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    New perk is NOT dual weild

    To be honest, not flaming or anything, but a dual wield perk seems so illogical. Especially given the visual evidence of it in use with ray gun and 74u. IF you can't dual wield a ray gun or smg then how worthless is that? If it were just pistols and LMGs and ARs or whatever other reasoning you can think of then it'd be quite the fail. Now, I'm of the group to HOPE it is the 3 gun perk given how much that could change ALL the gameplay. Though who knows, could be a completely out there perk such as Flopper (most fun) or we could be getting something as simple as Scout Pro's swap weapons faster (which, to be quite honest I would love but itd have to be mega cheap)
  2. thylacine

    What if...

    I love how people are pre-hating on a game with little to nothing being confirmed. Message board fever huh? One guy starts to hate so you all begin to bitch about nothing. (seriously, the name of the map and a 'new cast' has been confirmed. "And I don't want to spoil any surprises for Zombies fans, but Call of the Dead takes it to a whole new level." sounds like a good thing) Anyway, we're not going to be zombies. Hire some expensive voice actors and have them just growl and moan? (one of them I wouldn't mind hearing do that I suppose)

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