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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_e4K4ZaHt4 Really? You say that's SUPPOSED to happen? Treyarch may do some poor things but I doubt they'd program the astronaut to move with that speed, facing the wrong direction. I personally haven't had him chase me yet, I've only had teammates run out to my spot with him following like that.
  2. thylacine


    i'm speaking gameplay elements, not story. While low gravity is standard on any moon reincarnation the lack of round counters and the dinging noise for every zombie killed are things used in custom maps that were then used in official maps. the moon map also dropped off weapons similar to the weapon drop offs in moon, however they were modern warfare weapons. though its not like any of these things are too incredibly out there given the tools. Just saying good ideas from fan maps crossed over into a real map, inorganically or not.
  3. thylacine


    I love moon. probably my favorite map. you know what I don't like? Glitchy gameplay. Moon man glitches often (I've seen him dance and chase people backwards almost daily), throw a deathspot above the pyramid so everyone stops doing that. I usually play with randoms and I don't understand why everyone does it. I will admit last night I died (I'll get back to that) and respawned down there round 27 so I decided to avoid dying out all over again so I dove on top of it for a bit to hold the packs until I could run back outside. So I have used it briefly. but not round 5 up like most the children who play this game. But the worst of all, and this shit has happened to me in SL and once in DR, zombies landing on top of you locks you up. Der Riese I am buying a speed cola, then as I run off a zombie lands on me from the catwalk, i can't see him cuz he's slapping me from a different level above me and am stuck there so unless I happen to realize this instantly (im starting to) and look above me and shoot him then I die. SL the geyser tossed them on me once or twice, didn't care cuz who cares about SL? but moon takes the cake on zombies falling on me. Last night round 26 I kill a crawler in the first door of double tap. round ends, round changes, im under the bowie knife, run up the stairs, crawler jumps out of the airduct and lands on me. I COULDNT DO A THING. I realize its above me, look up to kill, teleports behind me as the door opens and two zombie block me from going forward and the crawler behind me I obviously can't go anywhere. I don't mind that 2 rooms of the entire map are practically unlivable due to bs teleporting zombies, but hell, make the zombie die if it lands on top of me. Something. Not that treyarch would do something based on a forum post but Ive seen it happen to others as well, which looks hilarious but I know it sucks. its like a zombie standing on your shoulders slapping the air above you, yet you go down. oh and a sidenote, how many of you play custom maps? Cuz moon took quite a bit from custom maps. There was a moon map that was super tiny, but low gravity (set to 80, little heavier than official moon i believe) also it lacked a round counter. And another small town map (looked kinda like the olde west a bit) had a bit where if you hit the nuke it made microwave pinging noises for every zombie it killed almost exactly like the wave gun.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvk1SKJk ... ideo_title ahem
  5. wait you don't have the focusing stone in your inventory when youre the doctor? I had a blueish circle thing on spawn where I'd normally have the rod earlier today when I was richtofen but the team was bullocks and we didnt even make it out of area 51 so I didn't ask about it. I have only done the solo cotd EE so idk what the stone normally looks like.
  6. entire map open? Anyone notice the turning on of power on round 1?
  7. It's clearly an NPC though with a randomly generated red name. The G4 kids reviewing this sounded lke they were just wingin it. I mean calling the gas zombies 'some new zombie pet' when they've been around since launch. They really didn't sound like the most knowledgeable about whats going on.
  8. i dont know if this was said but it isn't a spas-12 drop. When the phasing zombie touched him it teleported him and removed a perk (in this case mule kick) so when you lose mule kick you get your 3rd gun back via a drop off that only you can see. (notice none of the other players go for it?)
  9. also shrink gun may return or something similar? They are shot and go from small crawlers to big ones. may have been obvious but I didn't notice until second watch through. Kinda makes the noise but they are talking over it so it's hard to hear for sure.
  10. I don't believe it's Edward at all in the First Strike poster. I think it's this Zombie Labs guy. First Strike guy has the scar and is bald and has a more rounded head while richtofen has more distinct features as well as a more long head. Perhaps it's foreshadowing a new character in the next treyarch game's zombies mode? Because Richtofen was definitely not bald in Ascension. edit: maybe blank portrait in kino is this zombie lab guy as well, he seems significant? maybe not the kino portrait thing tho, i still don't understand that whole mystery.
  11. I assumed it'd be IW's version of the death machine. Which makes you slow... and fairly stupid except for certain maps. and yeah, i have gone against juggernauts so i hope it is a deployable one. So i can just rush over and kill it's slow ass.
  12. I don't think it's edited out at all. It appears to just not exist. [on a side note, what's the body lying in front of the player? Is that a phasing zombie? looks large. Thought it may be zombies piled it could be something more.]
  13. To be honest, not flaming or anything, but a dual wield perk seems so illogical. Especially given the visual evidence of it in use with ray gun and 74u. IF you can't dual wield a ray gun or smg then how worthless is that? If it were just pistols and LMGs and ARs or whatever other reasoning you can think of then it'd be quite the fail. Now, I'm of the group to HOPE it is the 3 gun perk given how much that could change ALL the gameplay. Though who knows, could be a completely out there perk such as Flopper (most fun) or we could be getting something as simple as Scout Pro's swap weapons faster (which, to be quite honest I would love but itd have to be mega cheap)
  14. thylacine

    Wave Gun PaPed?

    I too believe it'll just be a d-pad selection to separate them. Maybe it's meant to be a wonder weapon for all occasions, have them combined for a more assault rifle mid-range weapon and then press a button and they go dual wield to escape or run and gun. If that is the case then I bet it's quite incredible pack-a-punched :geek:
  15. and DR had quick revive quite far from the start and SNN had it random. Though EVERY black ops map has it in the starting room due to solo gameplay. Not saying it's impossible to begin in a different room. But it's about as likely as getting some new (non wonder) weapons in the box.
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