, WW, Easter egg, etc. I don't know about you, but I didn't think the Easter egg really solved much in Green Run compared to previous maps, and I think we may start to see a large advancement in the storyline now. Treyarch may be expecting a positive reception from this map. They seem to be more secretive about this too. Usually The achievements are leaked or updated/released by now and there hasn't been a trailer, yet. This may be because they do not want to give anything away. I believe this map will be where things start to get interesting, where we will be able to witness treyarch's full potential. I think the name 'Die Rise' may also mean to be taken literally, of actually rising up, more than just the skyscrapers. I would love for this to actually happen. This would mean we would definitely play as the O4 eventually in the future. Ok thats it, so what do you guys think? The further I get into writing this, the more uncertain I am about this idea. Oh well. I would appreciate your opinions on this, I look forward to hearing from you guys.
  9. What is there to look forward to now for us PS3 players who just get forgotten. I'm sick of tranZit, I just want a new freakin map to play! I love watching the trailers, it gives a little bit of excitement to PS3 players as the hype is well and truly over by the time we get it. It's just meh for me when the maps come out anyway.
  10. Ok guys, this might be a bit obscure, but I think this guy wants us to do something with wormholes. What do you think? Oh wait nevermind, I read it wrong.
  11. It's easy to go the right way. I just look for a truck in the middle of the road. If you go left of the truck you end up in town, if you go right you end up in farm.
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